About Mitch Wilde, CCO

Mitch Wilde the Chief Customer Officer (CCO) for ZenBusiness oversees customer success and ensures a positive customer service experience. He focuses on client retention and satisfaction through the development of training programs, proactive customer touchpoints, satisfaction surveys, and enhancing IVR messaging and routing, which have resulted in reduced customer churn and increased customer satisfaction​.

Mitch Wilde ZenBusiness CCO

Mitch Wilde is the Chief Customer Officer (CCO) of ZenBusiness

Mitch currently serves as the Chief Customer Officer (CCO) at ZenBusiness, where he has been instrumental in driving customer satisfaction and operational efficiency since July 2021. Mitch is a seasoned executive with over 25 years of experience in leading operations, client services, and IT teams ranging from 20 to 500 members.

Mitch Wilde’s extensive experience in customer service and operations, combined with his strategic vision and leadership skills, make him a valuable asset to ZenBusiness, driving the company’s mission to support and empower entrepreneurs​​.

With over 25 years of experience leading operations, client services, and IT teams, Mitch has developed a comprehensive approach to leadership that is characterized by a strategic, customer-centric approach that focuses on operational excellence, innovative solutions, and the development of high-performing teams.

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