Mark Cuban Says: You Don’t Need Money to Start a Business

Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey often seems daunting to many, especially to those who aren’t steeped in the business world. The initial thought of starting a business usually comes coupled with concerns about financial readiness and the perceived need for substantial capital. However, Mark Cuban, a renowned entrepreneur and investor, brings a refreshing perspective to this, emphasizing that commencing a business venture does not always necessitate a massive financial backbone.

Starting Small and Dreaming Big

“You know, most people think about these big businesses, and the first thing they think is, ‘Oh, I have to raise a million dollars,’” Cuban says. “But I’d be willing to bet that more than 95% of businesses are started by people with less than $100.” This underscores the possibility of starting small and gradually scaling up, suggesting that the lack of a large sum of money shouldn’t hinder one’s entrepreneurial spirit.

The core essence of starting a business, according to Cuban, isn’t about the financial investment. He shares, “Really all you need to get started is your time.” It’s vital for aspiring entrepreneurs to comprehend that time, energy, commitment, and passion can be more crucial for success than an overflowing bank account.

Harness your talents and creativity

In the quest to start a business, Cuban encourages using one’s innate abilities. He says, “There’s so many things you can do using your talent, using your energy, using your creativity.”

Identifying one’s skills and finding creative ways to utilize them can often be the first step toward building a successful business. Sometimes, the only capital needed is one’s talents and the resolve to apply them in innovative ways.

Financial Prudence and Sacrifice

Cuban asserts that financial readiness may not be as far-fetched as it seems and that small, calculated sacrifices can pave the way for entrepreneurial ventures. He advises, “The reality is if you really want it that bad, take a little money from your job and save it. Cut back on something here or there.” Developing financial discipline, being frugal, and making informed financial decisions can gradually create the necessary fiscal foundation for one’s business dreams.

Surprisingly, many individuals may already have what it takes financially to start a business. Cuban declares, “You’re probably financially ready and you didn’t even know it.” This revelation should empower those harboring business aspirations to reevaluate their financial situations and reconsider the feasibility of their entrepreneurial ambitions.

Creating Opportunities with Minimal Investment

Cuban emphasizes that starting a business “doesn’t take any money to get started.” This message holds particular significance for those reluctant to pursue their entrepreneurial desires due to financial constraints. It imparts a sense of hope and motivates aspiring entrepreneurs to explore business opportunities that require minimal financial investment, focusing instead on the wealth of their skills, knowledge, and creativity.

The journey of entrepreneurship is full of challenges, risks, and uncertainties, but it’s also a path paved with opportunities, learning, and growth. Mark Cuban’s insights serve as a reminder and an encouragement for those who are hesitant to start their own business due to limited finances.

To the inexperienced and those apprehensive about their financial capability to embark on a business journey, the words of Mark Cuban are both enlightening and empowering. Starting a business doesn’t necessarily mean having a large amount of money; rather, it’s about having the passion, the commitment, the creativity, and the willingness to invest time and effort.


Starting a business with little or no money might seem like a distant dream, but as Mark Cuban suggests, it’s entirely possible. By investing time, harnessing one’s talents and creativity, making small financial sacrifices, and focusing on opportunities that require minimal investment, aspiring entrepreneurs can realize their dreams and make them a reality.

For those who are holding back due to perceived financial unpreparedness, remember Cuban’s words, “You’re probably financially ready and you didn’t even know it.” So, reassess your resources, realign your priorities, and don’t let financial constraints hinder your entrepreneurial spirit. The journey might be challenging, but the rewards, both personal and financial, are well worth the effort.

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