211 French Restaurant Name Ideas

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French Restaurant Name Ideas

Bienvenue! Welcome to hundreds of the best French restaurant name ideas to help you name your new restaurant or cafe with French flair!

These naming ideas include elegant names for French cafes, coffee shops, bistros, brasseries, bakeries, patisseries, and fancy French dining restaurants.

J’adore la cuisine française! I love French food.

As a dedicated student of the French language, I consider it an important part of my study program to eat lots of delicious (délicieux) French food and visit lots of French restaurants! My favorites are quiche, French omelets, Parisienne salads (with poached eggs, lardon (bacon), and grilled goat cheese (chevre). Oh, la la!

Allons-y! Let’s go and find a unique and elegant idea for your French restaurant name.

NOTE: As of this date, all of these names are available and not taken. But be sure to double-check for existing trademarks (click here for free business name search at CorpNet) and also reserve your domain name (search domain availability at Blue Host here)

French Restaurant Name Ideas

Types of French Restaurant Names

French Cafes

Cafes are a type of French coffee shop that serves a variety of coffees and associated dishes. The dishes tend to be inexpensive and include pastries, ice cream, and sandwiches.

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French Bistros

The difference between French cafes and bistros is that bistros are traditionally smaller restaurants that serve simple meals in a moderate decor setting.

Cafes typically do not change their menus, whereas bistros have different menus for lunch and dinner and serve more varied dishes. Bistros usually have daily specials offering in-season dishes. Popular bistro foods include seafood and casseroles.

French Brasseries

Brasseries are translated into English as a brewery. Most authentic French brasseries brew their own beer and serve single dishes and meals. The menu tends to be the same each week.

French Restaurants

French restaurants are the traditional multi-course meal that most Americans consider a true French restaurant.

They are fine dining establishments that offer appetizers, entrées, and desserts as well as à la carte options. High-end service and quality wine choices are featured in a white tablecloth elegant environment.

French Auberge

Another type of French restaurant is an Auberge which serves rustic family-style meals and is often attached to rural bed and breakfast, hotels or inns.

An auberge terroir uses French government certified local ingredients for the ultimate French country farm to table dining experience.

French Bakeries

In France, a boulangerie is a bakery cafe often featuring freshly baked bread.

French patisserie is a bakery specializing in cakes and sweets such as; eclairs, mille feuilles, and macarons.

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Bouchons, typically located in Lyon, France are casual dining spots that serve pork and other meat products including sausage, bacon, and pork fatback.

Cute French Cafe Name Suggestions

French cafes are a strong trend in the restaurant industry.

These good name ideas are creative and a bit different such as Cafe Sud (translation – Coffee Shop South) which would be a great name for a shop in the Southern states, Cafe Creme (the French name for an espresso topped with foamed milk – my favorite French coffee drink) and Un Peu French Cafe (means a little bit French in English)

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Assiette Cafe
Blanchette French Cafe
Bourgeois Cafe
Cafe Aroma
Cafe Brioche
Cafe Creme Coffee Shop
Cafe Des Amis
Cafe Faim
Cafe Sud
Caprice Cafe
Cinema Cafe
Creme Cafe
Croque Monsieur Cafe
Decor Cafe
Fiance Cafe
Franceio Cafe
Francophiles Cafe
Franglish Cafe
French Haute Cafe
French Omelette Cafe
French Quarter Cafe
French Rose Cafe
French Vintage Cafe
Frenchex Cafe
Le Fromage Cafe
Les Vins Cafe
Meet Me in Paris Cafe
Mimi’s Cafe
Noisette French Cafe
Nouveau Cafe
Oh la la Cafe
Paris Classics Cafe
Parisian Cafe
Parisio Cafe
Quiche Cafe
Rich French Sauce Cafe
Salut French Cafe
Sucre Bakery & Cafe
Un Peu French Cafe
Vinaigrette Cafe

Photo of Austine – New York French Restaurant

Creative French Bistro Restaurant Name Suggestions

To stand out from your competition and make your customers remember your restaurant name, consider one of these catchy French restaurant names.

I added some French words that most English speakers will know and understand. This gives these name ideas a bit of French élan (panache, energy, liveliness).

