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ZenBusiness Money simplifies small business finances, with invoicing and expense tracking to help save on taxes.

Manage your money,
all in one place.

Ditch the scattered solutions for all the tools you need in one place.

Tag deductions

With a few simple clicks, you can track, categorize, and manage all your expenses and small business tax deductions.

Tag deductions

Invoicing made easy

Create proposals and send professional invoices one time or recurring with our customizable invoicing software.

Invoicing made easy

Get paid fast

Give clients an easy way to pay invoices by accepting online payments through credit/debit cards and ACH (bank transfer).

Monitor your money

You make the money. We’ll help you keep tabs on it with the automatic income and expense tracker.

Monitor your money

Be ready for tax time

Taxes don’t have to be a nightmare. When all your finances are in one place, you can prep your taxes with confidence.

Be ready for tax time

Manage clients with ease

Our easy-to-use client management tools help keep you organized.

Find ways to grow

Gain valuable insights to keep tabs on your money flowing in and out with simple charts, so you focus your attention in the areas that matter most.

Find ways to grow

Drive forward

Use the mileage tracker to easily maximize your year-end tax deductions and bill clients for your travel expenses.

Drive forward

Tag deductions

With a few simple clicks, you can track, categorize, and manage all your expenses and small business tax deductions.

Tag deductions

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You guys make it easy

I have used ZenBusiness Money several times and you guys make it easy to send invoices and other things like that for the customer. You guys give a lot of options and I like that.

– Ryan

Game changer

The integration with bank accounts has made the expense/income tracking easier, and the invoicing feature is awesome to keep things organized. I love the fact that it identifies potential deductions with AI and has the ability to customize expense categories to reflect the specific needs of my business, which is a game changer!

– Ivette

It's all in one place!

I go to you guys to keep track of everything that I sell. ZenBusiness Money definitely helps keep track of everything, and it’s all in one place. Usually I’d have stuff coming from here and there, and it’s nerve-wracking! I’m just happy to have it all in one place.

– Amanda
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  • Expense Tracker




  • Everything included in

Essential, plus…

  • Income Tracking

  • Mileage Tracker

  • Maximum Write-offs

  • Custom Invoicing

  • Online Payments

  • Accounting Ledgers

  • Tax Prep Tools

  • Guaranteed Accuracy

  • Profit and Loss Reports

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ZenBusiness Money FAQs

  • All you need to do is link your bank account. We highly recommend that you link your business bank account if you have one, but if you don’t, you can still link a personal bank account and/or credit card. Once you link your bank account, you’ll be able to scan for business tax deductions and tag your expenses.

  • All you need is an active bank account, your online banking credentials (username and password), and a mobile device that receives texts.

  • We have integrated with Plaid. Your data is secure and will never be compromised. You can also check out Plaid’s website if you want to know more about their data security: https://plaid.com/safety/

  • Yes, you can link an active credit card, as long as the banking institution is supported by Plaid.

  • Yes, you can send a quote to a client by creating an invoice, and then when you are ready to send it, click “Send as Quote.”

Visit www.zenbusiness.com/money-faqs/ for more information.

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ZenBusiness Money Essential is a free tool to help you track and manage all your business finances in one place.