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Are you looking for a nail salon name idea? Look no further! In this blog post, we have compiled 335+ unique and classy names that will help you come up with the perfect brand name for your nail studio. With so many options to choose from, finding the right one is going to be easier than ever before. Let’s get started!

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Catchy Nail Salon Name Ideas

Here’s how I, as a branding expert, create fun and catchy nail salon names.

1- Start by listing words that could replace your business type, in this case, “SALON”, with more interesting and memorable words such as; nook, pad, shed, mansion, crib, hut, corral, spot, place, inn, abode, house, dwelling, scene, spot, locale, site, or venue etc

2- Then add in your services such as nails, manicure, pedicure, gel nails, and nail art.

To further customize your nail salon brand name, consider other names for nail technicians such as nail artists, artisans, nail makers, manufacturers, developers, inventors, mechanics, specialists, masters, workers, doctors, nurses, professionals, nailsmith, authorities, professional, connoisseur, devotee, old hand, pro, Ace, veteran, virtuoso, savant, and sage.

Get creative and have some fun! How about naming your nail salon – Nail Art Devotee, Nail Savant, NailSmith, or Mani Mechanic!

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Here are some examples using these salon naming tips

Mani-Pedi StudioNail PadNail Spot
Pedi PlaceNice Nail NookSpa Hut
Nail InnCouture CorralDive Nail Bar
Manicure MansionNail PalaceNail Parlor
Nail Art GalleryNail ShowroomHall of Nails
Boutique of BeautyNail MillManicure Emporium

Ideas for Press-On Nails Salon Services

Nail VeilNails on FireNails Iced
Nail FrostingRed-Y NailsAir Nail Art

More catchy nail salon name ideas A-Z…

Acumen NailsAdd PolishAmericas Nails
Ascend NailsAsk Me About NailsAsset Nails
Attitude NailsBangBang NailsBejeweled Nails
Beyond NailsBigStar NailsBit Nail
Blessed NailsBluechip PolishBodynail
Brilliant NailsButterfly PolishCapstone Nails
Carnival NailsCertified NailChamp Nails
Classy Nails

Classy Nail Salon Name Ideas

Classy NailsClassy PolishClever Nails
Club NailConnections NailCool Nails
Countrywide NailCrafty NailsCrest Nails
Crimson NailsDesigner ManicuresDev Nails
Ebony NailsEconomy NailsEdgy Polish
Electra PolishEndurance NailEvercures
Evolved NailsExpressive NailsExtreme Nails
FaceNailFestival NailsFile it Away
Fine NailsFitNailForefront Tips
Free Range Nails

Unique Name Ideas for Nail Services

Funky TipsFutura ManicureGifted Nail
Glass PolishGlitter and Glam NailsGlowing Nails
Go Nail SpaGolden ManicureGoldNail
Graphic NailsGreenLight NailGrowth Nail
Hand Model ManicuresHandy NailsHardnail
Harmonic NailHigh Class ManicureHigh Nails
HighPerformance NailsHip NailsHip Tips
Home NailHydro NailHyper Polish
Ideal NailsImpact NailsJewels Nails
Just Right NailsKickAss ManicureLe Jardin des Ongles
Leads NailsLimited NailsLinked Nails
Little NailsLove NailLucent Nails
Mad NailsMadame ManicureMademoiselle Nails
Manicure AddictsManicure AngelManicure Beast
Manicure MamasManicure ZipManicure Zoo
Mate NailMaximo TipsMeta Nails
Method NailMission: Your NailsMs Manicure
Nail ArtisanNail Base

Funny Nail Salon Names

Funny business names are great brand builders. Humorous salon names make customers smile and are especially memorable. So that next time people need nail services, they will remember and call your studio first!

There are many ways to make funny names, including puns, play-on-words, jokes, rhymes, double entendre, sexy innuendo, silly phrases, wordplay, slang terms, and slogans.

A pun is a joke exploiting the fact that words sound alike but have different meanings. For example, Lips like Sugar (song title) transformed into a funny pun name for your nail salon – Tips Like Sugar.

A rhyme is a word or words that end in the same sounds like another word or words.  An example of a business brand name that rhymes Slim Jim beef jerky.  An example of a nail art salon name that rhymes could be Nails for Sale or Air Nail.

