What Kind of Business Solutions Can be Developed With Python?

Your business needs a new IT solution, and you’re wondering what kind of technology would be best? The truth is, an experienced developer can create great apps and programs using any language – users can’t really tell if one app was built with Python, JavaScript, Ruby or any other language. So what is the difference? Cost and development time – let us tell you about Python and the advantages of using it for business solution development.

What is Python?

Surely you know that developing an app includes frontend development (creating the client-side of an app) and backend development (building the server-side of an application). There are languages like HTML or CSS, which can be used only for frontend – creating the visual side of the product which customers can interact with. Python, unlike HTML and CSS, is a general-purpose programming language. That means it can be used for other types of programming. There are many well-known companies that use Python, such as finance, healthcare, insurance, entertainment etc.

What are the advantages of using Python?

Python became very popular in the past decade. Is that a reason to consider using it for your projects? Certainly! You don’t want problems with access to talent in the future. Choosing the technologies appreciated by developers is your guarantee that you will be able to find the experts that your company will need in the future to handle your modern IT solutions.

Choosing a popular language for your company to use has another benefit – strong support and a broad community that will be useful for your IT staff in the future in case any problems occur.

Python code has a clear syntax and is easy. Many programmers say that this language is one of the fastest to develop with. Python also allows you to scale up your solution fast and easily, which is quite important for businesses that plan to grow.

Companies that use Python for their projects

As Python can be used for various projects it is a favorite tech of many companies. It is used in industries such as finance, healthcare, insurance, entertainment (for example for running big MMO games!) and many others. There are many well-known companies that use Python. Which ones are worth mentioning? Python is used by MIT, Uber, Udemy, Spotify and Netflix. These are only a few examples of the companies taking advantage of this technology. Would you like to join them?

Web and mobile app development

First, app development – as Python is a simple language and produces clear code, it is a very good choice if you need to create an application for your business. It can be used for both frontend and backend development. This programming language has pre-built libraries and popular frameworks like Pyramid and Django – you can count on developers using the best solutions that have been proved effective. Wondering what you’ll get if you’ll bet on Python? Simplicity, scalability and short time-to-market. These make it just a great language for startups and e-commerce.

Data science

This programming language is very often used for computing science. It has a few libraries which are suitable for scientific projects, like Astropy (astronomy), Graph-tool (for statistical analytics) or Biopython (for biology). Those are just three examples, and there are a lot more libraries good for scientific projects. It is a great choice for machine learning and ML is important for many processes such as speech recognition, recommendations in streaming services or e-commerce and many others. There are some additional frameworks and libraries for that purpose.

Natural Language Processing

You’ll get to know more and more libraries – NumPy, Pybrain and SciPy are a few Python libraries for artificial intelligence projects but there are many more, and they make it possible to develop amazing AI-based solutions. Python is the leading programming language for natural language processing because of its simple syntax and structure.

Development of video games and entertainment applications

Python is used by such popular brands as Spotify or Netflix. You can be sure that it is a good choice for the entertainment industry. Actually, you can also choose it for quick prototyping of games. Does that mean it’s a popular language among game developers? Well, it has its limitations. There are special Python-based libraries and frameworks for game development, but they’re rather used by those who are learning how to develop games or for prototyping ideas.

It would be difficult to name a programming language which is more versatile than Python, and as such, it can certainly be a good choice for your next project.

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