New York LLC Publication
Starts at $200 + State Fees
New York LLC Publication
Starts at $200 + State Fees
Satisfy the New York requirement to announce your LLC in two newspapers for six consecutive weeks
  • We coordinate with your county clerk, newspapers, and state
  • Ensures the lowest fees from your local county and newspaper
  • Avoids having to pay expensive fees with an attorney or accountant
  • Delivers your Certificate of Publication to the Department of State
  • Meets all publication requirements within 120 days of forming
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I already formed a New York LLC

But still need to meet the New York Publication requirement for my LLC

I need to form a New York LLC

And include the New York Publication as part of my new LLC formation

Benefits of getting a New York Publication Certificate with ZenBusiness
Ensures ComplianceSatisfy your legal requirement to deliver a certificate to the county clerk within 120 days of forming a New York LLC.
Simplifies the ProcessWe coordinate across the county clerk, newspapers, attorneys, and state to meet all New York requirements.
Keeps Your Costs LowOur relationship allow us to work with the counties and newspapers that offer the lowest fees and costs.

We are the only personalized business formation community
We are the only personalized business formation community
How are we different?
Unlike the competition, we use technology and automated processes to provide a fast and low-cost business formation service that meets your unique business needs.
It is your participation that truly fuels our service and success. Our technology keeps our costs down and allows for a more customized experience. We are able to provide discounted services and low-cost plans because many of the small business owners and entrepreneurs in our community purchase addditional services as their company grows which subsidizes our remaining costs.
The result is an affordable, personalized formation with fast and friendly service for everyone in our community!

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