Check out these funny nail salon name ideas to make your clients laugh…

Tips Like SugarTip Toe NailsMani Junkie
Addicted to Nail ArtPolish Me Up!Fairy Nail Mother
Daily NailBewail NailsDerail Nails
You Got NailsSnail Nails SalonSmall-scale Nails
Impale Nail StudioCocktail NailsNails for Sale
Blackmail NailsNail SafeBuff Nails
Tips of an AngelTall TipsOur Tips Are Sealed
Mighty TipsRead My TipsThe Fingers Club
Wicked FingersBee-ShineBail Me Out Nails
Kale NailsNo Fail NailsAll Hail Nails
Nail WailNail SchmaleAir Nail
Upscale Nail SalonShine Language Nail Art

Cute Nail Salon Name Ideas

Cute nail salon names can be sweet brand builders! Using feminine and memorable terms such as these words below in your nail salon name is sure to attract lots of new clients.


Your girly clients will love these cute nail salon name ideas.

Nail BugNail CartNail Chic
Nail ConceptsNail ConnectionNail Craft
Nail DashNail DepotNail Enable
Nail ExtendNail FireNail Flip
Nail GeekNail HandNail Ideas
Nail JoyNail JunkiesNail Kick
Nail KissNail LaneNail Lift
Nail LoftNail MixNail Next
Nail NookNail PadNail Pals
Nail PenNail PhaseNail Recall
Nail StarsNail StopNail Talent
Nail TribeNail WizardsNailarama
NaildayNailed It!Nailen
Nails AheadNails AidNails All
Nails AuraNails BabyNails Balance
Nails BossNails BoxedNails Brite
Nails CampusNails CapitalNails Chicks
Nails ChipNails DanceNails Deluxe
Nails DesignerNails EarthNails Eclipse
Nails EmpoweredNails FactsNails Hustle
Nails in BloomNails in MotionNails Inc
Nails IntegrityNails Now!Nails Office
Nails PriorityNails ProseNails Revolution
Nails RuleNails RunNails Sense
Nails ShadowNails SharpNails Shops
Nails SiteNails SolvedNails Upgraded
Nails WindowNailsDeckNailShop
NailzuNailzyNature Nails
Neo NailsNew Age NailNewEra Nails
NewWorld NailsNimble NailsNordic Nails
OneNailOnsite NailOptimum Nails
Over PolishPad NailsPampering Perfected
Panda NailsPantheon NailPathway Nails
Patriot PolishPeaceLove NailsPearly Tips
Peoples NailsPerfection NailsPerspective Nails
Pineapple NailsPink ClawPink Paws
Pinkies SpaPinky Toes on WheelsPirate Polishers
Plasma NailsPod NailsPoint Nails
Polish AllstarsPolish EvolutionPolish Ideas
Polish JetPolish Me UpPolish Models
Polish VillagePosh PolishPowerhouse Manicure
Primavera NailsPrincess Nail PalaceProactive Nails
Pronto TipsPurple NailsQuick Treat Tips and Toes
Rainbow NailsRed Dragon TipsRed Lacquer
Red NailReflections NailRegent Nail
Reliance NailsReload NailsResident Nails
Rural NailsScore NailsServe Nails
Sharp NailsSheer NailsShiny Topcoat
ShopNailShow NailsSimply Nails
Skilled NailsSleekNailsSlim Nails
Smart NailSolesSolstice Nails
Sonoma NailSparkle NailsSpecials Nails
Spectrum NailsSphere NailsStarship Nails
StarWood NailState of NailsStone Nails
Stride NailSuccess NailSugar Nails
Summer NailsSunday NailsSunlight Nails
Sunshine ManicureSunshine PolishSurefire Nail
Surf NailSweet Feet Pedi SpaTetra Nail
The Last NailThe Nail CircleThe Nail Patch
ThinkBig NailsTiger Nail PolishTip Art
Tip Top ManicureTippy Toes PedicuresTips 4 Less
Tips DevineTips NailTips Visit
Tips WizardTipsy Manicure BarTitan Nails
ToesiesTorch NailsTough Nails
Treehouse NailsTrilogy NailsTruBlue Polish
Turbo NailsTurquoise NailsTV Nails
Uber NailsUnion NailsUniversity Nails
Valor NailValuable NailsWellness Nails
Westside NailsWild PolishWonderful Polish
Worry-Free NailsYes Nails

French Names for Nail Salons

Yes, I admit it I love ALL things French. Go ahead and call me a Francophile – a lover of the French language, art, food, and fashions.

