How to Create a Psychology Logo?

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Major tips

It is necessary to create a psychologist’s logo very carefully. Most people are not accustomed to solving their problems with the emotional state with the help of a specialist, so it is necessary to find the image that will evoke, first of all, trust. It is not necessary to portray the doctor in the logo – it would only scare the potential clients. If a specialist has a scientific title of Doctor, then this fact can be mentioned as an advantage.

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How to choose the right elements?

The logo of a psychologist is most often the name, with the image of understandable icons of understanding and support, which are pleasant for perception. Letter “Ψ” – psy, often used by psychologists as a logo, but it is not always clear to clients, so it can be used as an additional sign. Try friendly and pleasant associations with flower, sun, family, tree, and heart. And you can try a more professional approach with the image of couch, mind, Freud, puzzles and other business styles.

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How to choose the right colors?

Color solutions should be primarily business, and then the mood. You can make the icon a bright accent. The main thing is to remember that people turn to psychologists to solve their own problems, so look for possible symbols of love and support. Try to create a logo in the style of minimalism.

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What companies use?

The clinic USABP – the Hub of Somatic Psychology in its logo combined two images of a man in one. One more clinic Whole Heart in its logo depicts the family because it specializes in children’s and family psychology. Many private psychological practices use images of family, heart, and mind.

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