How to Create a Crab Logo?

Blue Crab Logo

Symbolic meaning

The crab symbolizes the elements of the marine landscape and love for the sea. In the culture of countries where many crabs live, these animals are perceived as amulets that provide protection from trouble. Travelers wore talismans with images of crabs to protect themselves from the dangers they encountered during their journeys. Nowadays, the crab logo is chosen by brands related to the sea and the marine industry. Catering companies and manufacturers of sea delicacies also use the image of a crab on their logos. The image of the crab with certain emotions and attributes is used for branding sports teams.

Boiling Crab Logo
Crab Feed Logo
Crab Park Logo
Charlotte Stone Crabs Logo

Who uses it?

The symbols of the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs and Charlotte Stone Crabs baseball teams are vivid examples of crab sports logos. Crabs are turned into characters, emphasizing the main qualities of the teams on the logos. The silhouette of the crab in a halo of eggs is depicted on the logo of the “Ikra-More” (“Caviar-Sea”) store, which sells sea delicacies and products. Realtek, an integrated microchip developer, also uses the image of a crab as its logo. It resembles an element of a microchip. The logo of the British company “Crab & Lobster”, which operates in the restaurant and hotel industry, depicts the silhouettes of the same-name crustaceans. A similar visual solution was chosen for branding the Crab Market restaurant in Dubai.

Realtek Logo
Crab and Lobster Logo
Crab Market Logo
Southern Maryland Blue Crabs Logo

Which colors to choose?

Crab logos are usually created using red, black, and saturated blue colors. If you analyze brand logos, you will see that shades of red are undoubted favorites. However, a recognizable image allows you to apply other color schemes if this is required by the brand identity. For example, a yellow or green crab will stand out from red characters. This is especially important for brands that want to emphasize their creativity and innovation.

Cracking Crab Logo
Juicy Crab Logo
Naughty Crab Logo
King Crab Logo

Which elements to choose?

The crab logo is primarily a recognizable silhouette, with a rounded back and large claws. Most brands stick to this image. However, it’s quite possible to use only the image of claws for the logo: They have a distinctive shape that won’t be confused with anything else. When creating a company character, a crab is often endowed with emotions: For example, it can smile. If you are planning a text logo in a “crab” style, you can complement it by supplementing the font with the claws and tentacles, or by designing one of the letters in the recognizable arthropod body shape.

Red Crab House Logo
Strike Crab Logo
Wild Sresh Seafood Logo
Lobster ZenBusiness logo

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