Le Francais (the French language) is often used for top luxury beauty and fashion brand names because it has such an elevated tone that sounds sophisticated, elegant, and chic!

Here is a list of beautiful French words that would fit perfectly for a nail salon name and French manicure nail artists. I specifically included words that most English-speaking clients would understand.

Unless your salon is in a French-speaking nation do not use French words that could be easily misunderstood. Remember our goal is to entice customers not to confuse them!

So use French flair to name your nail salon for that certain je ne sais quoi (specialness)!

French Words to Include in Your Nail Salon Name

ChicElan (style)Petite (small)
ParisBoudoirNoir (black)
Mode (fashion)Bisou (kiss)Amour (love)
Cherie (sweetheart)Elle (she)Adore (desire)
Femme (woman)Belle (beautiful)Jolie (pretty)
Fils (girls)Bon (good)D’or (golden)

Examples of French Names for Your Nail Studio

Chic TipsChic Nails NYCElan Nail Art
Petite PedicuresParis ShineNoir Spa
Mode ManicuresCherie NailsBisou Lips and Tips
Amour Nail ArtCherie SalonElle Nails
Adore Nail SpaFemme NailsBelle Nail Studio
Jolie NailsBon Bon Nails

French Nail Salon Name Inspiration from Paris, France

Get ideas for your perfect salon name from these actual nail spas in Paris.

Oh My Cream!

Girls Nail Bar

Les Petits Soins (my little carings)

Lazare Nails (street name, located on 92 rue Saint Lazare)

E’clat Nail Paris (brilliant nails)

B.Stylish Nails

Saignon Nailux

Color Nail

Nail Art Business Name Ideas

Here’s how to name your nail art shop like a branding pro and create some truly unique and catchy nail art salon names.

1- Start by listing words that could replace your business type, in this case, “NAIL ART”
, with more interesting and memorable words such as; craft, artistry, or mastery. See the list below for even more names to compliment your nail business idea!

2- Then add in your services such as nails, art, manicure, color, and gel.

To further customize your nail art brand name, consider other names that convey the message of your nail art expertise such as artisans, knack, skilled worker, ingenuity, imagination, know-how, dexterity, inventiveness, genius, virtuoso, prodigy, illustrator, modeler, sculptor, designer, whiz, creator, and composer

Get artsy and think outside the box! Think about naming your nail art services:

Nail Art ImaginationKnack for NailsMani Whiz
Nail Art Know-HowGel GeniusVirtuoso Nails
Prodigy Nail ArtNails IllustratedNail Sculptor
Art Created: One Nail at a TimeNails Re-InventedTiny Art Digits

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How to Name Your Nail Business

The name you choose for your nail business is one of the most important decisions you will make as a new nail tech entrepreneur. It’s because your company and nail product names have the power to communicate your service benefits to customers. 

Powerful names can greatly impact your salon’s perception of clients’ minds.  I will help you come up with a catchy nail business name to attract manicure, pedicure, nail art, and nail extension customers to build your business.  

Come let’s get busy naming your nail spa, manicure bar, nail art services, or nail polish product line. …

Step 1 – Determine The Unique Branding Position of Your Nail business

Before you can come up with a unique nail business name you need to get clear on your branding position. What types of nail services and products are you offering? Who are your target customers? What makes your nail business special and different?  

A strong branding position will attract paying customers to your establishment that will appreciate your talent and refer their friends.  This will make your marketing easier because you will know what your unique benefits are. Come along as we develop your nail brand in two easy steps. 

Your Nail Business Difference vs Competitors

What “position” do you want to claim a stake in your customer’s minds as opposed to your competitors? 

Is your nail business MORE fashion-forward, experts at healing nails, tops in pampering, fastest, most convenient?   

How You Want Customers to Identify Your Nail Salon

What qualities do you want your customers to be reminded of when your nail studio comes to mind? Are you the best nail business for the most artistic nail art, unique color collections, newest technology, luxurious spa ambiance?  

Example of Nail Branding Position:

A high-end nail studio located in the fashionable city center specializing in the most popular nail services for busy working professionals for both men and women.  In addition to nail services, they sell top quality beauty products available exclusively at their nail studios. 

Please take a moment to think through these important questions and answer them by drafting your unique branding position as shown in the example above. 

