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Secure your EIN to hire employees, set up a business bank account, and file taxes

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An EIN is the nine-digit Employer ID number, also called a Tax ID Number, that the IRS requires for many businesses, including those with multiple owners or employees. It’s used for the business to file taxes. Most banks require an EIN to open a business bank account.

Only $99 and includes a 100% accuracy guarantee.

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Start a business and secure your EIN

Essential for filing taxes, hiring help and opening a business bank account

Separate your finances

An EIN lets the IRS, banks, and credit cards track your business and personal finances separately, which helps organize your finances for tax time.

Open a bank account

An EIN is required by banks and credit unions to open a bank account. Once an EIN is secured, you can open an account with the bank of your choice.

Hire help anytime

An EIN is required by IRS for you to hire employees or offer benefits. It’s also required for all businesses that have more than one owner or meet other conditions set by the IRS.

Make it official

Get an EIN for your new business

Only $99 and includes a 100% accuracy guarantee.

How our EIN service works

We make obtaining Employer Identification Numbers easy and hassle-free. We will handle all of the paperwork to file for an EIN on your behalf using the business info you provided to file your LLC.

Request an EIN when you register a business or set it up for an existing business from your dashboard.

Our team files for your EIN with the IRS using the information you provide us during the sign up process.

We will notify you when your EIN is ready and then provide help as needed to open your bank account.


  • An EIN (Employer Identification Number) or federal tax ID is a unique 9-digit number assigned to a business by the IRS. An EIN allows the IRS, banks, credit card companies, and other institutions to track your business and personal finances separately. You need an EIN to file business taxes, hire employees, and open a business bank account.

  • Many new business entities will need an EIN (Employer ID Number), sometimes called Tax ID Number. This includes corporations, S corporations, non-profit organizations, many limited liabilities companies (LLCs), and certain sole proprietorships. An EIN is required to hire employees and, in most cases, to open a business bank account.

  • An EIN helps establish that you and your business are separate entities, which helps preserve limited liability should your company ever be sued.

  • An EIN prevents you from having to give your Social Security number to suppliers or lenders, which significantly reduces the risk of identity theft.