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How to come up with a smart business name?

Life hacks from professional marketers.

1. Draw inspiration from your niche.

Study your own and similar market niches. Draw inspiration from other companies’ names. Avoid stealing other people’s ideas, though. This will bring you nothing but legal troubles. Plus, you’ll miss the opportunity to convey your brand personality through your name.

2. Identify your brand personality and advantages.

Think about your business. What is unique about it? What value does it offer to customers? Why people should choose your company over other businesses? Identify your advantages and key characteristics and rely on them when creating a name for your business.

3. Use a business name creator.

Use your advantages and unique characteristics as keywords. Enter the keywords into the business name generator. Browse through the options offered by the tool.

4. Be simple and concise.

Pick a name which is simple and easy-to-remember. Also, a short name will look great on your branded products (business cards, mugs, etc).

5. Create associations.

Your name must create the right associations and emotions in the minds of your customers.

6. Visualize your name.

Choosing the best name is the first step towards building a strong brand. To see how your business name will look on your logo and other branded designs, use the ZenBusiness brand generator. It’s a great way to make sure all your branded elements suit each other and create a coherent image of your company.

7. Get feedback.

Click the “Copy name” button to share your business name on social media. To share your emblem, click “View logo with business name”. Try to gather as much feedback as possible. This is a surefire way to find out what other people think about your brand and drive more ideas.

8. Get started right now!

New trademarks and domain names are being registered every hour. Don’t waste a minute! Pick the best business name and start building your brand with ZenBusiness!

I found my business name. What’s next?


With the help of ZenBusiness, small businesses and startups can get a professional branding even on a limited budget. No design skills needed!


Before registering your domain name, check it for availability using a special service.


Use our webpage builder to build a professional website for your company!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We’re using a complex algorithm which relies on as many as 10 generation methods. This technology enables us to create both relevant and diverse names for your business. Since most generation services use 2-3 methods, we have a strong competitive advantage over our competitors.

    Users can choose their industry from 23 business categories. This makes for more accurate results.

    Even if you don’t like any of the suggested names, we hope our ideas will inspire you and fuel up your creative process!

  • Check your business name for uniqueness in a trademark database, a regional or international one. The process is similar to checking a domain name for availability.

  • To obtain intellectual rights to your business name, you need to register it as a trademark. Trademarks come in different types. For example, there are word- and graphic-based trademarks. If you’re going to add your business name to your logo, it makes sense to register your logo as a trademark as well. For more information, contact your local agency which deals with trademark registration. The registration procedure is fee-based and implies checking your trademark for uniqueness. ZenBusiness can take care of the registration procedure for a fee. If you’re going to do business across several countries or worldwide, you’ll have to register your trademark in each of these countries, or use the Madrid system for the international registration of trademarks.

  • Your company name must convey the essence of your business, evoke the right associations, and be memorable. However, having a neat name is not enough. Great brands are made of multiple things, including a high-quality product and flawless customer service. On top of that, you need to work hard on promoting your brand and integrating it into your customers’ lives.

  • If the domain name you like is already occupied, you can consider other extensions, such as .ninja, .store, .guru, etc. Also, you may contact the domain owner and try to persuade them to sell their domain name to you.

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