Book Excerpt: Making Change Happen


Book Excerpt:
 Making Change Happen 
 One Person at a Time:
Assessing Change Capacity 
 within Your Organization

Making Change Happen One Person at a Time offers a different approach to change management, based on a simple premise: that organizational change happens one person at a time. It equips you to appraise the readiness of your whole organization or department to support the change effort. Whether you are a senior executive, human resources professional, or operational manager, you can use this hands-on resource to: put the right people in the right jobs to lead your organization’s change initiatives; identify in advance the “weak links”- areas of vulnerability that could undermine your goals; focus, accelerate, and align the actions of the leadership team to save valuable time and scarce organizational resources; prepare your organization to sustain itself over time by building change capability not as a single event but an ongoing skill that must be learned and fine-tuned; create development and coaching plans that best match individual needs; and energize yourself and your staff to be proactive in the change process. Read excerpts from the book below:

Making Change Happen One Person at a Time:
Assessing Change Capacity within Your Organization

by Charles H. Bishop, Jr.
AMACOM, a division of American Management Association
ISBN 0-8144-0528-2, Hardcover, 260 pages, $27.95

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