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211 French Restaurant Name Ideas

211 French Restaurant Name Ideas

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If you’re going to start a French restaurant, you have a laundry list of tasks to accomplish: developing a menu that showcases the best French food has to offer, finding a physical space, hiring support staff, and much more. High on that to-do list is coming up with French restaurant name ideas so your new endeavor will have the perfect name. 

But if you’re finding it hard to come up with name ideas, don’t worry: you’re not alone, and help is here. In this guide, we suggest 190 different French restaurant name ideas. Whether you just want to draw inspiration for your own unique name or you need a sophisticated name that’s ready to go, you’ll find it here. 

One quick note before we proceed: just because you see a name included in this list doesn’t guarantee that it’s available for use in your state. If you like a name that you see here, please do your homework to check that it’s available. 

French Restaurant Name Ideas

What’s the vibe of your French restaurant business going to be? Whether you’re going for a sophisticated French menu and elegant environment or a cute spot for coffee and sweets, you’re likely to find the perfect French restaurant name idea in this guide. Here are the insights you can expect: 

Types of French Restaurants

Variety is the spice of life, and there’s plenty of variety when it comes to different types of French restaurants. Whatever your tastes and goals, you’ll find a restaurant type to suit your fancy. And of course, we’ll suggest name ideas for each type later in this guide. 

Fine Dining

Fine dining French restaurants epitomize elegance and sophistication, offering guests an exquisite formal dining experience. A fine dining establishment is characterized by its meticulous attention to detail, from the ambiance to the presentation of dishes. Haute cuisine is the highlight, featuring innovative and refined dishes prepared with high-quality ingredients. Fine dining venues often require dress codes, emphasize impeccable service, and may include curated wine pairings, making them ideal for special occasions.

French Bistro

French bistros provide a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for casual French food and a relaxed dining experience. These establishments are known for their hearty, simple, and classic dishes that comfort the soul, such as coq au vin, bouillabaisse, or steak frites. Bistros embody a rustic charm with their cozy settings, often featuring intimate seating and traditional French decor. They offer a slice of French culture, making them great spots for a relaxed meal with friends or family.

French Brasserie

Brasseries stand out for their vibrant atmosphere and a broad menu that caters to a wide array of tastes, including classic French dishes and comfort food. These establishments are known for being open extended hours, accommodating guests from lunch through late evening. The setting in a brasserie is typically more spacious and lively than that of a bistro, with a focus on providing a convivial dining experience. Brasseries are the go-to spots for enjoying a bustling, informal meal in a setting that pulses with French culinary tradition.

French Café

French cafés specialize in light fare, pastries, and coffee, making them the perfect spots for casual meetings, solo visits, or people watching. The menu often includes a selection of sandwiches, quiches, croissants, and éclairs, paired with expertly brewed coffee and tea. The ambiance of a French café is laid-back and welcoming, with outdoor seating that invites patrons to linger over their meals and drinks. Cafés aren’t just coffee shops; they embody the essence of French lifestyle and culinary simplicity.


A pâtisserie is a haven for lovers of French pastries and sweets, offering a wide variety of baked goods such as macarons, madeleines, tarts, and choux pastries. These specialized venues focus on high-quality, artisanal creations, often prepared in view of the customers. While seating may be limited, the emphasis is on the excellence and artistry of the pastries. Pâtisseries are ideal for indulging in the finer aspects of French baking, whether for a quick treat or for selecting special desserts.


Crêperies are establishments dedicated to the art of crêpes, offering a menu that ranges from sweet options like Nutella and banana to savory galettes made with buckwheat flour. These venues offer a casual and friendly dining experience, often with an open kitchen where guests can watch their crêpes being skillfully prepared. Crêperies are synonymous with a relaxed atmosphere and are perfect for a light meal or dessert that showcases the versatility and charm of French cuisine.

Cute French Cafe Name Suggestions

Opening a cafe can be a great way to appeal to clients who want a relaxing place to enjoy their favorite treats. A cute cafe name can take it to the next level. Here are some of our favorite cute French cafe name ideas. 

