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Makeup Business Name Ideas

555 Makeup Business Name Ideas

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Looking for unique name ideas for your makeup, beauty, or cosmetic company? Here are hundreds of the best, most creative, and catchy naming ideas for makeup artists, cosmetic products, and beauty stores.

Together let’s name your makeup business beautifully!

Here are my best cosmetic company name ideas for your beauty industry startups to help build your business beautifully.

Catchy Makeup Cosmetic Name Ideas

Advantage MakeupAllied GlamourAmber Makeup
Appear GlamourousBeguiling MakeupBoost Makeup
Brazen GlamourCaptivate MakeupCheeky Makeup
Club GlamourCreative GlamourCrystals Makeup
Dame MakeupDapper MakeupDare to Glamour Bright
Dream MakeupElegance MakeupElixir Makeup
Essential MakeupEthereal MakeupExtra Glamour Serving
Fly MakeupGenuine Beauty MakeupGlamour City
Glamourology MakeupGlamour DropsHarmonious Shades Makeup
Intensity MakeupKicks MakeupLotus Lovely
Luring MakeupMadonna LipsMode Glamour
Naked MakeupNimbleNude Makeup
Picturesque MakeupPlatinum GlamourPop Makeup
Princess GlamourPrismaticRose Gold Glamour
Ruby GlamSecret MakeupSheeny
Tiger MakeupUnforgettable GlamourVenus Makeup
Wise Glamour MakeupWorld Glamour MakeupYouthful Glamour