Trust me having this statement will greatly assist you in the next step to naming your nail business and brainstorming cute and sassy nail business names. 

Step 2 – Brainstorm Name Ideas for Your nail business

Armed with your branding position statement (discussed above) you are now ready to come up with a list of good nail salon names using my pro brainstorming techniques below. Use some or all of the methods and create a long list of possible name ideas for your business. 

To create your most unique nail business name, brainstorming is the first order of business.  The best place to start is inside your ideal client’s mind. Who are your target customers for your salon’s services?  Are they millennials, professionals, executives? busy moms, singles, teenagers, children and families, college students, young professionals, stylish middle-aged women, or men.

Once you have your perfect customer in mind, figuratively step into their shoes. This is important because you want to evaluate your name options through their eyes for the best results.  Don’t fall into the trap of naive business owners who judge their nail business name ideas using their own taste. You want to appeal to your customers, not to yourself. 

Example – You own a nail manicure business and are 55 years old, however, your clients are primarily young Moms under 35. The names you like such as Elegant Nail Spa will not appeal to this much younger audience who will likely appreciate a hipper, trendier name such as Spa Nail Spot or Nail it Now. 

Begin your brainstorming by listing words about your services such as manicure, polish, enamel, buff, pedicure, gel, etc. Include adjectives that you want to use to describe your beauty approach glamorous, chic, natural, trendy, fashionable, etc.  

Play around with rhyming names or with words that all have the same starting letters such as Nice Nail Nook or Pretty Polish Place. These types of phrases are unique and easy to remember.

Then continue to the next step where we will review each of these naming ideas against the checklist below to determine which is the very best name for your new nail business. 

Check out my full list of 24 ways to brainstorm business name ideas here 

Review Business Name Lists

Read lists of business name ideas such as these below from my blog to get inspiration for your best company name:

Estheticians name ideas
Brow and lash extension name ideas
Makeup service naming suggestions
Beauty Salon Name ideas

Combine Two Words for One Business Name

Blend personal names of two or more owners into an interesting compound business name. Learn the many ways to combine names for your business name in my article here

Name Your Company With Your Personal Name  

Some business owners elect to use their own personal name as their business name. Generally, I do not recommend naming your business after yourself – except in a few instances – read more in my article about naming a business after yourself here

FYI: Avoid using business owner initials as a business name. Some new entrepreneurs decide to use their initials as their company name. This is not a good idea, because names such as The LMI nail business (Linda, Mary, and Irene) is super boring, easy to forget, hard to spell and pronounce the brand name. 

Together we can do much better. Keep reading to come up with your best nail business name. 

Use Acronyms to Come Up Company Name

An acronym is different from a name made up of owner initials because it creates a new word. 

Some examples; IBM is an initial name (for International Business Machines) which is spoken as each letter separately – I -B- M.

An example acronym name is LEGO (short for Leg Godt – danish for “play well”) and is pronounced as one word.

Use this online tool to brainstorm some creative acronym business names.

Experiment with Wordplay and Funny Puns

Puns are jokes that exploit the different possible meanings of words – a play on words. They can make funny and catchy business names.

Some examples of nail service name puns;   Fairy Nail, Daily Nail, You’ve Got Nail, Nail Safe.

Have fun and get business name inspiration with this free Pun Generator tool.

Try Rhymes for a Catchy Business Name

Using a rhyming name can make your brand more memorable such as StubHub and 7-Eleven. 

Business names that rhyme has a musical quality that helps them stand out in customers’ minds. I used this free online rhyme tool to come up with these names for nail business companies:

Sails Nails
Nails Tales
Nail Details
Kale Nail
Admiral Nail
Nail Exhale

Utilize Descriptive Word Phrases for nail business names

Use keywords that describe your products and services and their benefits to create interesting and powerful nail business company business names.

Begin with your business type -“nail salon”. Then create a list of related words such as; beauty parlor, nail technician, beautician, stylist, pedicure, massage, manicure, gel polish, nail artist. 

Check out this free online related words tool

Combine these related words with other words such as; your location, name, or specialty nail service menu. 

Here are some nail salon-related examples of names:

Nail Charm Artists
Glamour Tips & Toes
Miami Shine
California Polishing
Gel Gem Nails

>>Check out my full list of 24 pro ways to brainstorm business name ideas here 

Step 3 – Select Your Best Nail Business Name Checklist  

By following my recommended steps above you will have come up with a long list of good nail salon names. Next comes, the critical phase of evaluating your nail name ideas and selecting your perfect name. 

