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ZenBusiness executive team

Ross Buhrdorf is obsessed with helping small business owners achieve success. He partnered with Shanaz Hemmati, leader in marrying technology with people power, to co-found ZenBusiness. Their passion and commitment have attracted a dedicated leadership team relentlessly focused on helping people to achieve success on their own terms.

Ross Buhrdorf
Ross Buhrdorf CEO & Founder
Shanaz Hemmati
Shanaz Hemmati COO & Founder
  • Alex Victoria
    Alex Victoria CTO
  • Mitch Wilde
    Mitch Wilde CCO
  • Sameer Gulati
    Sameer Gulati CPO
  • Katie Royce
    Katie Royce CFO
  • Courtney Dickey
    Courtney Dickey CLO
  • Zachary Rippstein
    Zachary Rippstein CMO

Who We Are

We are a small business that is excited about helping other entrepreneurs realize their dreams of creating and growing a successful business. By making business formation easy and affordable, we hope to foster a small business community where owners can connect on a local and national level and help each other grow.

We launched ZenBusiness because we want to give back and revolutionize the process of forming a business so that more people can realize their dreams and boost the economy.

Core Values

Our values create a positive workplace that celebrates diversity and innovation.

Giving It Our All – We’re a passionate company that puts our best efforts into all that we do. We can plan, execute, and deliver like pros.

Risk & Rigor – We learn and improve, always. We strive to be stronger and smarter by making data-driven decisions. 

Opening Ourselves to Everybody – First, we use our ears. We invite fresh and diverse perspectives. We seek wisdom from the unheard.  We honor difference, because we believe in the value of every single person.

Working for Others – We share a long-term vision to leave the world a better, richer place. We stand up for our customers, colleagues, and communities – especially when it is difficult. We act with integrity and radical transparency.

Togethering – We’re one team, a supportive culture that shares our struggles and our wins. We are relentlessly jerkless. We champion each other with honesty and kindness. We love fun, the kind that grows from a safe and supportive culture. 

Hustling Like a Boss– We move like small businesses do: we are fast, nimble, resourceful, and careful. We prioritize growth and skill improvement so we can achieve mastery.

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ZenBusiness has been ranked as the #4 fastest-growing Longhorn business out of 100


ZenBusiness Wins Silver Stevie® Award for Sales & Customer Service in Front-Line Customer Service Team Category


Ross Buhrdorf is a EY Entrepreneur of the Year finalist – awaiting winners' announcement


Greater Austin Business Awards: Shanaz Hemmati wins entrepreneurial vision category


Ad Age – Small Agency Campaign of the Year B2B, Gold ZenBusiness’ ‘Welcome to the Uprising’ from Joan Creative wins Small Agency Campaign of the Year


Rita Bosch Verleye won a Women in Tech Moxie Award


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