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Spanish & Mexican Restaurant Name Ideas

186 Mexican Restaurant Name Ideas

Follow our step-by-step guide to naming your Spanish & Mexican restaurant business or use the business generator form below to see if your business name is available to register as a domain.

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When you’re starting a restaurant, you’ve got a big to-do list: perfecting your menu, finding a restaurant space, and more. High on that list is coming up with Mexican restaurant names so you have a perfect name for your restaurant. 

But if you’re feeling overwhelmed at the prospect or the inspiration’s just running thin, don’t worry; help is here. In this guide, you’ll find all the guidance you need to create a perfect business name and a master list of over 180 Mexican restaurant name ideas, including: 

One note before we continue: just because we’ve included a name on this list doesn’t guarantee that it’s available in your state. If you like a name we’ve listed here, please do your due diligence and make sure it’s available to use. That way you’ll avoid potential legal hassles and set yourself up for a smooth start. 

Mexican Food Trucks

No matter where you go, Mexican restaurants are a popular choice for lunch and dinner alike. And the naming possibilities are nearly endless. Here are some of our favorite possibilities for Mexican food trucks:

Mexican Lucky GrillMobile AztecFinest Queso
Yummy Churro TruckDaily SopapillaTaco Trekker
Salsa Street RideBurrito BusRoaming Jalapeño
Cantina CaravanFiesta on WheelsPico de Gallo Wagon
Street TamalesCactus Quesadilla CartNomadic Nachos
Elote ExpressGuac ‘n RollWanderlust Tacos
Spice SprinterTortilla TransitEnchilada Expedition
Fajita FlyerMole MobileMexiCali Munchies Van
Chili Pepper Pod

Tex-Mex Restaurant Name Ideas

Blending fare from Texas and Mexico? You’ll need a fusion name. Here are a few of our favorites:

Lone Star CantinaTexMix GrillhouseRio Grande Eats
Cactus & QuesoBorder Bites DinerChili Con Cowboy
Texicali FeastsSundown TacosMesa Verde Tex-Mex
The Alamo KitchenTexan Taco Co.Ranchero’s Delight
Desert Rose Tex-MexSpur & SalsaWild West Fajitas
Pecos PlatesLonestar FusionsBaja Tex Grill
Outlaw EnchiladasSagebrush SopapillasCowboy Quesadillas
Texana TostadasPrickly Pear TavernBig Tex Mexeria
Rodeo Nachos

Taco Food Truck Names

Taco Tuesday may be your favorite day of the week, and thanks to your new taco truck, you’ll be sharing that enthusiasm all around town. You need a name to suit. Here are a few of our favorites: 

Taco TrekUrban Taco TruckTaco Tornado
Rolling TacosCrunchy Taco CartTaco Nomad
Street Taco SafariTaco TerrainTaco Voyage
Twisted Tacos TruckTaco OdysseySizzling Taco Stop
Baja Taco TourTaco WheeliesEpic Taco Journey
Taco CruiserFiesta Taco MobileTaco Trailblazer
Wrap & Roll TacosTaco ExpeditionTacos on the Go-Go
Zesty Taco ZoomTaco TrolleyMidnight Taco Mover

Burrito Restaurant Names

What’s not to love about a good burrito? Whether you serve stuffed wonders the size of a bread loaf or classic street-friendly fare, you’ll need a great burrito restaurant name. Here are some of our favorite burrito-centric Mexican restaurant name ideas:  

Burrito BoulevardThe Burrito BarnWrapped Delight
Burrito BlissThe Big BurritoBurrito Bay
Casa de BurritoUrban Burrito BarBurrito Bottega
Infinity BurritosBurrito BungalowThe Burrito Bowl
Burrito Base CampBlissful BurritosBurrito Barons
Bountiful BurritosBurrito BanditsThe Rolling Burrito
Burrito BountyBurrito BalconyBold Burrito Co.
Burrito Brigade

Fine Dining Mexican Restaurant Names

You’re set to offer a luxurious dining experience to your customers. Now all you need is a fine dining name. Here are some of our favorites: 

Perfect MixChicken HintRoyal Tables
Mayan IconPrecious DelightDelicious Treats
Flawless RecipeMexican BiteAroma Dish
Epic KitchenHot PlateBurrito Palace
Picante DominionFajita FriendsTex-Mex Kitchen

Funny Mexican Restaurant Names

A great way to help customers remember your name (and eventually recommend your restaurant to others) is to make them laugh. To do that you’ll need a funny restaurant name. Here are some top recommendations for a good laugh: 

Juan in a MillionTequila MockingbirdMexcellent
Taco ’Bout ItGuacstarAll Goes According to Flan
Taco Emergency = Call 9 Juan JuanIn Queso Trouble – Pray to CheesusFull Metal Tacos
Make Tacos Not WarBurritos as Big As Your Head!

Mexican Restaurant Names in Spanish

If you’re looking for an authentic flare, you can consider developing a name that’s entirely in Spanish. There are near-endless possibilities from the fun to the sophisticated and modern. Here are some of our favorites. 

