Franchising: How Corporate Experience Can Prepare You For Franchise Ownership

As kids, entrepreneurial aspirations often start with a lemonade stand and typically cultivate over time as our interests and career ambitions evolve but can quickly dwindle when we enter the corporate world as young adults. Corporate jobs give people a sense of predictability and a reliable income, but others want more out of their careers. When the curiosity and passion for running your own business grows to a point of no return, know that the time spent in Corporate America will serve you well.

As one of the top 100 franchise companies in the world, according to Entrepreneur’s 2018 Franchise 500 Ranking, Kiddie Academy’s franchise network is filled with self-starters that decided to make the change from corporate work to building their own business.

I sat down with Jeff Brazier, Vice President of Franchise Development at Kiddie Academy, to have an honest conversation on how corporate experience can prepare entrepreneurs to become first-time franchise owners. Brazier has over 16 years business development experience and he’s worked closely with franchise candidates to guide them through the franchise discovery process, so he’s seen first-hand how a corporate career helps prepare our franchisees for franchise ownership.

Brazier shared several corporate skills such as time management, teamwork and communication, that are transferrable and can put you in a great position in running your own franchise business. Here are a few advantages corporate experience can provide, courtesy of Brazier:

  • Credibility – Building a successful career in the corporate world gives you instant credibility when you go into business for yourself. You’ve climbed the corporate ladder and earned your stripes. Now it’s time to use that credibility to further your entrepreneurial goals.
  • Create Culture – You’ve seen the importance of creating a positive culture to maintain a positive workplace. You can pull from your past corporate experiences, good or bad, to create an ideal environment at your new business venture.
  • Maintain Processes – The list of important processes you’ve been exposed to while working for others gives you an enormous advantage in running your own business and stay on track. This includes skills such as time management, budgeting, sales, collaboration, strategic planning and attention to detail.
  • Managing Others – Experience managing others was valuable practice in hiring the right people, building and supervising a team, setting professional development goals and mentoring.

In addition to the corporate skills you’ve acquired, investing in a franchise also helps make the transition from the corporate world to business ownership a smooth one. Besides having the experience, drive and charisma to open your own business, it’s always wise to consider a national franchise partner because of its unwavering corporate support. From financing, site selection, construction, training and more, a supportive franchise partner will be there every step of the way. Partnering with a franchise company with a proven business model, brand awareness and support system will set you up for success in opening your own business.

About Kiddie Academy
Since 1981, Kiddie Academy has been a leader in education-based child care. The company serves families and their children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old, offering full time care, kindergarten, before- and after-school care and summer camp programs. Kiddie Academy’s proprietary Life Essentials® curriculum, supporting programs, methods, activities and techniques help prepare children for school and for life. Kiddie Academy is using the globally recognized AdvancED accreditation system, signifying its commitment to quality education and the highest standards in child care. For more information, visit

Greg joined Kiddie Academy in October 2008. He provides overall strategic leadership for the entire company, while maintaining direct supervision of the Franchise Sales, Real Estate, Construction, Legal and Marketing departments. Greg received a BA degree from Kean University and attended Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Graduate School of Business. Greg has over 25 years of executive-level franchise industry experience, including work in optical manufacturing and dispensing, vitamin and nutritional supplement retailing, and the after-school tutoring industries. Greg has been married for 25 years and has two children. When not with his family, Greg enjoys fly-fishing and often travels to out of the way destinations to pursue his hobby.

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