Creative Skin Care Beauty Name Ideas

A-Line SkincareAble SkincareAcclaimed Skincare
Action SkinAddiction SkincareAdore Skincare
Advanced SkincareAesthetic SkincareAffinity
Affordable SkincareAgile SkincareAll-Out Skincare
Allure SkincareAmore SkincareArdor Skincare
Aristocrat SkincareAspire SkinAssured Skincare
AttitudeAttract SkincareAuthentic Skin
Ava SkincareAvenue SkincareAvid Skincare
BarebackBash SkinBeach Skincare
BewitchBlazing SkincareBlend Skin
Bloom SkincareBomb SkincareBonjour Skin Creams
Boss SkincareBotanical SkincareBoudoir Skincare
Bounce SkincareBounty SkincareBright Skincare
Brilliant SkincareBrisk SkincareButterfly Skin
Calm Skin TreatmentsCandy SkincareCharm Skincare
Cheeky SkincareCherish SkincareClick Skin
Confidence SkincareConnect SkincareConnection Skincare
Contour SkinCraft Skin TreatmentsCrave
Dame SkinDapper SkincareDarling Skincare
Dazzle SkincareDecadent SkincareDeep Skin Treatments
Define SkincareDefy Skin TreatmentsDelicacy Skincare
Delight SkincareDeluxe SkincareDestiny Skincare
Devote SkincareDiamond SkincareDivine Skincare
Dominate SkincareDon SkincareDragonfly Skincare
Dramatic SkincareDream SkincareEarthly Skincare
Easy SkincareElegant Skin TreatmentsElements
Elevated SkincareElixirEmpress Skincare
EncoreEndless SkincareEnlivening Skincare
Enrich SkincareEntangle SkincareEpic Skincare
Era SkincareErase SkincareEssential Skincare
Essentials SkincareEthereal SkincareEthical Skincare
Excite SkincareExemplary SkincareExhibit Skincare
Exotic SkincareExpose SkincareExtract Skincare
Extravagance SkincareFab SkincareFad Skincare
Faith SkincareFall SkincareFame Skincare
Familiar SkincareFantasy SkincareFascinating Skincare
Fascination SkincareFast SkincareFetching Skincare
Figure SkincareFind SkincareFinesse Skincare
First SkincareFirst-Choice SkincareFix Skincare
Flair SkincareFlame SkincareFlash Skincare
Flavour SkincareFlex SkincareFlip Skincare
Flossy SkincareFlutter SkincareFood Skincare
Forever SkincareFormula SkincareFortitude Skincare
Forward SkincareFoster SkincareFountain Skincare
Foxy SkincareFree SkincareFreya Skincare
Frill SkincareFrost SkincareGaia Skincare
Galore SkincareGaze SkincareGene Skincare
Genesis SkincareGlance SkincareGlobal Skincare
Grace SkincareGrande SkincareGroove Skincare
Happening SkincareHarp SkincareHaste Skincare
Hazel SkincareHeal SkincareHealing Skincare
Heaven SkincareHera SkincareHeritage Skincare
Hitch SkincareHonest SkincareHoney Skincare
House SkincareHush SkincareHustle Skincare
Hydra SkincareHypnotic SkincareIcon Skincare
Idol SkincareImage SkincareImperial Skincare
Ineffable SkincareInspired SkincareIntense Skincare
Intensity SkincareIntentions SkincareIntrigue Skincare
Invigorate SkincareJade SkincareJasmine Skincare
Jazz SkincareJoy SkincareJuicy Skincare
Juliet SkincareKing SkincareKissable Skincare
Kitten SkincareKitty SkincareLacey Skincare
Lapis SkincareLavish SkincareLax Skincare
Lifestyle SkincareLift SkincareLight Skincare
Limitless SkincareLineage SkincareLion Skincare
Lioness SkincareLit SkincareLivid Skincare
Living SkincareLola SkincareLost Skincare
Lotus SkincareLucent SkincareLuminescent Skincare
Luscious SkincareLust SkincareLux Skincare
Madras SkincareMagnolia SkincareMajestic Skincare
MammaVegan.comMane SkincareManner Skincare
Mantle SkincareMarine SkincareMartyr Skincare
Mash SkincareMaster SkincareMatrix Skincare
Mink SkincareModern SkincareMoisture Skincare
Morovi Logo
Naked SkincareNatural SkincareNifty Skincare
Nomad SkincareNondria.comNourish Skincare
NutruminOptimum SkincareOrdered Skincare
Organica SkincareOsiris SkincareOutpost Skincare
Outright SkincarePantry SkincareParamount Skincare
Pavement SkincarePaw SkincarePaxara Logo Domainify
Paxara.comPerfect SkincarePharaoh Skincare
Phenom SkincarePicturesque SkincarePigment Skincare
PlantCooking.comPlatinum SkincarePlumping Skincare
Plush SkincarePolished SkincarePosh Skincare
Primary SkincarePrince SkincareProfuse Skincare
Prominent SkincarePromise SkincarePropel Skincare
Public SkincarePush SkincareQuaint Skincare
Qualified SkincareRadiate SkincareRare Skincare
Ravish SkincareRaw SkincareRecover Skincare
Refresh SkincareRegency SkincareRegent Skincare
Relief SkincareRemarkable SkincareRemedy Skincare
Renown SkincareRepair SkincareResolve Skincare
Resort SkincareRevolve SkincareRich Skincare
Ritual SkincareRiveting SkincareRobe Skincare
Roll SkincareRomeo SkincareRose Skincare
Royal SkincareRunway SkincareRush Skincare
Sage SkincareSapphire
Seduce SkincareSense SkincareSentiment Skincare
Serenity SkincareSeries SkincareSerum Skincare
Share SkincareSharp SkincareSheeny Skincare
Sheer SkincareSilhouette SkincareSilk Skincare
Simply SkincareSinful SkincareSiren Skincare
SkincareyaSkincarezenSmitten Skincare
Snap SkincareSnappy SkincareSnug Skincare
Solved SkincareSombre SkincareSonic Skincare
Soul SkincareSpank SkincareSpellbound Skincare
Sphynx SkincareSpike SkincareSplendor Skincare
Stallion SkincareSteamy SkincareStitch Skincare
Story SkincareStrange SkincareStreet Skincare
Strike SkincareSugar SkincareSultana Skincare
Superb SkincareSuperior SkincareSway Skincare
Sweetheart SkincareTailTaking Skincare
Tempean SkincareThink SkincareThreads Skincare
Thrill SkincareTiger SkincareTitan Skincare
Topic SkincareTotal SkincareTrend Skincare
Ultimate SkincareUncensored SkincareUniform Skincare
Unity SkincareUniversal SkincareUnlimited Skincare
Urge SkincareValley SkincareValor Skincare
Value SkincareVanilla SkincareVenom Skincare
Village SkincareVille SkincareVirtue Skincare
Vision SkincareVitality SkincareVivid Skincare
Vixen SkincareVogue SkincareWellness Skin Treatments
Wisdom SkincareWish SkincareWonders Skincare
Young SkinYum SkincareZephyr Skincare
Zip Skincare

Name Ideas for Nail Polish Enamel Products

Does your firm create and sell nail polish, enamels, nail growth treatments and nail art accesories? Check out these shiny names for your nail enamel product line.

