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You’ve committed to your dream. Now let’s get down to brass tacks! Inspired by Mark Cuban and led by industry experts, ZenBusiness webinars help turn your vision into a successful company. You’ll learn how to create a business plan, win customers, protect your business, and manage finances. Most of all, you’ll learn how to enjoy your flexibility and freedom as you grow!

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Continually friendly service from ZB. I called their support line and received amazing help from Josh. After a long, stressful day, he managed to put a smile on my face and was able to help me resolve my issue.


Webinar Episodes

Join our 30-minute webinars to gain practical, actionable insights that will drive your small business success.

30 day business startup webinar

30 Days to Start Strong: 5 Habits That Drive Success

New customers are invited to learn the five habits that drive success. Get it right straight out of the gate and you’ll be on your way to achieving your dreams. You’ll learn the first steps to creating a business plan, winning customers, and setting up your finances.

legal pitfalls to avoid webinar

3 Legal Pitfalls Businesses Should Avoid

This workshop will answer general legal questions you have about your business. Shield your business from costly consequences with this deep insight into safeguarding and protecting your business by attending our legal workshop!

ask me anything webinar

Ask Me Anything with our CEO, Ross Buhrdorf

In this session, get tips from our CEO on pitching investors, building company culture, and how he converted the first customers at ZenBusiness .

ZenBusiness compliance best practices webinar

Compliance 101: Know Your Obligations and Avoid Costly Mistakes

Understand federal, state and annual compliance rules with confidence. Protect your small business from costly consequences by attending this compliance 101 workshop.

ZenBusiness banking best practices webinar

Expense Tracking, Budgeting, and Dashboards for Small Businesses (Part 2)

Learn how to craft a budget tailored to your goals, effectively track expenses, and utilize a financial dashboard to monitor and drive your business towards long-term success and stability.

business finance management webinar

Get Financially Organized for Business Growth (Part 1)

Learn to streamline financial processes, plan start-up costs, explore diverse funding options, and adopt effective business banking practices. Elevate your financial management know-how for lasting growth.

tax savings webinar

Maximize Your Tax Savings: Tips for Small Business Owners and Individuals

Explore crucial tax insights in our upcoming webinar with 1800Accountant. Tailored for small business owners, entrepreneurs, self-employed/gig workers, and those looking to form an LLC, this session provides expert strategies to navigate common tax challenges.

ZenBusiness small business website webinar

The Foundational Building Blocks for Every Website

Get practical guidance on creating a website that attracts customers, covering critical elements for both basic and advanced marketing stages. Start with essentials and progress to advanced tips as your audience grows, master SEO tricks, and more.

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