Use my pro checklist below of important criteria to help you make the best choice.

Checklist to Choose Your Best Nail Business Name  – 9 Important Considerations

  1. Communicates Your Product and Services – Is it relevant to your menu and offerings? Don’t be so clever that you confuse customers and they can’t figure out what you are selling.

    Good name for a nail business= Nailed It! Manicures 

Bad name for a nail business = Twisted Toes

  1. Manageable to pronounce – Be sure that your nail business name can be spoken (and understood) easily. You want lots of customer referrals so make it easy for your clients to give you the free word of mouth advertising. People will remember names that are easy to say and forget companies with complex or unpronounceable names.

    Good name for a nail business= Nail Gem Artists

Bad name for a nail business = Ten Shiny Jewels 

  1. Easy to spell – Aim for a name that is easy to spell so customers can easily find you in telephone directories and online search engines. Also, the best names are of a short to medium length so they are easier to write and type. 

    Good name for a nail business= Beauty Tips

Bad name for a nail business = Lacquer Enamel Artisians

  1. Simple to remember – The easier it is for customers to remember your company names the more likely they are to refer you to their friends and family.

    Good name for a nail business=  Nails on Main
    Bad name for a nail business = Polishing & Buffing Masters of Midland Drive
  2. Distinctive & Unique – Your best name choice is distinct and unlike your market competitors’ brand names to avoid customer confusion.  Unique names stand out positively.   
  1. Is Flexible and Expandable – Choose a name that is flexible enough to allow your business to grow and new products and services. Don’t limit yourself too much. Select a name that provides the ability to expand to other markets and locations also. 
  2. Check for Rude or Negative Meanings – Take time to verify that what you think is funny your customers don’t view as rude! Plus research any negative meanings of the words you have in your company name. This is especially important if you serve foreign markets or ethnic customers. Speak to native speakers of their mother tongue to clear your name ideas. 
  1. Search Domain Name Availability – Before you decide on your final nail business company name check if the corresponding domain name URL is available here. If so, purchase it right away.

    This secures your right to use your website. If your desired name is not available, don’t fret, here are my expert tips on how to find a matching domain name to your company name, even if your first choice is taken.
  2. Check if Social Media Profiles are Taken – If your domain name is available, then go ahead and check if all the social media account profiles are available.[/callout]

Nail Salon Name Generators

Get the best results by first brainstorming a list of keywords to input into the name generator. These are words and phrases (2 or more words) that relate to your nail salon’s services and target customer. They do not have to be necessarily the ones that will be contained in your final salon name.

Tips on How to Use Business Name Generators

An easy way to brainstorm keywords to use in name generators is to use Google. Put in your business type (nail salon) plus “keywords” = nail salon keywords.

Then scroll through the page and pick up words.  I found these keywords =  manicure, pedicure, beauty, therapy, spa and massage.

Another source of creative keywords to use in the name generator is a Beauty Salon vocabulary list.
I got even interesting and related keywords; gel, edge, French, file, varnish, nail art, crystals. Check out these names I generated by using these keywords.

If you have not found your perfect nail salon from the list above name ideas, then use these nail salon generators. 

Shopify business name generator

BNG Business Name Generator

Keep reading to get my very best tips on how to use these online tools to create truly unique names for your nail manicure business. 

Step 1: Create Nail Services Keyword List

To name your nail salon start by brainstorming to create a list of keywords related to nail services. These are the words that you will enter into the company name generator. 

Remember garbage in – garbage out. This means that the better, more focused, and creative, your keywords inputted into the name generator the better – and more interesting & unique – your salon name ideas will be.

Search Engine 

An easy way to brainstorm keywords is to use Google. Put in your business type (nail manicures, extensions, pedicures, nail art) plus “keywords”. Example – “nail manicures + keywords”. Scroll through keyword pages such as this one and pick up related words.

I found these nail-related keywords =  swatch, polish, nail art, lacquer, enamel, mani-pedi. 


Also try using a thesaurus for your primary service word (nail) for synonyms (words that mean the same thing) I found talon, tips, fingernails, toosies, digits. 


Another source of creative keywords is a glossary of nail services terms like this one.  Here I discovered even more good keywords to input into the name generator including; cuticle, lunula, half moon, gel, air brushing.