Elan NailsElectrify NailsElectrifying Brilliant
Element NailsEmergence BrilliantEmpress Nails
Energise NailsEnticing BrilliantEntrance Brilliant
Enviable NailsErrorless BrilliantExalted Brilliant
Fame BrilliantFemme NailsFetching Nails
First-Choice NailsFit BrilliantFlash Brilliant
Flossy NailsFond NailsForever Brilliant
Form BrilliantFoxy BrilliantFoxy Nails
Galvanic BrilliantGo BrilliantGoodness Brilliant
Grace NailsGrande NailsHarp Nails
Herb NailsHonest BrilliantHydrate Brilliant
Infinite NailsInsignia NailsInspired Brilliant
Intensive BrilliantKick BrilliantKin Brilliant
Lacey NailsLaunch NailsLifted Nails
Lilac NailsLimitless BrilliantLimitless Nails
Lit NailsLucent BrilliantLuxura Nails
Martyr NailsMarvel BrilliantMash Nails
Measured NailsLust BrilliantMillion Dollar Nails
Mode BrilliantMorale BrilliantNails
NailsyaNaked BrilliantNalora Enamels
Nest BrilliantNimble BrilliantNomad Nails
Notch NailsNourish NailsNutrient Brilliant
Obsidian BrilliantOnyx NailsOptimum Brilliant
Panda NailsPanther NailsPavement Nails
Photogenic NailsPigment BrilliantPlatinum Brilliant
Plumping BrilliantPlush NailsPrima Nails
Principle NailsPromise
Radiance NailsRadiate BrilliantRavish Brilliant
Recover BrilliantReflect NailsReliable Brilliant
Remarkable NailsRitual NailsRomance Brilliant
Salve NailsSerenity NailsShare Brilliant
Sheeny BrilliantShine AblazeShine Achieve
Shine AllurementShine AmpleShine Athena
Shine AttractiveShine AzraaShine Become
Shine BlankShine BlurredShine Bones
Shine BrilliantShine CastawayShine Classics
Shine ClassyShine ClinicalShine Coco
Shine CosmicShine CoveShine Current
Shine DecadentShine DefyShine Deluxe
Shine DraftShine DrapeShine Duchess
Shine DuneShine DuskShine Dynasty
Shine EclipseShine EnchantressShine Encore
Shine EtherealShine EvermoreShine Evolve
Shine FathomShine FlairShine Flattering
Shine FlexShine FreyaShine Gaia
Shine GaloreShine HabitatShine Harmony
Shine HitchShine HotShine Jacquard
Shine KinShine LastingShine Lavish
Shine LividShine LolaShine Luxuriant
Shine MadamShine MantleShine Matte
Shine MisguidedShine PassionalShine Phenom
Shine PopShine RivetingShine Road
Shine RollShine ScintillantShine Shining
Shine SnazzyShine SocietyShine Splendorous
Shine StylishShine SymmetryShine Uniform
Shine UrbaneShine VagabondShine Victoria
Shine VilleShine VividShine Wear
ShineyaSimple BrilliantSiren Brilliant
Solutions NailsSonnet BrilliantSound Brilliant
Sparkle AppealSparkle ApproachSparkle Barebone
Sparkle BaronSparkle BeholdSparkle Capri
Sparkle CaptivateSparkle CertainSparkle Chic
Sparkle DazzleSparkle DelightSparkle Desire
Sparkle DivineSparkle DuskSparkle Effect
Sparkle ElectrifySparkle ElfinSparkle Endless
Sparkle ExposeSparkle ExtractSparkle Extravagance
Sparkle FabSparkle FaithSparkle Fascinate
Sparkle FinestSparkle FirstSparkle Flossy
Sparkle FoxySparkle FrillSparkle Glamour
Sparkle GlowSparkle HarmoniousSparkle Harmony
Sparkle HummingbirdSparkle HydraSparkle Illuminating
Sparkle InsightSparkle IntensiveSparkle Intimate
Sparkle JadeSparkle JoySparkle Laced
Sparkle LaunchSparkle LostSparkle Majesty
Sparkle MethodSparkle MilkSparkle Optimum
Sparkle OrganicSparkle PlanetSparkle Praise
Sparkle ProperSparkle QuickSparkle Refresh
Sparkle RollSparkle RomanceSparkle Serum
Sparkle SmashingSparkle SpecialSparkle Stately
Sparkle SturdySparkle ThrillSparkle Tickle
Sparkle TokenSparkle TuckSparkle Unlimited
Sparkle VenomSparkle VilleSparkle Virtue
Sparkle WarriorSparkle WrapSparkleaza
SparklezoidStunner NailsStyle Brilliant
Sugar NailsThreads BrilliantThrive Brilliant
Uniform BrilliantUrge BrilliantValiant Nails
Value NailsVanity NailsVelocity Nails
Venus NailsVibe BrilliantVillage Nails
Ville NailsVirtue BrilliantVogue Nails
Warm NailsWear BrilliantWise Nails

