Reasons Why Your Company Should Use Proxy Servers

People get to know about the proxy server when they have a security concern on an open Wi-Fi network. Besides, people capitalize on proxy servers as a way to access the content they want that is not allowed in their country. While that is all possible, it is not the only way you can benefit from proxy servers. Technically, proxy servers have everything to do with connecting the private Internet Protocol (IP) address and a different server on the internet. Proxy servers have public IP addresses, which are significant for several factors that are unnoticed by most. Like most top brand do, if you are thinking about using proxy servers for your company. Here are several reasons why you should move forward and take action on that insight:

To improve security

Proxy servers can significantly safeguard the corporate security of your institution. Ideally, a proxy server is an extra layer of security that will protect your company from data breaches from hackers, by creating an intermediary between your servers and the traffic outside. This way, the web software where your data is, is inaccessible, even if the hackers were to get past the proxy servers. Still, a proxy server may not be all the security cover you have, but it sure goes a long way in minimizing security vulnerabilities and locking out loopholes that will give hackers an easy time breaching your firewall.

Promotes anonymity

Every company has several tasks they would want to be accomplished anonymously, more especially when it comes to protecting sensitive data from getting to the wrong hands. Using private proxies helps in anonymizing the web traffic, which offers identity protection, especially to lobbyists, whistleblowers, reporters, and security officers. In the same way, companies can capitalize on proxy servers to protect their clients, investors, and partners on crucial matters. It is also useful in conducting research, more so when the research has something to do with competitor analysis, financial reviews and analysis, and strategizing new moves for the target market.

Control internet usage

Do you ever worry that your employees are spending more time on the internet than they are working on their daily tasks? Well, you do not have to. You can use proxy servers to limit the usage of internet in your organization. This way, you can ensure that people do not access unsecured sites that can attract malware and viruses to your devices. With proxy servers, your IT team can work to block undesirable content and limit the devices that access your network.

Balancing web traffic

Company servers crash every other day, thanks to overloaded web traffic. You will never know how costly a crash server is until you have thousands of clients and customers stranded because of lack of access to services they have paid for. With proxy servers, you can balance out the web traffic by storing your data in different web servers, so the content does not overwhelm one network. The content from your company is adequately distributed across multiple servers globally, thanks to cloud technology. The proxy is then responsible for prioritizing different requests one at a time, which prevents overload. In the long run, the content distribution helps your network handle more massive traffic than would usually be possible.

Faster network speeds

Proxy servers take care of a lot of things in the background. As mentioned above, unbalanced web traffic can have detrimental effects on your network. When this is taken care of, however, your company’s systems are faster and more efficient. You can use the proxy servers to speed up your internet speed and help you save some bandwidth. This is made possible through compressing different files, browser caching, and stripping ads from different websites.

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