4 Business Functions You Can Do Online

Recently, the world has had to adapt the way it works at the hands of the global pandemic, meaning that more and more business functions are being carried out online. Luckily, with the help of technology, this task has been a lot smoother than it could have been. The vast majority of vital functions can now be carried out directly online or outsourced online. This article will take a look at some of the basic tasks that your business can carry out online whether you run a car sales business, you’re trying to sell a restaurant, and many more.


With social media, online blogs, and a whole range of online platforms, marketing is the most logical place to start when thinking about functions you can carry out online. Whether you are a grand corporation or a small business starting out, you will need to utilize spaces online to market your brand – the day of TV advertising is largely fading out as people turn to various streaming services. As time passes by, your marketing team will be able to identify trends in your customer base and tailor marketing even further.


There are certain times when businesses may need documents authenticated. This can be anything from a business agreement, to a bill of sale or a will. To do this, businesses use what is called a notary public, who notarizes your documents. Back in the day, this would cause a hassle and be very time-consuming because you would have to find one, and then bank on an agent being available. Luckily, in the technological age, there are reputable online companies, like Superior Notary Services, with thousands of agents at their disposal who will come to you – meaning you can spend more time doing what you do best.

Operation Station

Rather than having your sales team deal with everything that the customer needs once the sale is agreed, and therefore taking valuable time for making sales, have your operations department deal with everything from drawing up agreements to finalizing payments, and dealing with queries. Your operations team and sales team have to be able to communicate efficiently together – luckily there are countless apps and programs out there that can facilitate this.

Financing Departments

Every business needs a finance department to keep on top of all things money-related – and with a well-oiled machine from marketing, through sales, and to operations, there should be plenty of cash flow. Of course, any business aims to have more cash flowing inward than it does outward. Your finance team can take care of anything from payroll to inventory and will help your machine run itself.

This is less than a handful of the tasks that you can take online for your business, but hopefully it offers a good starting point. As technology advances far beyond what was envisaged at the dawn of the millennium, you can now run your entire business online with some slight adjustments to the way you run your ship – the fundamentals of your business remain the same.

By: Paul Henry

Did you know that important legal requirements can be handled online these days now too? By hiring the best registered agent service you can focus on other tasks rather than being available during regular business hours.

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