Cool Makeup Lipstick Name Ideas

If your cosmetic product line is primarily lip products such as lip balms, glosses, and lipsticks, check out these luscious lipstick name ideas

Accentuate LipstickAccess LipsAction Lipstick
Adept LipsAdmire LipsAdmire Lipstick
Adoring LipsAdvantage LipstickAdvisor
Aesthetic LipstickAffinity LipsAffinity Lipstick
Alley Cat LipsAlpha LipsAmore Lips
Artful LipstickAttractive LipsAva Lips
Bar LipsBare Exposed LipsBare Lipstick
Bashful LipstickBeing LipsBelle Lips
Beyond LipsBeyond LipstickBig Ego Lips
BlossomsBohemian LipsBoho Lipstick
Bold LipsBoss LipstickBrightness Lips
Bunny LipsCaramel LicksCharmed Life
Colorist LipstickColorway LipstickConnection Lipstick
Crazy LipsCrystal LipstickDame Lipstick
Diva LipsDogma LipsDream Lipstick
Dusk LipstickElement Five LipsElf Lips
Embrace Me LipsEmpowered LipstickEndless Lips
Erotic LipsEvolved BeautyExcite Lipstick
Exotic LipsExtravagant LipstickFaith in Lipstick
Fat LipsFemme LipsFlossy Lips
Funky LipsGlam LipsGlamour Lipstick
Global LipsGolden LipsGrande Lips
Heaven Licks LipstickHonest LipsHoney Lipstick
Hush LipsInstant LipstickJaded Lipstick
Jaguar LipsJazz LipsJuicy Lips
Juliet LipsKiss LipstickKissable Lipstick
Kitty LipstickLaced LipsLavish Lips
Leopard LipstickLip BombsLipsly
Lipstick AidLoyal LipsLuscious Lips
Lust LipsLust LipstickLuxe Lips
Luxe LipsMadame LipsMilk Lipstick
Mink LipstickMisfits LipstickModish Lips
Naked LipsNatural LipsNude Lips
Peek LipstickPigment LipstickPleasure Lipstick
Posh LipsPromise LipstickQueen Lips
Renew LipstickRomeo LipstickRose Lips
Rover LipsRover LipstickRuby Lipstick
Sin LipsSmart LipsSoulmate Lipstick
Spank LipsTasty LipstickThe Cure Lipstick
Thrive LipsThrive LipstickTickle Lipstick
Tight LipstickTingle LipsTingle Lipstick
Titanext.comTopic LipsTotal Lipstick
TRUE LipstickTrust LipstickTuck Lips
Tuck LipstickTulip LipsType Lips
Ugly LipstickUltimate LipsUltimate Lipstick
Ultra LipstickUnforgettable LipstickUnite Lipstick
Urge LipsUrge LipstickVanilla Lipstick
Visage LipstickVixen LipsVogue Lipstick
Void LipstickVoluptuous LipsWish Lips
Zip Lips

Crafty Home Fragrance Names Ideas

The home fragrance market is booming. If you create and sell air freshener room sprays, fragrant potpourri or scented candles here are some name ideas for your company.