Mesa Elegante (Elegant Table)Casa del Sol (House of the Sun)Azul Agave (Blue Agave)
Tierra Luna (Moon Land)Marquesa Mexicana (Mexican Marquise)Cielo de Oro (Golden Sky)
Sabor Sofisticado (Sophisticated Flavor)La Joya Mexicana (The Mexican Jewel)El Dorado Dining (Golden Dining)
Platino Paladar (Platinum Palace)Mosaico Mexicano (Mexican Mosaic)Oro y Plata (Gold and Silver)
Bella Vista Cocina (Beautiful View Kitchen)Gourmet Guadalajara Tesoro Tapatío (Treasure of Guadalajara)
Encanto Escondido (Hidden Charm)Vida Verde (Green Life)Palacio del Pueblo (Palace of the People)
Sueño Sereno (Serene Dream)Riquezas Regionales (Regional Riches)Opulencia Oaxaqueña (Oaxacan Opulence)
Maravilla Moderna (Modern Marvel)Estrella del Norte (North Star)

More Mexican Restaurant Name Ideas

Still need more inspiration? Look no further. 

TortillaisticTortilla DashingTortilla Street
Tortilla MunchiesTortilla HavanaTortilla Galore
TortillaluxTortilla GrubTortilla Crisp
Tortilla DudesTortilla PrestoTortilla Relish
Tortilla CaptainTortilla HutTortillas Dished
Tortilla SuperiorTortilla FodderTortilla Baby
Tortilla BustersTortillaologyTortilla Lounge
Tortilla WedgeMidnight PolloUptown Pollo
Baby PolloYummy PolloThe Whole Pollo
Chef PolloSumo BeansSavor Beans
BeansifyStreet BeansBurritowind
Barge BurritoDivine BurritoHotspot Burrito
The Dashing BurritoLatin FeastLord of the Nachos
The Joy of NachosMe Burrito – You Taco

Using a Mexican Restaurant Name Generator 

When embarking on the journey to name your Mexican restaurant, a name generator can be a valuable tool to spark your creativity and compile a list of potential names. Start by picking out some keywords that are related to your restaurant’s mission or unique selling point like outstanding service or a menu item (as detailed by your business plan). For example, you might pick words like “Cantina,” “Taco,” “Fiesta,” or specific ingredients and regional inspirations. Inputting these keywords into a Mexican restaurant name generator will produce a variety of name suggestions that blend creativity with cultural authenticity.

As you explore the options provided by the name generator, keep an open mind and look for names that capture the spirit and uniqueness of your dining experience. Creating a personal touch with your name, city, or something else can be a nice addition. 

Once you’ve narrowed down the list to a few of your favorite creative Mexican restaurant names, make sure you double-check whether the name is available by running the appropriate searches. Also try to get feedback from friends, family, or even potential clients. They’ll help you ensure that your name resonates well with your target audience to help you attract new customers.

Finalizing Your Mexican Restaurant Name

Once you’ve utilized a name generator or brainstormed a list of potential names for your Mexican restaurant, the next steps involve refining your choice and ensuring it’s ready for the public eye. This process is crucial for establishing a strong brand identity and avoiding any legal complications. Here are the key stages to consider when naming your restaurant.

Community Feedback

Gathering feedback from potential customers or focus groups is an invaluable step in finalizing your restaurant name. It provides insights into the name’s marketability, appeal, and potential connections with your target audience. Present your top name choices to a diverse group of individuals, preferably those who reflect your anticipated customer base. Pay attention to their initial reactions, as these can indicate the name’s effectiveness in attracting attention and conveying your restaurant’s essence. 

Feedback can also highlight any unintended connotations or cultural sensitivities that you might have overlooked. Integrating community feedback helps ensure that your restaurant name resonates well with the people you aim to serve, laying a solid foundation for building customer relationships.

Visual Branding Considerations

A restaurant’s name is more than just a title; it’s a critical component of your visual branding strategy. When choosing a name, envision how it will translate into logos, signage, and marketing materials. Consider the name’s length, ease of pronunciation, and visual appeal when represented in various fonts and colors. 

A good name should be versatile enough to look compelling on a sign above your door, as well as on social media profiles and promotional items. It should also evoke the desired feelings and associations with Mexican culture and cuisine. Consulting with a graphic designer (while not legally required) can provide valuable insights into how your name choice might be perceived visually and help ensure that it aligns with your overall branding vision.

Legal Steps

Before you fully commit to a name, it’s essential to conduct final checks for trademarks, state protections, and domain availability. Start out with a business name search on your state’s website (since states protect the names of registered businesses like LLCs and corporations). A state trademark search is also helpful. Follow this with a federal trademark search on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website. Generally, with these searches, if you type in your desired names and no exact matches pop up, then your name is probably good to go. 

Next, it’s time to check the availability of a matching domain name for your restaurant’s online presence. Securing a domain that matches your restaurant’s name enhances brand consistency and makes it easier for customers to find you online.

Completing these steps is crucial for protecting your brand and setting your restaurant up for success.

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Disclaimer: The content on this page is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal, tax, or accounting advice. If you have specific questions about any of these topics, seek the counsel of a licensed professional.

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