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"We wake up every day asking ourselves,
How can we make our
customers more successful?"

– Ross Buhrdorf, Founder and CEO

ZenBusiness Mission


The all-in-one business platform

ZenBusiness is a company that provides an easy, all-in-one platform with trusted guidance for small business owners. Our mission is to empower people from all walks of life to achieve their dreams. That’s why we consolidated the tools, services, and expert support needed to start, run, and grow a successful business. We are a leading formations company that helps customers protect their liability, manage finances, and establish their online presence with one intuitive dashboard.

ZenBusiness story


Why we started ZenBusiness

In 2017, Ross Buhrdorf and Shanaz Hemmati founded ZenBusiness with the conviction that people are happier and more successful when they work for themselves. They hired a diverse team of entrepreneurs to fulfill their vision. We know how overwhelming it can feel to start a business. That’s why we’re uniquely qualified to partner with our customers to turn their dreams into reality. While we innovate with the latest technology, we’re equally devoted to providing award-winning customer service. We even host weekly expert-led webinars and office hours to guide customers at every step.  The company has become a fully-remote powerhouse, having helped start over 500,000 businesses.

ZenBusiness social impact


The ZenBusiness commitment

From day one, we focused on building an equitable future for business owners. We all benefit when diverse people pursue their passions and take control of their destinies. As a Public Benefit Corporation we give back to those who are underserved or most in need. We’re committed to operating responsibly and sustainably while doing good work that benefits our communities. Since 2020, we’ve awarded over $500,000 in grants to small businesses. We partnered with Mavs Business Assist, giving diverse entrepreneurs free access to knowledge, tools, and support. We also donate to organizations that work to end systemic inequality and support entrepreneurship.



Diversity is in our DNA

At ZenBusiness, every voice counts. We started this company knowing that diverse points of view bring out our best ideas. Our commitment to DEI creates a culture where team members feel appreciated, valued, and respected across every level of our company.  We celebrate our global team knowing that our products, services, and customers thrive when we lean into and celebrate our differences.


Working together to change the world

We share a vision to leave the world a better place. Our collaborative, open culture leads to great work and a great place to work!

  • Giving it our all

    We’re a passionate company that puts our best efforts into all that we do. We can plan, execute, and deliver like pros.

  • Risk & rigor

    We learn and improve, always. We strive to be stronger and smarter by making data-driven decisions.

  • Opening ourselves to everybody

    First, we use our ears. We invite fresh and diverse perspectives. We seek wisdom from the unheard. We honor difference, because we believe in the value of every single person.

  • Working for others

    We share a long-term vision to leave the world a better, richer place. We stand up for our customers, colleagues, and communities – especially when it is difficult. We act with integrity and radical transparency.

  • Togethering

    We’re one team, a supportive culture that shares our struggles and our wins. We are relentlessly jerkless. We champion each other with honesty and kindness. We love fun, the kind that grows from a safe and supportive culture.

  • Hustling like a boss

    We move like small businesses do: we are fast, nimble, resourceful, and careful. We prioritize growth and skill improvement so we can achieve mastery.

ZenBusiness careers


Join our team

Want to be a part of the ZenBusiness mission? We’re always looking for smart, driven, creative people who are excited about helping small business owners succeed. View our open positions to find your dream job.


ZenBusiness executive team

Ross Buhrdorf is obsessed with helping small business owners achieve success. He partnered with Shanaz Hemmati, leader in marrying technology with people power, to co-found ZenBusiness. Their passion and commitment have attracted a dedicated leadership team relentlessly focused on helping people to achieve success on their own terms.

Ross Buhrdorf
Ross Buhrdorf CEO & Founder
Shanaz Hemmati
Shanaz Hemmati COO & Founder
  • Alex Victoria
    Alex Victoria CTO
  • Mitch Wilde
    Mitch Wilde CCO
  • Sameer Gulati
    Sameer Gulati CPO
  • Katie Royce
    Katie Royce CFO
  • Courtney Dickey
    Courtney Dickey CLO
  • Zachary Rippstein
    Zachary Rippstein CMO

Recap about ZenBusiness

We at ZenBusiness provide an easy, all-in-one business platform with trusted guidance for fellow small business owners. We’ve consolidated all the tools, services, and expert support needed to start, run, and grow a successful business. Think of us as the operating system for small business success. Our customers can protect their liability, manage money, and establish their brand—all in one place.

What sets ZenBusiness apart

What sets us apart is the combination of our innovative technology with live human support. We go above and beyond traditional customer support with a team of experts who provide true guidance via phone, chat, and email. Our dedication to customer success also includes helpful office hours and weekly community webinars.

The ZenBusiness commitment

We are committed to simplifying the complex challenges of small business ownership. We relentlessly focus on helping people from all walks of life beat the odds and achieve success on their own terms. We are headquartered in Austin, Texas, and have become a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) to demonstrate our commitment to social impact and inclusivity.

We have partnered with Mavs Business Assist, giving diverse entrepreneurs free access to knowledge, tools, and support.

We also offer a $5K grant program to give selected small business owners much-needed capital.

ZenBusiness and our business
formation partners

We are the only business formation partner in the Small Business Digital Alliance initiative (“SBDA”). SBDA is a national initiative of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), and we are proud to stand as a business formation partner alongside companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.

Mark Cuban is our spokesperson and advocate, helping transform us into a household name for entrepreneurs.

Our commitment to excellence has solidified us as trusted partners in our customers’ business journeys, embodying the spirit of innovation, collaboration, and success.

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