Domicile ScentsHearth CandlesLily Air
Breezeway Home FragrancesLanai ScentsSparks of Faith Candles
Scented DecorDecorator FragrancesWood & Marble Aromas
Cedar Earth Pine OrganicsHaystack Lights Candle Company

Baby Skin Care Brand Name Ideas

If you are developing a cosmetic line for delicate baby skin these name ideas will be perfect

Baby’s First BathPetal Soft SkincareHeaven Organic Baby Care
Love Your Butt Skin TreatmentsNewly Born CosmeticsSkin Birth
Premiere Products

Cosmetic Sunscreen Tanning Products Name Ideas

Specialized tanning and sunscreen products require brilliant sunshiney brand names like these

Sun Off TanningSunny DispositionsBronze Goddess
Beach RiveriaHot Hot Hot Tanning ProductsIn The Tropics Sun Line
Golden Brown ProductsKiss of the Sun BronzersGreek God Tans
Sun-kissed Cheeks Facial Bronzer

Beauty Services Company Names Ideas

Here are names for you beauty entrepreneurs who offer services such as freelance make-up artistry, nail art, manicures, facials, eyebrow, and eyelashes.

Makeup Artist Name Ideas

Paint Me Pretty Makeup ArtistsRouge BabesPowder Puffs Makeup Artists
Beauty My BellaBeauty GleamBeauty How-To’s
Beauty HubPretty Paints Makeup ArtistsRouge Me Up Makeup Artists
Beauty KissMakeup SpotMy Pretty Place
Made Up Now Makeup ArtistsBlushed Makeup ArtsBoldy Beautiful
Brains and BeautyBright Glow Makeup ArtistsChic Talc
Contoured with CareCosmetic Love Makeup ArtistsCrystal Eyes
Diamond Polish Makeup ArtistsElite EyesFace It Makeup Artists
Full On BeautyGlamour StyledGolden Glow
Ideal Smile Makeup ArtistsLuxe BeauteMakeover Pals
Makeup ProsMascara ManiacsPigments and Paint
Queen of BeautyRealz GlowSatin Finish Makeup Artists
Show Stoppers BeautySmear Me BeautifulStunning Makeup Artists
Touch Up BeautyYou More Beautiful

Nail Manicures & Nail Art

As a trained nail technician you make a profit from your talents in manicures, pedicures, nail growth treatments, and nail art. These super shiny names are sure to impress your nail clients:

Aces Brilliant Nail PolishAction Nail EnamelActive Nail Enamel
Adept BrilliantAdmire BrilliantAffinity Nails
Alaska BrilliantAlley Nail EnamelAlliance Nail Polish
Amore BrilliantAngora BrilliantApprove Nails
Ascend NailsAstound BrilliantAthens Nails
Authentic NailsBarebone Nail PolishBaron Nails
Behold NailsBeing Brilliant PolishBite Brilliant
Bliss Nail EnamelBlurred NailsSmudged Enamel
Boho BrilliantBoosts BrilliantBotanica Brilliant
Bridal BrilliantCabana NailsCandy Nail Shines
Captivating PaintsCaring EnamelCherish Nail Polish
Chief BrilliantCleanse NailsCleopatra Nails
Club BrilliantComplete BrilliantContinental Nails
Cool BrilliantCool NailsCore Brilliant
Coverage BrilliantCraft NailsCreative Nails
Cub BrilliantDaisy BrilliantDarling Nails
Dart BrilliantDazzle NailsDefine Brilliant
Defy NailsDelilah NailsDesire Brilliant
Divine NailsDona NailsDraft Brilliant
Dream NailsDrive NailsDud Brilliant
American NailsTip Top TipsLush Polish Services
Nail AddictionBejeweled NailsEdgy Nail Art
Talons & ToesGloss Nail BarNail Base

