About Sameer Gulati, CPO & President of Fintech

Sameer the Chief Product Officer (CPO) and President of Fintech at ZenBusiness, a company committed to simplifying the entrepreneurial journey, where he oversees all aspects of the company’s financial products tailored for small businesses.

Sameer Gulati ZenBusiness CPO

Sameer Gulati is the Chief Product Officer (CPO) & President of Fintech at ZenBusiness

Sameer is a distinguished executive with over two decades of global experience in the technology and financial services sector. He joined ZenBusiness in March 2022, where he plays a key role in integrating AI, embedded finance, and automation to create a platform that helps new small business owners succeed.

Known for his strategic insight and ability to drive growth, Sameer has a rich background in B2B, fintech, and business development. He focuses on building innovative products, scaling companies, and transforming commercial operations.

Sameer is also a Board Member at CarIQ, an AI-driven payments platform for vehicles. His board role reflects his deep commitment to leveraging technology to solve real-world problems and improve operational efficiencies​.

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