Consider these clever restaurant names for your French bistro; Escargots Bistro (everyone knows that French dish of snails), Hemingway’s Paris Bistro (recalls a romantic time in 1920’s Paris) and French Dip (Fun use of two meanings – a favorite sandwich and a sampling of French culture & food).

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Audrey French Bistro
Baguette Bistro
Bearnaise Bistro
Bistro 24/7/365
Bistro Pierre
Bistro Madame
C’est La Vie Bistro
Cul de Sac Bistro
Encore Bistro
Escargots Bistro
French Accent Bistro
French Dip Bistro
French Fluent Bistro
Gala France Bistro
Hemingway’s Paris Bistro
Le Pavillion Bistro
Le Poulet Bistro
Lulu’s Bistro
Lyonnaise Bistro
Monsieur Bistro
Nouvelle Bistro
Poivre Bistro
Pour Vous Bistro
Provence Bistro & Grill
Riche French Bistro
Roux Bistro
Savoir French Bistro

Fancy Fine Dining Restaurant Branding

For this type of fine dining establishment, you will want to use an elegant and classy French restaurant name. 

Consider naming your restaurant Dijonaise Restaurant, (check availability)most English speakers know about delicious Dijon mustard (moutarde) and will anticipate your creative French dishes.

For a more modern name think about, Binge Paris () which would appeal to travelers who have experienced the culinary delights of France’s capital Paris.  Burgundy Vin () is a sophisticated name for your restaurant which serves French wine and food.

Au Revoir Mon Amis
Belle Vie
Binge Paris
Bite France
Bon Appetit
Bon Voyage Hunger
Bouillabaisse Grill
Breton Brasserie
Burgundy Vin
Carte Blanche Restaurant
Carte French
Casse-Croûte Cuisine
Charcuterie Bar & Grill
Chef France Restaurant
Chez Famille
Chez Nous Restaurant
Chez Soeur
Chow France
Concierge Eats
Coq au Vin Restaurant
Crepe & Co
Crepe Junkies
Crepe Savant
Cuisine Bourgeoise
D’Amour Cuisine
Diced Paris
Dijonaise Restaurant
Dished Paris
Divine French Dining
Ecusez-Moi Restaurant
Elle & Il
Entrepreneur Eats
Etoile Brasserie
Feast France
Feast French
Fine Paris Dining
Foie Gras Fine Dining
Francophile Palate
French Cellar
French Chef Restaurant
French Classics
French Country Cooking
French Crumb
French Curves
French Elegance
French Fancies
French Fix Eats
French Gratin
French Kisses
French Lounge
French Roast Coffee Shop
French Uptown Cuisine
Fresh French
Gallic Specialities
Gourmandise Eats
Haute Cuisine
Jambon Coffee Shop
Joie Fine Dining
Joyous Paris
L’Atelier de Michelle
La Biere Bar
La Boulangerie
La Cuisine
La Rue
La Viande French Grill
Le Brasserie
Le Canard
Le Coucou Bakery
Le Lapin
Le Menu
Le Mistral Cuisine
Le Pain et Le Beurre
Le Petit Pearl
Le Petit Restaurant
Le Vache French Steakhouse
Le Zest Bar & Nightclub
Les Enfants
Les Freres
Les Frites Brasserie
Les Moules
Liberte Republique
Lounge Paris Bar & Eatery
Lumiere Restaurant
Madame Cuisine
Maison Gilbert
Maison Rouge
Maman Cuisine
Mardi Gras Bar & Nightclub
Me French
Midnight Paris Nightclub
Mille Feuille Dessert Shop
Monsier Delcieux
Monsieur & Madame
My French Maman
Nibble Paris
Not so Fancy French Restaurant
Papilion Bakery
Paris Crepes
Petit Jardin
Poisson Seafood Restaurant
Pot au Feu French Brasserie
Potpourri Bakery
Premier French Restaurant
Provencal Grill & Restaurant
Purist French
Ratatouille Restaurant
Reservation French Restaurant
Rouge Boule
Savant French Restaurant
Savor France
Sel et Poivre French Restaurant
Soleil Grill
Steak Tartare Grill
Tasteful Paris Brasserie
Trois Petits Cochons
Un, Deux, Trois
Voila Restaurant

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