Basic Email

Secure a business email address

Bring together your business domain name and email inbox. Give your business more credibility than a personal email address and access your email from any online software or device.

Secure a business email address for $25 per year

Features of a business email address

Email Storage

5 GB of Storage

Receive 1 email account with 5GB of free storage to easily share, create, and collaborate for your business.

Address Book

Address Book

Organize and track unlimited contacts with the personal address book included with your email account.

Email Sync Calendar


Schedule, sync, and share your calendar with email software, platform or device including tablets and smartphones.

Why do I need a business email address?

Business email addresses bring together your domain name and inbox to offer more credibility than a personal email address. They allow businesses to access their inbox across software and device types while adding more credibility to email communications and marketing efforts.
These business email accounts also block spam and other unwanted email, stay synced to across devices, and more. ZenBusiness offers a single email inbox that aligns to your domain name with 5 GB of free storage.