BBQ Restaurant Name Ideas

257 Smokin’ BBQ Restaurant Name Ideas

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Opening a barbecue restaurant and looking for catchy BBQ names? Here are hundreds of the best name ideas and tips for naming your BBQ joint.

There is even a BBQ restaurant name generator link and review (plus more names generated with this tool). Let’s get cooking some delicious BBQ food!

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BBQ Restaurant Name Ideas

Creative BBQ Grill Name Ideas

Black and BleuCharr’dThe Danbury
Applewood RestaurantSmokehouse BarbequeMoonlight
Marrow RestaurantThe Pit BossGame Grilled
Queue  BBQ

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Southern BBQ Naming Ideas

Mighty Mutt’s BBQGothic GrillBig Doc’s BBQ
The Beast Inside BarbequeBustin’ Gut BBQThe Curly Tail Smoke Pit
Pitmaster BarbequeKansas City HustleWaning Gibbous BBQ
Rare Find BBQ

Badass BBQ Name Ideas

Hawg Hungry BBQHawg Bash BBQHawg Chopped Food Truck
Hawgster BBQ GrillSpicywind Barbeque JointCrisp Spicy BBQ
Spicy Pig Hideout BBQGrub Smoky Roadside BBQGnaw Smoky Barbeque
Smokeaholic BBQ PitHut Smoky BBQ Restaurant

Texas BBQ Restaurant Name Ideas

Crispy TexasThe Lone BBQWhite Star Barbeque
Red, White and Smoked BBQTasty Texas Barbeque PitBBQ Bite of Texas
Dallas SmokedSmoking Austin GrillRubbed Right BBQ Central Texas
Sweet Sauced BBQMesquite Grill Master

Grill Restaurant Name Ideas

Angry Hampshire ChophouseThe Pesky PorkerThe Spotted Hog Restaurant
The Chester WhiteWilbur’s RevengeAnatomy BBQ
Bar-B-QueueHead-to-TailA Cut Above
The Sassy Sauce

BBQ & Burger Restaurant Name Ideas

Porky and BessGrill MarksUp in Smoke
Shake ‘n SizzleSauced BarbequeThe Wiggly Pig Restaurant
Fry Guy’s RestaurantFrank and BeansT-Bone-Rex
Chubby Bub’s BBQ

BBQ Food Truck Name Ideas

Rollin’ SmokeThe Migrant MooGrilligan’s Island
Whole HogThe Smoke ShackRoad Hog Restaurant
Smokin’ AxelThe Rolling BarnThe Chop Wagon
Have Pork Will Travel

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BBQ Name Generator

This is a restaurant name generator that I used to create the unique BBQ food-related names below it by using these keywords (joint, BBQ, spicy, ribs, pork, smoke, fire).

Get the best results by first brainstorming a list of keywords. These are words and phrases (2 or more words) that relate to your company’s service and products.  They do not have to be necessarily the ones that will be contained in your final restaurant name.

An easy way to brainstorm keywords to use in name generators is to use Google. Put in your restaurant type (BBQ) plus “keywords”.

Words to Use Name Your BBQ Restaurant


Scroll through the page and pick up related words. I found these additional keywords = cookout, place, grilling, summer, pappa, American, heritage, meat. You get the idea.

Other Names for BBQ for Use in Restaurant Names

charcoal-broilcook over an open pitroast

>> How to Name Your Restaurant in 6 Easy Steps

BBQ Restaurant Name Ideas Generated

Hot JointTasty JointSpicy Joint
Dine Large BBQBBQHavenBBQzoid
Crave BBQ – 24/7BBQ SquadAroma BBQ
BBQologyBBQStopFiery Pit BBQ
Groovy BBQFeast on BBQBBQify
Baby BBQFueled by BBQHole BBQ
Grub BBQBBQ FactoryCantina BBQ
Presto BBQ

>> How to Name Your Restaurant in 6 Easy Steps

Festive BBQOle’ BBQHavana BBQ
Lord BarbequeJuicy BBQ and BurgersMidnight BBQ
Savor BarbequeBBQvioFlamed BBQ
Cuts BBQBBQporiumBBQstation
Palace of BBQ LoveBBQ on TapWell Fed BBQ
BBQyaPlace SmokeSecret Sauce Smoked – Chow Smoke
Smokeworks BBQSmoke ShackHut Smoke
SmokeaholicSmokelySizzle and Smoke BBQ
Hideout Smoke GrindsSpicy SmokeSmokeorama
SmokeluxChopped SmokeNouveau Cookout
Street Cookout CookoutzillaSmack Cookout
Cookout NestDockside CookoutMunchie Cookout Cart
Hungry Hounds CookoutSavor CookoutCave Cookout
Wagon Cookout

Expert Tips for Naming Your Barbecue Restaurants

According to the experts at Southern Living (who know lots about BBQ naming)

1- Skip the saucy name – Those slightly risque names with bones and butts can be a turn-off to some customers, especially families which are big Barbeque eaters. These names also age quickly.

2- Go with the Pig – Names that utilize the word – Pig – are very popular. Also they pair well with other P words such as porky, pure, peachy, Poppy, etc.

3-Add your name – Over 64% of the barbeque restaurant names on the Top 50 Southern BBQ Joint incorporate the owners (or BBQ pitmasters) names.

Consider using an interesting phrase and adding your own name to personalize. USE your last name (or full name) instead of only your first name. There are many Billy’s in town but only a few of your last name – to avoid confusing your diners.[/callout]

Named Best BBQ Restaurants in America

Get naming inspiration from this list of the best BBQ restaurants in America including these with memorable brand names:

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