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Courtney Dickey, the Chief Legal Officer (CLO) of ZenBusiness. Courtney oversees legal services, regulatory compliance, ESG performance, and enterprise risk management. Her responsibilities include advancing ESG initiatives, managing the global trademark portfolio, overseeing the stock equity program, and ensuring regulatory compliance for new verticals, products, and services​​.

Courtney Dickey ZenBusiness CLO

Courtney Dickey is the Chief Legal Officer (CLO) of ZenBusiness

Courtney has been the CLO at ZenBusiness since May 2023. She has over 15 years of in-house legal experience in the tech industry. Courtney is a seasoned corporate lawyer and strategic leader. She has successfully advised and led the exits of three venture-backed startups, including Dosh’s $275 million acquisition by Cardlytics, HomeAway’s $3.9 billion acquisition by Expedia, and Opcity’s $210 million acquisition by News Corp​.

Courtney Dickey’s extensive experience and strategic insight continue to drive ZenBusiness’s mission to democratize entrepreneurship and support small businesses with robust legal frameworks and innovative growth strategies.

Courtney’s results-driven leadership has been instrumental in managing significant financial transactions, including ZenBusiness's $205 million Series C fundraising. Her ability to manage complex legal and financial operations has driven growth and achieved key business objectives​.

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