ZenBusiness Partner Program

Partner with us and give your community of members a turnkey solution to start, run and grow their business.

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Looking instead to earn commissions on the clicks and orders you drive? Learn more about how to join our Affiliate Program!

*The listed affiliate partners will earn commissions if you purchase through links on their website.

Become a Channel Partner in 3 Easy Steps

1. Apply

Tell us more about yourself and your community of users. We choose partners based on the size, engagement level and relevance of their community.

2. Plan

Once approved, we work with you to develop educational content and create a co-branded landing page with private links for your members to enjoy ZenBusiness perks.

3. Launch

We’ll help you create content to announce your partnership with us and the discounts your community can enjoy. Then we’ll provide you with ongoing educational content on starting and running a business.


Do you support a community of entrepreneurs, contractors, or gig workers? A lot of them may not know that they are a sole proprietor, meaning they are on the hook personally for anything that might go sideways with their business. Properly setting up a business, like an LLC, decreases this risk. Our team of experts helps your community members set up their businesses quickly and accurately, guaranteed.


Offer Discounted Services to Your Members

Based on the size of your community, we can set up attractive discounts on our most popular plans. This includes everything your community members need to start, run, and grow their businesses, like name search, expedited filing, ongoing compliance, and financial management and tracking.

See some of our leading partners in our ZenBusiness Partners List!


The ZenBusiness Channel Partner Program is a partnership program where we help your community members launch, run and grow their business by providing a portfolio of services via our platform, educational content on your website, and discounted offers that you can share with them as a perk.

We’re looking for partners who are as passionate as we are about supporting small businesses at every stage!

We have helped over 500,000 entrepreneurs, freelancers, real estate investors, online retailers, artists, influencers, athletes, coaches, drivers and logistics contractors, and more. We are here for every kind of entrepreneur.

We provide a variety of formation plans available in all 50 states and services including business name search, registered agent, employer ID number (EIN), expedited filing speeds, ongoing compliance services, banking, tax and accounting tools, and more!

We offer attractive discounts based on the size and nature of your community of users. Contact us here

We have a dedicated partner support team. They respond quickly to all of your questions and are even up for discussion! We want you to succeed. Learn more by contacting us here

We also have an Affiliate Program if you’re looking instead to earn commissions on the clicks and orders you drive. Click here to learn more.

Our complete terms and conditions for this program are available at: here