How to Create a Physical Therapy Center Logo?

Physiotherapy North Wollongong Logo

How to choose the right elements?

Creating a logo for a physical therapy center is a good way to create a unique corporate image for your business. The most widely used are floral images, such as clover leaves, lotus buds or a composition of simple elements. These symbols are associated with recovery and renewal, which patients seek. The second most popular symbol is a silhouette of a man, performing a physical exercise, being in motion or demonstrating his strength.

Dynamic Motion Physiotherapy Logo
Gardener Physiotherapy Logo
Melbourne Physio Centre Logo
Life Cycle Physiotherapy Logo

How to choose the right fonts?

An individual font is chosen for each physical therapy center logo. However, the common rule for such images is to use a rounded font, either bold or light. The letters are not italicized, so that the company name is legible.

Harter Logo
HMG Physiotherapy Logo
Zen Physiotherapy Logo
Expressive Therapy Center Logo

What companies use?

Good examples of such logos are those of Children’s Therapy Center, Expressive Therapy Center, Arbor Therapy Center and Balwin Sports&Physiotherapy Center.

Childrens Therapy Center Logo
Childrens Therapy Center Logo
Balwyn Sports Physiotherapy Centerа Logo
Arbor Therapy Center Logo
Acupuncture ZenBusiness Logo

Logos created by ZenBusiness

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