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The Important Role Menu Boards Play

Keep in mind that your menu board is more than just a sign on your wall. It can be a powerful marketing tool.

Often it is one of the first elements that new customers will engage with upon entering your eatery. So make it work hard for you by following these best practices for your menu board marketing.

Your menu board is essentially a big (or small) wall hanging that lists your food to makes it easy for hungry customers to quickly glance at all your menu offerings.  But it can be so much more.

The best menu boards strongly contribute to restaurant branding, upsell side dishes and are an integral element of the restaurant decor.

Together let’s explore how to create your best menu board design by browsing these cool designs, different materials, and options.

Plus I included a section about best practices for menu boards; what to include and what to not include, how to use them both inside and outside your restaurant for maximum sales power.

Menu Board Options – Materials and Costs

As a restauranteur, you have many options, and price range, of menu boards to choose from. These are the most popular

Digital Menu Boards

These are electronic signs that are a sleek, modern way to entice customers into ordering additional items. They can incorporate static still images and video footage that rotate and change automatically.

The best versions allow you to customize your display with a user-friendly content management platform to make quick updates.

Digital menu boards are used across many industries to enhance customer experience and increase revenues.

Indoor Menu Board Signs

These are preprinted, custom signs made for your restaurant to display prominently.

Options include magnetic boards for maximum flexibility with changeable menu strips and price chips. Boards can be trimmed in metal, plastic or wood.

Another eye-catching feature is a backlit menu board sign with LED or fluorescent bulb lit to make your color food photos really pop.

Chalkboard Menu Boards Signs

Using the medium of chalkboard you can create stunning menu signs. There are many options including DIY where you simply list your items all the way to hiring a graphic artist for a custom sign.

Get the look of a chalkboard with the durability of screened signs with this look from Martin Sign. 

Plus there are exterior grade options for sidewalk tent signs.

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