Assiette CafeBlanchette French CafeBourgeois Cafe
Cafe AromaCafe BriocheCafe Creme Coffee Shop
Cafe Des AmisCafe FaimCafe Sud
Caprice CafeCinema CafeCreme Cafe
Croque Monsieur CafeDecor CafeFiance Cafe
Franceio CafeFrancophiles CafeFranglish Cafe
French Haute CafeFrench Omelette CafeFrench Quarter Cafe
French Rose CafeFrench Vintage CafeFrenchex Cafe
Le Fromage CafeLes Vins CafeMeet Me in Paris Cafe
Mimi’s CafeNoisette French CafeNouveau Cafe
Oh la la CafeParis Classics CafeParisian Cafe
Parisio CafeQuiche CafeRich French Sauce Cafe
Salut French CafeSucre Bakery & CafeUn Peu French Cafe
Vinaigrette Cafe

Creative French Bistro Restaurant Name Suggestions

If you’re serving lunch bites and elegant light meals, you’ll want a creative French bistro name. Here are some of our favorite creative French restaurant names. 

Audrey French BistroBaguette BistroBearnaise Bistro
Bistro 24/7/365Bistro PierreBistro Madame
C’est La Vie BistroCul de Sac BistroEncore Bistro
Escargots BistroFrench Accent BistroFrench Dip Bistro
French Fluent BistroGala France BistroHemingway’s Paris Bistro
Le Pavillion BistroLe Poulet BistroLulu’s Bistro
Lyonnaise BistroMonsieur BistroNouvelle Bistro
Poivre BistroPour Vous BistroProvence Bistro & Grill
Riche French BistroRoux BistroSavoir French Bistro

Fine Dining French Restaurant Name Ideas

Your restaurant will provide a luxe environment for savvy diners who want to enjoy the best wining and dining experience that France has to offer. You’ll need a luxury name to match. Here are some of our favorite ideas for a fancy French restaurant.

Binge ParisBite FranceBon Voyage Hunger
Bouillabaisse GrillBouquetBreton Brasserie
BriocheBurgundy VinCarte Blanche Restaurant
Carte FrenchCasse-Croûte CuisineCharcuterie Bar & Grill
Chef France RestaurantChez FamilleChez Nous Restaurant
Chez SoeurChow FranceConcierge Eats
Coq au Vin RestaurantCrêpe & ColexeCrêpe Junkies
Crêpe SavantCroissantCuisine Bourgeoise
D’Amour CuisineDiced ParisDijonaise Restaurant
Dished ParisDivine French DiningExcusez-Moi Restaurant
Elle & IlEntrepreneur EatsEuropa
Feast FranceFeast FrenchFine Paris Dining
Foie Gras Fine DiningFranceologyFrancophile Palate
French CellarFrench Chef RestaurantFrench Classics
French Country CookingFrench CrumbFrench Curves
French EleganceFrench FanciesFrench Fix Eats
French GratinFrench KissesFrench Lounge
French Roast Coffee ShopFrench Uptown CuisineFrenchify
FrenchworksFresh FrenchGallic Specialities
Gourmandise EatsHaute CuisineJambon Coffee Shop
Joie Fine DiningJoyous ParisLe Petit Pearl
Le Petit RestaurantLa Vache French SteakhouseLe Zest Bar & Nightclub
Lounge Paris Bar & EateryLumière RestaurantMadame Cuisine
MademoisellesMaison GilbertMaman Cuisine

French Restaurant Name Ideas in French

If you’re really hoping to lean into the French theme, you might consider having your whole business name be in the French language. A name like this can give your restaurant an edge of mystique and sophistication. Here are some of our favorites. 

GrenouilleLes FrèresLes Frites Brasserie
Les MoulesLiberté RépubliqueNourriture
Au Revoir Mes AmisBelle VieBenoît
Étoile BrasserieUn, Deux, TroisTrois Petits Cochons
Le Pain et Le BeurreFélicitéFête
FlambéeMaison RougeL’Atelier de Michelle
La Bière BarLa BoulangerieLa Cuisine
La RueLa Viande French GrillLafayette
Le BrasserieLe CanardLe Coucou Bakery
Le LapinLe MenuLe Mistral Cuisine
Les EnfantsMonsieur DélicieuxMonsieur & Madame
MoulinsPetit JardinL’Étoile Gastronomique
Bistrot Coeur de ParisBrasserie Les LumièresCafé des Rêveurs
Pâtisserie DouceurCrêperie La BretagneLe Jardin des Délices
Au Coin du BistrotBrasserie du MarchéCafé Fleuri

Tips for Naming a French Restaurant

If you’d rather come up with your own French restaurant name ideas, you’re in good company. Creating your own name is equally challenging and rewarding, giving you a great opportunity to find the heart and soul of your business. 

