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by Team ZenBusiness

- February 18, 2019 11:21 pm

Starting a business can be a strange mix of emotions: excitement, passion, and anxiety. Many business formation services can add to that anxiety by charging you a lot at the time of formation using their one-and-done approach, but ZenBusiness uses a better, safer, easier-on-your-wallet approach.

Rather than hitting you with big upfront costs and leaving you to fend for yourself, we offer a variety of annual plans, tailored to your specific business needs, and continue to support you for the duration of the plan. We let you choose the plan and services that are right for your business instead of trying to sell you a lot of things you don’t need. We’ll also be available to help you manage business risks and add important services as your business grows.

Let’s look at our three plans so that you can decide which best fits your company.

Starter Plan • $49* per year plus state fees

Our Starter Plan is for business owners who want the lowest price for filing the paperwork to launch their company and handling the basic correspondence with the State and other government agencies. For only $49 per year (plus your state’s filing fees), we check to make sure your desired business name is available, file and verify your articles of incorporation or organization and documents with the state, deliver your documents digitally, give you customer support from our team of experts, and provide our Registered Agent service.

The Starter Plan includes all this:

  • Formation – We’ll check to make sure your desired business name is available, file and verify your articles of incorporation or organization and documents with the state, deliver your documents digitally, and provide customer support.
  • Real-Time Chat Support – Have a question or need some advice? You can chat with one of our experienced business professionals any time during business hours.
  • Personalized Dashboard – This includes easy access from your phone or computer and the ability to store company documents, manage your banking and accounting, and receive important alerts for key filing and compliance dates.
  • Registered Agent – This service provides the official address for your business, as required by law. We handle all correspondence with the Secretary of State and other agencies to ensure any legal or tax documents and notifications are kept private.
  • Additional Formation Options – You have the option of purchasing individual services to form your business, such as expedited filing speeds, EIN, and our Worry Free Guarantee, to keep your company compliant with all state requirements.
  • Add-On Business Services – Once your formation is complete, we can help you with other services such as banking resolution, domain name, and business website.

*SPECIAL OFFER – Get our Starter plan for only $49. It will renew each year for $99, unlike the $119 that some competitors charge.

Claire and Cher

Claire and Cher just started a rideshare company called Claire and Cher’s Rideshare Extraordinaire. They want to form an LLC because they know they need the liability protection, especially in that line of work. They don’t have much of a physical office, but know they are required to have an official address to receive correspondence from the State and other government agencies. With ZenBusiness’s Starter Plan, they get our standard filing and Registered Agent service. As their Registered Agent, we provide the official address for the business and a place to receive all State correspondence, as well as a personalized dashboard that organizes and stores all their important documents.

Pro Plan • $149 per year plus state fees

This is our most popular plan. The Pro Plan is intended for business owners who want a strong foundation to grow, need an EIN to open a business bank account, and don’t want to deal with the ongoing hassles and headaches of keeping up with compliance regulations and deadlines.

For $149 per year (plus your state’s filing fees), you get everything included in our Starter Plan plus a faster business formation speed, an Employer ID Number (EIN), banking resolution service, and our Worry Free Guarantee.

The Pro Plan includes everything in Starter plus:

  • Expedited Formation Speed – We speed up the process of filing your articles of incorporation so that it’s completed in approximately 1 to 2 weeks (note that processing times vary by state; you can check your state’s speed here).
  • Employer ID Number (EIN) – Think of an EIN as a social security number for your company. You’ll need one from the IRS before you can open a bank account or hire employees. We will obtain your EIN and have it digitally delivered to you.
  • Worry Free Guarantee – We’ll alert you of annual report and compliance deadlines and ensure you maintain a good standing with the State. If you do miss a deadline, then you can relax knowing that we’ll help you get everything resolved with the State.
  • Banking Resolution – We provide a banking resolution template so that your business can quickly and easily complete the resolution to open your business bank account and assign signature authority.

Graham and Sam

Graham and Sam are retired pro baseball players who have taken up farming and now sell their produce online. They’ve received so many compliments on their yams that they’ve started an online retail store to sell them, called (of course) “Graham and Sam’s Grand Slam Yams.” They decide to purchase our Pro Plan, which gives them an Employer Identification Number (EIN) so that they can open a bank account for the business. Being an online store, they also love the fact that they get our Registered Agent service to give them a physical address for all state correspondence. Lastly, our Worry Free Guarantee lets them focus less on compliance regulations and more on farming the perfect yam.

Premium Plan • $249 per year plus state fees

Our top-of-the-line plan is the Premium Plan, and it is intended for businesses that need additional services such as a business website, domain name, and business email to grow quickly.

For $249 per year (plus your state’s filing fees), you get everything included in our Pro Plan plus our fastest business formation speed, a business website, domain name, domain name privacy, and a business email address.

The Premium Plan includes everything in Starter and Pro plus:

  • Rush Filing Speed – This option is even faster than our expedited filing speed and can really help you if you’re in a hurry to get your business up and running in a matter of days instead of weeks. Again, note that processing times vary by state.
  • Business Website – ZenBusiness offers a business website that is automatically created using the information provided in your business formation documents so that you can establish your online presence without breaking the bank. Your site is easily editable, built to sync with our domain name service, and formatted to look great on any device!
  • Business Domain Name – A domain name is the unique name that represents a company online and can be used for a website, email address, or both. ZenBusiness can secure a domain name for you and ensure it aligns with your new business name.
  • Domain Name Privacy – Every domain name owner must give their information to the ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) WHOIS directory so they can maintain a record of every domain name and who runs it. Your WHOIS listing makes your contact information (name, phone number, address, etc.) publicly available online. Domain name privacy shields this contact information from the public.
  • Business Email Address – ZenBusiness offers a single email inbox that aligns to your domain name with 5 GB of free storage. These business email accounts also block spam and other unwanted email, stay synced across devices, and more.

Kate and Nate

Kate and Nate own a small apartment building and have been renting living spaces there for a while. They like the rental business, so they’ve purchased a second building and have formalized things by creating Kate and Nate’s First-Rate Estates, LLC. With this expansion, they realize they need to have a better online presence to attract new tenants. After consulting with ZenBusiness, they decide to go with our Premium Plan. We help them secure a domain name and create a website with corresponding email addresses.

Regardless of who you are—Claire, Cher, Graham, Sam, Kate, or Nate—you need a plan. Let ZenBusiness find the right one to keep your business running smoothly.

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