Eight Android Apps for Entrepreneurs

Not all the good business apps are for iOS only. Here are eight apps made just for Android devices that can help entrepreneurs run their businesses better.

It seems as though virtually every “best apps” list is targeted exclusively toward iOS users, often leaving Android users out in the cold. The lack of attention paid by many business and entrepreneurial blogs and websites often only adds to the perception that the Android operating system lacks the sophistication to be taken seriously as a tool for small business owners. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth, and this list will hopefully illustrate the many options for small business owners and entrepreneurs available on the Android platform.

Venmo, Venmo

Venmo is an incredibly helpful and powerful application that allows the user to transfer money to any bank, over night, for free. With a simple and intuitive user interface, Venmo is easily one of the best options for anyone looking to transfer funds quickly and painlessly. This may very well be the most popular app on this list, but if you haven’t heard of Venmo by now, it is definitely worth your consideration.

ZenBusiness Android App

The ZenBusiness app helps entrepreneurs manage their businesses easily and efficiently. It allows you to track the status of a new LLC or Corp using the formation tracker and stay up-to-date with important documents such as formation and Employer ID number (EIN) documents and annual reports in the Document Center. You can also order a business kit containing official business documents and a compliance checklist. The app has a business expense feature that allows you to categorize expenses, making tax deductions easier later. Easily set up notifications and chat with customer support for assistance.

Pocket, Read It Later

Pocket is a helpful little application with one simple goal: to save videos, articles, and other web based content for later viewing. Pocket not only succeeds at doing this task, but also renders and organizes the content in a beautiful and intuitive format. With a multitude of useful features, Pocket delivers on this promise.

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Mindly, dripgrind

Mindly is a particularly useful mind mapping tool. Mindly seeks to help organize and give structure to your thoughts, capture your ideas, plan a speech, or take notes. There is a lot more that could be said on mind mapping in general, and this app can do it all. If you haven’t already, it may be worth your time to further research mind mapping and the tools available to you, to see if Mindly would be a good fit for you or your team.

SIGNificant Signature Capture, xyzmo SIGNificant

SIGNificant is a simple, convenient and useful application that allows anyone to easily open, sign, and send PDF documents quickly and painlessly. With features like, forensically identifiable signatures, the ability to fill out PDF forms and enter text anywhere, offline support, and various security and encryption features to keep your documents safe. You can even add attachments to files, such as scans of drivers license, passport, etc

Shift Messenger, Shift Messenger

Shift Messenger is a free and simple group messaging app for the workplace. Employees can use it to easily and painlessly trade shifts and communicate with the other employees and managers. Shift Messenger makes work place communication much easier and efficient by allowing all employees to communicate with one another and stay on the same page. Managers can even approve every change of shift and schedule right from the app, as well as make announcements to the entire team. It may be beneficial to consult with others before testing this application in a workplace environment. For some workplaces, this may be more of a hindrance to productivity, than a blessing to management.

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Prismatic: Social News, Prismatic

Prismatic is news and content aggregator based off of social recommendations and networking. Stay up to date with your work interests, or personal hobbies, either way Prismatic aims to help you stay in the loop and never miss an important piece of content within your sphere of interest.

Genius Scan, The Grizzly Labs

Genius Scan is a simple, straightforward, and easy to use scanner application. It will allow you to scan any document, paper, record, letter, etc. and send it as a PDF or JPEG with multiple pages. All of this from your phone or tablet, available at any time and at any place.

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