To make your naming efforts as successful and stress-free as possible, try out these naming tips. 

Drawing Inspiration from French Culture and Geography

When naming your French restaurant, delve into the diverse landscapes and rich history of France’s regions, cities, and landmarks for inspiration. The iconic Eiffel Tower, the sun-drenched lavender fields of Provence, the vine-covered hills of Bordeaux, or the artistic alleys of Montmartre each carry a unique ambiance and charm that can be reflected in your restaurant’s name. These geographical and cultural references can instantly conjure images of France’s picturesque beauty and allure, making your establishment stand out.

Leveraging Culinary Terms and Ingredients

Explore the extensive vocabulary of French cuisine to find a name that captures the essence and specialty of your restaurant. Incorporating the French word for culinary terms such as “Boulangerie,” expressions like “Bisous” (kisses), or names of specific dishes and ingredients or your favorite French wine can communicate the flavor and focus of your dining experience. Such names not only hint at the culinary delights awaiting your guests but also add a touch of authenticity and French flair.

Embracing Historical and Artistic References

France’s rich history and vibrant art scene are fertile grounds for creative restaurant names. Consider drawing from the lives of influential figures, pivotal historical events, or renowned art movements like the Renaissance or Impressionism. Selecting a name that aligns with your restaurant’s theme and ambiance can add depth and character, connecting diners with France’s illustrious past and artistic heritage.

Incorporating Playful and Romantic Elements

Utilize the global perception of France as the epitome of romance and beauty in your restaurant’s name. Words that evoke feelings of love, beauty, and the quintessential French “joie de vivre” can resonate deeply with your clientele. A name imbued with romance and playfulness can set the tone for an enchanting dining experience, inviting guests to indulge in the love-affirming nature of France’s culture.

Using French Language Nuances

The elegance and melody of the French words offer a vast palette for naming your restaurant. Seek out words or phrases that are not only beautiful but also easily pronounceable by non-French speakers. This ensures that your restaurant’s name is both accessible and authentic, inviting a broad audience to experience the charm and sophistication of French dining.

Storytelling Through Your French Cuisine Name

Choose a restaurant name that tells a story or embodies the vision behind your establishment. Whether it’s a nod to your personal journey to French cuisine, the innovative concept behind your menu, or the unique dining experience you aim to offer, a name with a story can captivate and intrigue your guests. It serves as a conversation starter and enriches the dining experience by sharing the passion and inspiration that fuel your restaurant.

Checking Your Name Availability

Before settling on a name for your French restaurant, it’s crucial to ensure that your chosen name is uniquely yours and legally available for use. This process involves several key steps that can safeguard your brand and prevent potential legal complications down the line. Each of these steps plays a critical role in establishing your restaurant’s identity and online presence.

Business Name Search

Start by conducting a business name search in your state. This can typically be done through your state’s Secretary of State website or a similar government entity responsible for business registrations. This search will help reveal if your desired name is already in use within your state, helping you avoid conflicts with other businesses in your local area. While you’re at it, run a state trademark search to check you’re not infringing on local trademark protections.

Federal Trademark Search

Expanding beyond state lines, a federal trademark search through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is essential. A federal trademark provides protection across all states, and you can’t infringe on one. As a result, obtaining a federal trademark can help protect your brand on digital platforms and against competitors across the country.

Domain Name and Social Media Handles

In today’s digital age, checking the availability of a domain name and social media handles corresponding to your restaurant’s name is just as important as the legal searches. Securing a domain name ensures that your restaurant can have an online presence, which is essential for marketing, reservations, and providing information to potential customers. 

Similarly, having consistent social media handles across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can significantly enhance your brand’s visibility and accessibility. This step ensures that your restaurant’s name is recognizable and easily found online, helping to build a cohesive and strong digital identity.

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