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Benefits of Business Owner's Policy (BOP) Insurance

All-in-One Coverage

Bundles the two coverages nearly all businesses need: general liability and commercial property.

Saves You Money

Bundling coverages together helps control the costs of small business insurance policies.

Adapts to Your Needs

Tailors coverage and protection based on the complex risks and nature of your business.

What is a Business Owner's Policy (BOP) and why do I need it?

A Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) is an insurance bundle that offers a wide range of coverages at a reduced cost. BOPs combine two policies that nearly all small businesses need to have - general liability and commercial property - into one convenient policy. They can be expanded and tailored by adding additional coverages to meet the unique needs of your company. BOPs cover claims from theft, fires, and any other property damages along with personal injuries that result from the operation of your business.
ZenBusiness has partnered with a few strategic insurance partners to offer a Business Insurance Policy (BOP) that can be tailored to the specific needs of small businesses and startups. The policy includes general liability insurance and commercial property insurance, but additional coverages can be added based on the complex needs of your company.

Additional details on BOP insurance coverage


Both ZenBusiness and its insurance partners are committed to becoming an integral resource for your small business. We are offering our customers a free quote and discounted rates starting at $45/month on BOP insurance coverage.
Coverages included in a BOP policy

All BOPs bundle general liability and property insurance since nearly all businesses need to have them.
  • General Liability Insurance - provides broad coverage to help cover the costs associated with your business being sued for causing personal harm, property damage or reputation injuries.
  • Commercial Property Insurance - protects property owned by your business, leases or rents against fires, vandalism and common weather events. It also covers loss of accounts receivable or valuable records.
Additional coverage can be added to your insurance, here are three of the most common additions:
  • Business Interruption Insurance - replaces the loss of income needed to help meet your financial obligations like rent or payroll should an unexpected event suspend your operations.
  • Cyber Liability (Data Breach) Coverage - helps pay for the expenses associated with a data breach including notifications to impacted individuals, security patches, credit monitoring, public relation fees, legal fees, and settlements.
  • Professional Liability Coverage - protects your business if you are sued by customers or clients claiming negligent acts and error or omission in the services your provide.
What is NOT covered with a BOP policy

BOPs do not cover areas more commonly associated with larger businesses like professional liability, auto insurance, worker’s compensation, or health and disability insurance. You would need separate insurance policies to cover these areas as your company grows and scales.
Requirements to be covered

In order to qualify for a BOP, your small business
  • Must have fewer than 100 employees
  • Cannot rent or own a large-scale office environment
  • Cannot work in a high-risk industry
  • Cannot require business interruption insurance for more than 6 months
What we’ll need to get you started
  • Client information - name, phone, email
  • Business information - address, business purpose, industry, years in business, company website, estimated sales
  • Completed insurance questionnaire - desired policy start date, estimated liability limit, required coverages (property, equipment, etc.)