Eyebrow and Lash Extensions

Eyebrow shaping and enhancing such as mircoblading can be excellent money-making beauty services. Plus you could offer lash extensions as an additional service. Here are some unique eyebrow and lash business names:

Lush Lash LifeBushy Brows GoneBrow Joy
Sugar EyesBrowtifulLashly
Lovely Lashes

Facial and Anti Aging Treatments Names

Luxe Skin Care ServicesGlow On FacialsYouthful Smiles
FountainBeautifully YoursBeauty Resort
Blush RushExhale Spa

Haircuts, Hair Color, and Styling Salon Names

Elan Hair ServicesGirl Gone GorgeousSmart + Glam
Plush Beauty SalonHairliciousHair Colorology
Beauty LordRootZ HairMane Avenue
Chop ShopGet Buzzed

Start a Business Today

Let ZenBusiness Simplify the Process


How to Name Your Makeup Business

The name you choose for your makeup beauty business is one of the most important decisions you will make as a new cosmetic entrepreneur. It’s because your beauty company and product names have the power to communicate your unique and attractive benefits to customers. 

Powerful names can greatly impact your business’s perception in new clients’ minds.  I will help you come up with a catchy makeup business name to attract beauty customers to build your business.  

Come let’s get busy naming your makeup artistry, cosmetic line, beauty spa, nail enamel product line. …

Step 1 – Determine Branding Position

Before you can come up with a unique makeup business name you need to get clear on your branding position. What types of cosmetic services and products are you offering? Who are your target customers? What makes your beauty business special and different?  

A strong branding position will attract paying customers to your establishment that will appreciate your talent and refer their friends.  This will make your marketing easier because you will know exactly what your unique benefits are. Come along as we develop your makeup branding in two easy steps. 

Your Makeup Business Difference vs Competitors

What “position” do you want to claim a stake in your customer’s minds as opposed to your competitors? 

Is your business MORE fashion-forward, experts at stage makeup, focused on middle-age makeup tips, great at teaching makeup artistry, tops in pampering, fastest, most convenient?   

How You Want Customers to Identify Your Makeup Salon

What qualities do you want your customers to be reminded of when your makeup company names come to mind?

Are you the best makeup business for the most artistic makeup, innovative new looks, unique color collections, newest technology, luxurious ambiance?  

Example of Makeup Branding Position:

A trendy makeup artist service for stage professionals and video influencers. Highly trained in film and photo styling. Travels to locations within the Dallas metro area.

Please take a moment to think through these important questions and answer them by drafting your unique branding position as shown in the example above. 

Trust me having this statement will greatly assist you in the next step to naming your makeup business and brainstorming cute and sassy beauty business names. 

Step 2 – Brainstorm Name Ideas For Your Makeup Business

Armed with your branding position statement (discussed above) you are now ready to come up with a list of good makeup salon names using my pro brainstorming techniques below. Use some or all of the methods and create a long list of possible name ideas for your business. 

To create your most unique makeup business name, brainstorming is the first order of business.  The best place to start is inside your ideal client’s mind. Who are your target customers for your makeup salon’s services? 

Are they millennials, professionals, executives, busy moms, singles, teenagers, children and families, college students, young professionals, stylish middle-aged women, or men.

Once you have your perfect customer in mind, figuratively step into their shoes. This is important because you want to evaluate your name options through their eyes for the best results. 

Don’t fall into the trap of naive business owners who judge their makeup business name ideas using their own taste. You want to appeal to YOUR customers, not to yourself. 

Example – You own a makeup artist business and are 55 years old, however, your clients are primarily young Moms under 35. The names you like such as Elegant Looks will not appeal to this younger audience who will likely appreciate a hipper, trendier name such as Makeup Spot or Makeup Now. 

Begin your brainstorming by listing words about your services such as makeover, blush, foundation, artistry, foundation, lashes, eyes, etc. Include adjectives that you want to use to describe your beauty approach stunning, glamorous, gorgeous, fresh, chic, natural, trendy, fashionable etc. 

