ZenBusiness $5K Grant Program

ZenBusiness will award over 40 grants to small businesses this year. Apply today!

ZenBusiness will award over 40 grants to small businesses this year. Apply today!

We understand the challenges small business owners face so we’re on a mission to support them. Want to know more? Read the guidelines, terms, and conditions.

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Do I qualify?

You must be

A current customer. At least 18 years old. And have used the ZenBusiness formation services within the last 3 to 6 months.

Your business must be

A private entity, registered, and officially based in the U.S. Must offer products or services that help your community.

To enter

You can only apply once per month; one entry per customer. You are not eligible to apply if you have won a previous award.

2024 Grant Awards

Customers who meet the eligibility requirements may submit an application to become one of the grantees chosen each month.

Grantees receive $5,000 to help grow your business, ZenBusiness Money Pro access for 30 days (providing tools to manage your clients, cashflow, and taxes all in one place), and ZenBusiness Banking free for the first month (so you can separate your business and personal finances).

ZenBusiness Success Stories

Read how the grant program has helped these
grantees and their businesses.

You deserve a hand

An equitable world is the goal, right? We take this mission seriously. We try to pay it forward by giving grants and loans to small business owners who need them. In fact, we gave away more than $400,000 in grants to small businesses since 2020 alone. We also donate to organizations that align with our values to support entrepreneurship and end systemic inequality.

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2024 Grant Program FAQs

  • Only one entry per customer will be accepted. When completing your application, you’ll get the option to choose the business you’re applying for.

  • Applications do not roll over from previous months. Only one entry will be accepted per customer, per month.

  • ZenBusiness would like to extend its support to as many customers as we can. As of now, winners of a previous ZenBusiness award or grant are not eligible to re-apply for another grant.

  • Entries will be accepted January 1 through December 31, 2024. Applicants will be reviewed against other entries submitted in the same month. For example, if you applied on January 3rd, you’ll be reviewed against all the applications submitted from January 1 to January 31.

  • Each grant awarded will be $5,000.

  • Grantees are chosen based on their application responses. We’d love to see grantees apply their grant money as noted. Grantees are asked to agree to a 30-day follow up interview after the grant money has been distributed.

  • Before distributing the funds, we’ll work with you on obtaining your FEIN (if applicable), W-9, and banking information. Failure to respond with the required 10 business days of being notified may result in ineligibility for the Grants Program. Our team would love to grant the award money within 30 days of letting you know the good news.

  • The grant award review process will be done in 3 steps: (1) An initial screening to ensure the applicant meets the eligibility requirements referenced in these terms & conditions. (2) Evaluation by a group of ZenBusiness staff of statement of need. (3) ZenBusiness Inc. shall conduct due diligence to ensure the applicant is an entity in good standing in their state of registration, or a U.S. citizen, as appropriate per applicant and that applicant is engaging in a positive business. Awarded applicants will be notified of their grant award on a rolling basis via email or telephone.

  • Grant awards may be considered taxable income. We advise you to consult with your financial and tax advisors to learn more about any tax obligations you may have.

  • Grantees will be notified by phone, then email if needed.

  • Applications are reviewed every month. You should receive a notification of your status within 4 to 6 weeks of applying.

  • Profile information is automatically updated when you update your dashboard. Please make sure that your profile info is up to date.

  • Application responses submitted are considered final. If you’re awarded a grant and your needs change, we trust you’ll apply the funds to the area of your business that needs it most.

  • Want to know more? Read the guidelines, terms, and conditions.

    For other questions, please email grants@zenbusiness.com

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