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Partner with us and give your community members a turnkey solution to start, run and grow their business.

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*The listed affiliate partners will earn commissions if you purchase through links on their website.

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Tell us more about your website and audience. We are looking for affiliate partners who have a desire to help their customers start and run a successful business back, and a drive to earn big.

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We give you all the links and creative you need to promote our services. Banners, buttons, badges – you name it. Our dedicated team is always there to make sure your efforts are successful.

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We have one of the leading affiliate programs in the industry. Help your audience access the tools they need to start and grow a successful business- all while you earn a great commission.


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Content creators, influencers, and review sites are helping their audiences launch, run, and grow successful businesses on ZenBusiness, while earning competitive referral commissions when a business is formed through ZenBusiness and elevating themselves as online leaders.

Get set up for success.

We help you make the most commissions possible with resources to support your content development and assist your referral traffic’s conversion rate. Get access to a library of creative, ready-made education and detailed performance insights through your personal dashboard.


The ZenBusiness affiliate program partners with review sites, influencers, and other leading publishers to help their audiences start and grow successful businesses. Our team provides affiliates with the links, creatives, and digital branding they need to effectively promote our company and its services to their audience.

We’re looking for partners who are as passionate as we are about supporting small businesses at every stage in their journey. If you want to provide fast, simple services and expert support to other small business owners and entrepreneurs, then apply to join our program today.

We use a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) payout model. We start with a base payout of $100 CPA for every new conversion that comes to our site from an affiliate’s link and forms a new business using our website.

We offer opportunities to access higher payout tiers as your conversion volume increases.

Once you’re approved for the ZenBusiness Affiliate Program in ShareASale, you will receive your affiliate links. These links track all click and conversion activity on our website. Once someone clicks on your link, they have 30 days to convert, or form a new business, with us so you will get credit for the purchase and earn your commission!

Be sure to always use your unique affiliate links to ensure you receive credit (and commission) where it’s due.

All of your affiliate account performance in updated in real time via ShareASale tracking and reporting.

You will have access to our dedicated affiliate support team. They respond quickly to all of your questions and are available for a call when you need a deeper discussion! Our goal is to help make you more successful.

Learn more by contacting affiliates@zenbusiness.com with any questions before or after joining the program.

We also have a dedicated Partner Program that offers other unique partnership opportunities for your existing customer base that may be looking to protect their liability or grow their business.