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indian restaurant business name ideas

Looking for a list of creative Indian restaurant name ideas?  Check out this big list of names and logos to inspire your Indian restaurant branding. Included are naming suggestions for fine dining,  modern Indian food, and also curry takeaway spots.

Find a memorable name for your new eatery such as; Naan Better, Brahma, The Surly Kabob or Spice is Nice 🙂

I love Indian food. My parents are British, they introduced me to the joys of curry. When my father worked in New York City, he would bring home my favorite takeout from Curry in a Hurry – a name which I never forgot.

>> How to Name Your Restaurant in 6 Easy Steps

Indian Restaurant Name Ideas

Full-Service Restaurants

1) Seven Spices
2) Taj
3) Namaste
4) The Elephant and the Mouse
5) The Lazy Lemur
6) Chais and Thais
7) Naan Better
8) Masala

9) The Pensive Buddha
10) Buddha’s Retreat
11) The Scrupulous Naan
12) The Seven-Fold Bistro
13) Brahma
14) Hindibar
15) Kipling’s Regret
16) The Mongoose
17) The Shy Tiger
18) Paneer Palace
19) Bombay Social Club
20) The Duke of Mumbai

Quick-Service & Carry-Out Indian Food

21) Cumin’ Go
22) Spice is Nice
23) Lotus Feed You
24) Zen and Out
25) Rikki Tikki Take-out

26) Bayleaf and Beyond
27) Mumbai in Minutes
28) Chickpea
29) Chai Five
30) The Surly Kabob

Curry Takeout Houses Names

31) Aloo Gobhi
32) The Curry Lounge
33) Everything Spice
34) Curriouser and Curriouser
35) Monsoon Lounge

36) Curry Favor
37) Naan of the Above
38) Mata Hari’s Fate
39) Hurry Curry
40) Red Curry – Yellow Curry

Vegetarian Indian Restaurants

>> How to Name Your Restaurant in 6 Easy Steps

41) The Sacred Cow
42) Soyful Supper
43) Namaste Garden
44) Bodhisattva’s Garden
45) Vegan Spice Cafe
46) Herbaceous
47) Seitan
48) Veg Lounge
49) Vegan Legends
50) The Plant Kabob

More name ideas for vegetarian and healthy restaurants

Tips for Naming Your Indian Restaurant

To make your new restaurant stand out in the minds of your customers, personalize your name by adding these modifying words:

How to Use a Name Generator for Indian Restaurant Names

This is a good restaurant name generator I used to create the list of Indian restaurant names.

I tested it by using related keywords (Indian, naan, tandoori, spice). Get the best results by first brainstorming a list of keywords. These are words and phrases (2 or more words) that relate to your company’s service and products. They do not have to be necessarily the ones that will be contained in your final restaurant name.

An easy way to brainstorm keywords to use in name generators is to use Google. Put in your restaurant type (Indian food) plus “keywords”. Scroll through the page and pick up related words. I found these additional keywords = recipe, chicken, curry, vegetarian, chef, menu, Hindi. You get the idea.

Indian Restaurant Name Ideas Generated

Melting Pot Spice
Easy Indian Eats Takeaway
Cheerful Spices
Flavor Town Indian Restaurant
No Place Like Home

Another restaurant name generator tool I used to create even more names…

Tandoori Herbed
Indian treehouse
Indian Chopped
Indian Feast
Tandoori Palate
Tandoori Hut

Indian Desire
Tand oori Crisp
Tand ooriLux
Indian Hungry
Me Curry
Grub Curry
Smash Curry
Midnight Curry (fun for a late-night food truck name)
Fiery Curry

Nouveau Curry
Dude Curry
Hotspot Curry
Indian Accent
Indian Street Food
Chickpea Flour Lovers

Indian Restaurant Names for Inspiration

Here is more inspiration for your naming your new restaurant – some of the best Indian restaurants in America

Adda – NYC

August 1 Five – San Francisco, California

Badmaash – Los Angeles, California

Biju’s Little Curry Shop – Denver, Colorado

Bollywood Theater – Portland, Oregon

The Bombay Bread Bar – NYC

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