worry free compliance

Add our Worry Free Compliance service to stay covered all year

The worry free compliance keeps your business in good standing by covering your annual report and up to two yearly amendments. Let us handle the headaches of staying compliant with the state so you can focus on growing your business!

Get the worry free compliance service for $119 a year


Benefits of our Worry Free Compliance Service

Saves time

Saves Time & Avoids Errors

Our team handles your filings so you don’t have to worry about compliance deadlines or making costly errors.

Handle Annual Filings

Handles Annual Filings

Covers your annual report filing and two yearly amendments so you stay in good standing with the state.


Ensures Compliance

We will send alerts and updates to help ensure you don’t miss a deadline or have to pay a costly fine to the state.

What is the Worry Free Compliance and why do I need it?

Failing to remain compliant with state-required annual reports and filing deadlines can put you in bad standing with the state which exposes you to costly fines, losing your LLC protection, and increased personal risk and liability.

We know keeping track of business documents and ongoing compliance requirements can be a big headache for business owners that just want to manage and grow their company. That’s why we pioneered worry free compliance.

Our Worry Free Compliance service sends alerts for important compliance and filing events, covers your annual filing and two yearly amendments, and provides expert support should you miss a filing event and need to regain your good standing and LLC protection from the state.

Other Benefits of the Worry Free Compliance service

Proactive alerts and notification for upcoming filing events.

We’ll send you alerts for important compliance deadlines and monitor your status with the state to ensure you remain in good standing.

Full protection and assistance should you fall out of compliance with the state

If you miss a deadline or forget to file your annual report, don’t worry. We will provide a detailed action plan for you to regain your good standing.

Be protected for any costs should you fall out of compliance with the state

If you miss a deadline or state requirement, then we will outline a detailed action plan and cover the costs required to regain your good standing.