Expanding a business contact database: Top-4 tools to find an email address in 2021

When discussing email marketing, the need for an email parser is beyond question. In addition to providing a reliable list of legitimate email addresses, an email finder also saves a lot of time and effort that would have gone into manually looking up addresses.

In this article, we will discuss the main advantages and disadvantages of email collection software, as well as share the 4 best tools that marketers and sales professionals love to use for successful lead generation.

Main advantages and disadvantages of programs for finding email addresses

From the positive aspects of using email hunters, 5 points can be distinguished. We can immediately say that there are more good things than bad.

  1. A quick way to find contacts.
  2. Ability to specify several sites from which the program will retrieve contacts.
  3. The collected data can be automatically sorted and structured in any convenient format (for example, CSV, Google Sheets, TXT).
  4. The platforms provide a bulk search for email addresses by keywords, countries, and other categories.
  5. Some tools have in-built email verifiers.

But no software is without flaws. Be sure to take them into account before using the tools that we have listed for you below.

  • Often, antispam services or email providers place trap addresses on websites to prevent bulk parsing and purchasing of email address databases. If there is even one such address in your database, your campaign can get into spam.
  • Since the addressee did not consent to your campaigns, there is a possibility that they will mark them as spam, will not open it, or will delete it. Whenever a user sends your email to spam, the percentage of complaints about it becomes higher. And if this percentage is high enough, your account can get suspended. For example, in CampaignMonitor’s case, this rate is 0.5%.
  • If you end up with a mailing list for several thousand recipients and send the same emails to, let’s say, 500 of them, service providers will regard this as spam.

Remember! By sending letters to random users who didn’t consent to your mailing list, you risk ruining your brand’s reputation. The chances of getting results from an email campaign are much greater if the recipients voluntarily agreed to receive messages from you.

What is the best email finder tool?

#1. Email lookup with Zoominfo

Let’s start with one of the most popular tools, Zoominfo. This service has a large database of email addresses, so you will definitely find what you need. Zoominfo also supports integration with numerous CRMs.

The downside is that it’s not cheap, but the features and a huge database can be well worth it. And since this service has a rather big price tag, it is not intended for individual use. 


• User-friendly interface;
• Large database of contacts;
• Provides additional information besides the email address;
• Free trial version;
• Training is available.


• High subscription price.

More details

Free trial (includes free email search) +
Most popular plan$4900 for 5000 emails
You can get it asWeb app, Chrome Extension
G2 Ranking4,4
Data exportCSV
What social networks can you use it on?LinkedIn

Well-known companies that have already appreciated the power of this tool include Google, Zoom, Amazon, Concur.

For detailed instructions on how to find someone’s email using the tool from Zoominfo, you can check out this video:

#2. Find email address with Hunter.io

This service has a smaller email address database than Zoominfo, but when you factor in the price of their plans, it might be worth it. It’s also good that you can test the service with 50 free requests to see if it is the right fit for you.

You can also verify the list of prospects you already have. As far as data plans go, they start at $49 for the cheapest plan to $399 for the most expensive one.


• The service is easy to use.
• It is relatively cheap.
• Free plan with 50 requests.


• Sometimes they show out-of-date information.
• No integration with CRM.

More details

Free trial (includes free email lookup)(50 requests/month)
Popular plan$399 per 30,000 emails
You can get it asWeb app, Chrome Extension
G2 Ranking4,3
Data exportCSV
What social networks can you use it on?Twitter

Well-known companies that have already appreciated the power of this tool include Google, IBM, Manpower, Microsoft.

Detailed instructions for hunter email finder are in the video:

#3. Email search with Snov.io Email Finder

Snovio Email Finder is one of the best automation tools for sales reps, marketers, SEO specialists, PR specialists, recruiters, and startup executives.

This email hunter tool lets you find quality leads, check contacts for validity, track your leads’ engagement with your email campaigns, and automate cold outreach.


  • Export of the list of leads in CSV, XLS, Google Sheets formats.
  • Various search functions: you can find emails by companies, professional social profiles, or domains via the app or on company websites, search results, and LinkedIn using the Chrome extension.
  • Email Verifier, Email Tracker, and Email Drip Campaigns offered on the same platform.


  • Integration via Zapier may be considered expensive by some users.
  • Doesn’t display the most used email addresses for each contact.

More details

Free trial (includes free email finder)(50 credits/month)
Most popular plan$169 for 20,000 emails
You can get it asWeb app, Chrome Extension
G2 Ranking4,6
Data exportCSV, XLS, Google Sheets
What social networks can you use it on?LinkedIn, Twitter

Well-known companies that have already appreciated the power of this tool are eBay, Nike, Disney, Toyota.

Detailed instructions on how to use the tool are in the video:

#4. Email address lookup with Aeroleads

Aeroleads is an extension for Chrome and Firefox. Its main functions are to find various types of contacts, collect data about specialists, and export information to documents of any format.

With this tool, finding emails for sales and marketing becomes simple and productive.


  • The application can be integrated with CRM systems.
  • Convenient interface.


  • Limited to looking for business contacts only, not people.
  • Building a mailing list can be difficult.

More details

Free trial (includes email search free)+
Most popular plan$149 for 4000 emails
You can get it asChrome Extension
G2 Ranking4,1
Data exportCSV
What social networks can you use it on?LinkedIn, CrunchBase, AngelList, Xing, GitHub

Well-known companies that have already appreciated the power of this tool include Adobe, IBM, Gartner, Grubhub.

If you are wondering how to find someone’s email address with Aeroleads – see the video:

Wrapping up

Every quality potential customer counts in successful marketing. We hope that with the help of the list above, you can find the best email search tool that will suit your business needs and fit perfectly into your existing company budget.

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