Play around with rhyming names or with words that all have the same starting letters such as Marvelous Makeup or Pretty Place. These types of phrases are unique and easy to remember.

Then continue to the next step where we will review each of these naming ideas against the checklist below to determine which is the absolute name for your new makeup business. 

Review Business Name Lists

Read lists of business name ideas such as these below to get inspiration for your best company name:

Estheticians name ideas
Brow and lash extension name ideas
Beauty Salon Name ideas
List of Nail Manicure Studio Name Ideas

Combine Two Words for One Business Name

Blend personal names of two or more owners into an interesting compound business name.

Name Your Company with Your Personal Name  

Some beauty business owners elect to use their own personal name as their business name.

Generally, I do not recommend naming your business after yourself – except in a few instances.

FYI: Avoid using business owner initials as a business name. Some new entrepreneurs decide to use their initials as their company name. This is not a good idea, because names such as The ABC makeup business (Ann, Betty, and Cathi) is boring, easy to forget, hard to spell, and pronounce. NOT the type of name to become memorable in customer’s minds.

Use Acronyms to Come Up Company Name

An acronym is different from a name made up of owner initials because it creates a new word. 

Some examples; IBM is an initial name (for International Business Machines) which is spoken as each letter separately – I -B- M.

An example acronym name is LEGO (short for Leg Godt – danish for “play well”) and is pronounced as one word.

Use this online tool to brainstorm some creative acronym business names.

Experiment with Wordplay and Funny Puns

Puns are jokes that exploit the different possible meanings of words – a play on words. They can make funny and catchy business names.

Some examples of makeup service name puns;   Fairy Makeup, Daily Makeup, You’ve Got Makeup, Makeup Safe.

Have fun and get business name inspiration with this free Pun Generator tool.

Try Rhymes for a Catchy Business Name

Using a rhyming name can make your brand more memorable such as StubHub and 7-Eleven. 

Business names that rhyme has a musical quality that helps them stand out in customers’ minds. I used this free online rhyme tool to come up with these names for your new makeup business companies:

Cutey Beauty
Beauty Bootie
Zooty Beauty
Fruity Beauty
Snooty Beauty
Beauty On Duty
Yup Makeup
Bang Up Makeup Artist
Heads Up Makeup Artist

Utilize Descriptive Word Phrases for Makeup Business Names

Use keywords that describe your cosmetic products and services and their benefits to create interesting and powerful makeup business names.

Begin with your business type -“makeup artist”. Then create a list of related words such as;

  • beauty parlor
  • cosmetic technician
  • stylist
  • eyeliner
  • lipstick
  • rouge
  • powder
  • skincare. 

Check out this free online related words tool

Combine these related words with other words such as; your location, name, or specialty makeup service. 

Here are some examples of makeup-related (and geographic) terms company name ideas:

Makeup Charm Artists
Glamour Pots Beauty Artists
Miami Pretty
California Stunning
Rouge Me Up
Powder Puffs of Dallas

Step 3 – Select Your Best Makeup Business Name Checklist  

By following my recommended steps above you will have come up with a long list of good makeup business names. Next comes, the critical phase of evaluating your name ideas and selecting your perfect brand name. 

Use my pro checklist below of important criteria to help you make the best choice.

Checklist to Choose Your Best Makeup Business Name – 9 Important Considerations

  • Communicates Your Product and Services – Is it relevant to your service menu and offerings?

    Don’t be so clever that you confuse customers and they can’t figure out what you are selling.

    Good name for a makeup business= Made Up! Makeup Artistry
    Bad name for a makeup business = Charming Smiles
  • Manageable to pronounce – Be sure that your makeup business name can be spoken (and understood) easily. You want lots of customer referrals so make it easy for your clients to give you the free word of mouth advertising.

    People will remember names that are easy to say and forget companies with complex or unpronounceable names.

    Good name for a makeup business= Pretty Paints Beauty
    Bad name for a makeup business = Jolie de Fille Beaute
  • Easy to spell – Aim for a name that is easy to spell so customers can easily find you in telephone directories and online search engines. Also, the best names are of a short to medium length so they are easier to write and type. 