Step 2: Generate Nail Business Names

Experiment by entering various keywords – single and multiple variations – into the nail salon generator tool to generate creative name ideas.

Check out the ones I created by using my keyword list I wrote in the prior steps.

List of Nail Salon Ideas Created With Name Generator Tools

Lacquer RaceBlast PolishSmarter Lacquer
Glossy GirlsTicklish ToesBright Swatch
Nail AddictsShine JunkiesDigits Done
Brilliant SpaB.Stylish NailsColor Nail
AllAbout GelSummer GelMillion Dollar Nails
File OnDemandFile LaneBeauty Kiss Nails
Beauty Spirit ManicuresBeauty CircusBeauty Squad

Step 3: Review and Edit Names

Now let’s take those names you generated and customize them for your perfect nail salon by adding your personal name (Amber, Nick), nickname (PeeWee, Sister) or town name/region (Chicago, Palm Beach, Long Island).

Create a shortlist of ones you like. The next step is where we will pick your final name.

Step 4: Select Final Name

The final step in naming your nail salon is to ask your customers, employees, friends, and family to give their opinions about your name ideas. 

Have a list of 3-4 choices and ask them which they like best and why. Try not to influence them so you get their true opinion. Ask them for any name ideas they can think of. Some of the best names have come from about this way.

Step 5: Trademark Your nail salon name

Congratulations on creating your new business name! Now let’s protect it from your competitors. Register your business name by trademarking it.

Step 6: Reserve Your Company Domain Name

Check to see if your intended name is available as an internet domain name for your website. Use this domain search tool because if your exact name is not available, it will offer many suggested names that are not taken.

How to Choose Your Best Nail Salon Name

Launching your new nail salon business is an exciting venture. One of the first, and most critical, tasks is to name your salon. This list of hundreds of nail ideas is a good start.

Now you have to narrow down and pick the one perfect name for your manicure business. Here are 10  tips to help you make your best choice:

  1. Clarify Your Services – Be clear about the nail services you offer. Your name needs to communicate so that your customers’ needs for will be met for manicures, pedicures, gel, shellac and nail enhancements.
  2. Your Name or Not? – There are pluses and minuses to including your name in your business name. If you are well-known and have existing clients, go ahead and use your name as your brand. But, if you are a new nail salon and plan to grow in the future  (multiple locations or sell your salon) don’t use your name because it limits your options. Read my article about whether to use your personal name for a business name here
  3. Location can be Important – City or region names can help identify your location, however, be careful not to limit yourself too much. A nail salon that starts on Main street, as Main Street Nails cannot later move to Front Street and keep its name. This could negatively affect your customer perception creating confusion.
  4. Attract Your Perfect Customer – Knowing your target customer is vital when naming your salon. If you are targeting affluent buyers, your branding needs to be upscale and luxurious. Whereas if you are targeting young mothers in a hurry your name could tell them that you will pamper them in a jiffy.
  5. Catchy Word Play Names – Your goal is to get people to remember your nail salon name when they want a manicure or pedicure. Using wordplay for naming your salon – puns, rhymes, and catchy phrases –   will help make your name easy to remember.
  6. Limit Length – The best company names are short and memorable – just a few words long. Shorter names are easier to remember, plus the matching domain name will be easier to use online and on social media.
  7. Easy to Spell and Say – Boost your customer retention rate by making your name both easy to spell and say. Test your shortlist options with friends and family to see if they can say it and spell it without too much trouble.
  8. Check if Name is not Taken Already – Before you invest money into your logo design, business cards and signs check if your desired name is available. Free Corporate Name Search.   If you find that your nail salon name is available and your market is competitive it is a good idea to spend a small amount of money and get your Trademark registered.
  9. Research Web Domain Name Availability – Now that you have found the perfect name for your new salon get the matching domain name. Don’t worry if your EXACT name is not available. Play with variations of your name. Start by removing all extra words such as; the, and, inc, LLC then checks domain availability.
  10. Get Social Media Account Names & Handles – Social media and Web 2.0 profiles will be an important element of your marketing programs.  

Best Nail Salon Names in America

Get naming and marketing inspiration from the top nail salons across the country.

Christophe Salon, MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas

 Paint Box, NYC, NY

Valley Nail

Get more beauty business ideas on my big list here

Check out my big list of makeup business name ideas here

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