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Use our operating agreement template to outline the rules and plans that govern your LLC and provide the structure and framework needed to grow your business.

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Benefits of an operating agreement

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Protect Your Assets

Expressly separates your personal assets and affairs from the actions and liabilities of your LLC.

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Set the Rules

Articulates the business rules that will govern your new LLC as it scales and grows.

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Assigns Ownership

Outlines ownership votes and succession plans if the owner were to exit the business.

What is an operating agreement and why do I need one?

An operating agreement is a document that protects the owner’s personal assets from the actions of the LLC, clearly outlines which actions are acceptable for the business, and creates a succession plan should the owner exit the business.

The ZenBusiness operating agreement template follows a standard format to ensure your interests are protected and your company is properly supported as it grows. You have full control to fill in your operating agreement and keep it up to date over time.

Additional benefits of an LLC operating agreement

Avoids some of the default rules of the state where you form your LLC

Without an operating agreement, your LLC will default to some of the standard rules and guidelines set by the state.

Helps secure funding from investors and lenders

Operating agreements outline legal and financial details like decision-making authority and how funds are used that can be helpful when trying to secure funding for your business.