Worry-free business compliance services

Let us help with ongoing state compliance filings to keep you in good standing

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Rest easy with our Worry-Free Compliance service that sends alerts to notify you of upcoming compliance and filing events, plus it covers your annual report and up to two business amendment filings per year.

$199/yr and keeps your business protected

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Stay compliant and keep your good standing

Peace of mind, all the time

Peace of mind,
all the time

Covers annual reports

Our team handles all your ongoing state filings so you don’t have to worry about deadlines or making costly errors.

Makes changes easy

Get 2 yearly amendment filings to easily update your business documents if you change the name, address, or ownership.

Keeps your good standing

Get support from our team of compliance experts should your business ever fall out of good standing with the state

Start a business
with compliance

Stay compliant with all state requirements

$199/yr and keeps your business protected

How worry-free compliance service works

We know keeping track of business documents and ongoing compliance requirements can be a big headache for business owners that just want to manage and grow their company. That’s why we pioneered worry-free compliance service.

Get alerts and notifications for annual report filings and compliance events.

Quickly and easily complete ongoing annual report and amendment filings.

Our support team will help ensure you stay in good standing with the state.

Our Worry-Free Business Compliance Service FAQs

  • Our worry-free business compliance service includes annual report filings that are required in most states as well as up to two business amendments per year. It will also alert you of upcoming important dates and business compliance events.

  • We will proactively alert you of upcoming business compliance events so you never miss any important deadlines and monitor your status with the state to ensure your business remains in good standing.

  • Business compliance is something you need to stay on top of if you want to keep your business running. This means stay compliant with state regulations. Every state has slightly different requirements. We make it our business to know every compliance detail required by each state and take care of these requirements on your behalf. For example, most states require an annual report filing. If you have worry-free compliance service with us, we will file this report for you to keep your business compliant.

  • Most states require you to file an annual report stating if anything changed with your business. Even if nothing has changed, you’d still need to file this report to stay in good standing. The filing date varies by state. If you have worry-free compliance service with us, we will file this report on your behalf every year.

  • Many businesses need to make changes to things like their business name or adding new owners. These changes must be filed with the state. With worry-free compliance service we cover up to two amendments per year. All you need to do is cover the state fee.

  • In the unlikely event you fall out of good standing for missing any state-required filing like an annual report, then we will provide a detailed action plan and help you get back in good standing.

  • Most frequently, compliance refers to adhering to the laws for your business type and industry. An LLC might be required to file an annual report with the state government every year and pay a corresponding fee. A publicly traded corporation will need to follow the rules set forth by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. A restaurant would need to follow national, state, and local laws for proper handling of food. A company with employees will need to follow federal and state labor laws.

  • You could divide compliance in business into four categories:

    • Regulatory compliance: This is essentially following the laws of international, federal, state, and local governments in relation to your industry. This also includes financial compliance, such as keeping accurate records of your accounting and paying taxes in a timely manner.
    • Health and safety compliance: This refers to keeping your workplace free from hazards for your employees, customers, and anyone else who comes onto your site.
    • Human resources compliance: HR compliance entails doing everything possible (especially those things required by law) to protect the welfare of your employees. This can include having proper hiring procedures, employee benefits, paying overtime, having workers’ compensation insurance, and more.
    • Data compliance: Your company needs to take the appropriate steps to safeguard your customer’s sensitive information, such as credit card information, addresses and phone numbers, medical records, and anything else pertinent to your industry.
  • A business not in compliance could face heavy fines or be shut down altogether by the government. A business like an LLC or corporation could lose the personal liability protection for its owners if the state dissolves it, leaving the owners’ personal assets at risk from lawsuits against the business.