How to Create a Navy Blue Logo?

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Major tips

A good emblem can tell a lot about the products or services you’re offering. It’s your responsibility to create a design that will be not only eye-pleasing but also informative. When pondering over ideas for your future artwork, you should pay special attention to its color palette. It’s safe to say that colors are the voice of your logo. According to statistics, the color navy blue has the biggest number of fans. So what’s its secret?

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Symbolic meaning

The share of sky and water, navy blue calms you down and makes you think logically. It’s the hue of confident and reserved people with an analytical mindset and inclination to perfectionism. Navy blue evokes instant associations with eternity and spirituality. In certain contexts, this hue stands for sadness, coldness, and indifference.

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What industries use?

Blue logos are a no-go for industries that focus on fun and entertainment. According to psychologists, navy blue is just the opposite of red in the way that it makes you forget about hunger. With that said, navy blue is probably not the best choice for restaurants, farms, and food producers. At the same time, this shade works great for medicine, science, politics, IT, technologies, economics, equipment, and other similar industries.

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