    Good name for a makeup business= Cosmetic Services
    Bad name for a makeup business = Artisians maquillage
  • Simple to remember – The easier it is for customers to remember your company names the more likely they are to refer you to their friends and family.

    Good name for a makeup business=  Makeup on Main
    Bad name for a makeup business = Makeovers & Services for Photo & Films
  • Distinctive & Unique – Your best name choice is distinct and unlike your market competitors’ brand names to avoid customer confusion. 

    Unique names stand out positively. Verify that your name choice is not taken or trademarked in your State.  
  • Is Flexible and Expandable – Choose a name that is flexible enough to allow your business to grow and new products and services. Don’t limit yourself too much. Select a name that provides the ability to expand to other markets and locations also. 

  • Check for Rude or Negative Meanings – Take time to verify that what you think is funny your customers don’t view as rude! Plus research any negative meanings of the words you have in your company name. This is especially important if you serve foreign markets or ethnic customers. Speak to native speakers of their mother tongue to clear your name ideas. 
  • Search Domain Name Availability – Before you decide on your final makeup business company name check if the corresponding domain name URL is available here. 

    This secures your right to use your website. If your desired name is not available, don’t fret, here are my expert tips on how to find a matching domain name to your company name, even if your first choice is taken.
  • Check if Social Media Profiles are Taken – If your domain name is available, then go ahead and check if all the social media account profiles are available. Check all of the most popular social media sites’ user names availability with one click at Knowem here.

Makeup Business Name Generators: Tips for Best Results

If you have not found your perfect makeup business name idea from the list above name ideas, then use these company name generators below. 

Keep reading to get my very best tips on how to use these online tools to create truly unique names for your nail manicure business. 

Shopify business name generator

BNG Business Name Generator

Step 1: Create Cleaning Keyword List

To name your makeup business start by brainstorming to create a list of keywords related to nail services. These are the words that you will enter into the company name generator. 

Remember garbage in – garbage out. This means that the better, more focused, and creative, your keywords inputted into the name generator the better – and more interesting & unique – your salon name ideas will be.

Search Engine 

An easy way to brainstorm keywords is to use Google. Put in your business type (nail manicures, extensions, pedicures, nail art) plus “keywords”. Example – “nail manicures + keywords”. Scroll through keyword pages such as this one and pick-up related words.

I found these makeup-related keywords:

  • mascara
  • color palettes
  • facial
  • brushes
  • cosmetic
  • lip gloss
  • eyeshadow
  • feminine
  • youthful
  • beauty


Also try using a thesaurus for your primary service word (nail) for synonyms (words that mean the same thing) I found cosmetics, foundation, balm, cream, touch-up, painted 


Another source of creative keywords is a glossary of nail services terms. I used this one   discovered even more good keywords to input into the name generator including;


Step 2: Generate Makeup Business Names

Experiment by entering various keywords – single and multiple variations – into the makeup business  generator tool to generate creative name ideas.

Check out the ones I created by using my keyword list I wrote in the prior steps.

List of makeup business  Ideas Created With Name Generator Tools

Dewy Fresh Cosmetics
Glitter Glamour
Glitter Boudoir
Contour Luxe Makeup Artists
Vanity Perfected Beauty

Step 3: Review and Edit Names

Now let’s take those names you generated and customize them for your perfect makeup business  by adding your personal name (Sandi, Charles), nickname (Sweetie, Baber) or town name/region (New York, Dallas, Sedona).

Create a shortlist of ones you like. The next step is where we will pick your final name.

Step 4: Select Final Name

The final step in naming your new company is to ask your customers, employees, friends, and family to give their opinions about your name ideas. 

Have a list of 3-4 choices and ask them which they like best and why. Try not to influence them so you get their true opinion. Ask them for any name ideas they can think of. Some of the best names have come from about this way.

Step 5: Trademark Your makeup business 

Congratulations on creating your new business name! Now let’s protect it from your competitors. Register your business name by trademarking it if you like.

Step 6: Reserve Your Company Domain Name

Check to see if your intended name is available as an internet domain name for your website. Use this domain search tool because if your exact name is not available, it will offer many suggested names that are not taken.

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