How to Create a Logo for Powerlifting?

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General information

Powerlifting is a power sport that requires the utmost concentration and effort. This is a traditional discipline with clearly defined rules, features, and symbols. To create a brand, federations, sports organizations, and national teams need a logo. Also, logos for powerlifting may be needed for sports halls, equipment manufacturers, thematic information resources, shops, or training centers.

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EPF Logo

Who uses it?

A well-known example of such logos is USA Powerlifting, which combined the national abbreviation and images of a weight bar and discs. The combination of national and sports symbols can be found in other examples, too. The logo of the EPF (European Powerlifting Federation) is concise: a grip with an arrow symbolizing growing strength and development. To brand the POWER-GYM information portal, the silhouette of an athlete lifting a grip was used.

USA Powerlifting Logo
Power GYM Logo
Core Strength Logo
British Powerlifting Logo

Which elements to choose?

If you analyze ready-made logos for powerlifting, you will see that the main element is the grip, or at least the image of the discs. The second most popular detail is the figure (most often the silhouette) of a powerlifter. In some cases, the images of strong animals (for example, a bear, a bull, a lion, etc.) are used. Federations and teams combine traditional symbols with state ones. If the logo is textual, they choose a massive direct font with thick lines that create the necessary associations with strength and power.

Para Powerlifting Logo
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Power Lift Logo
Capo Powerlifting Logo

Which colors to choose?

Many logos for powerlifting contain shades of red, blue, black, and white. This color scheme can be called traditional for sports branding. National organizations and teams can complement their logos with flag colors. Simple color schemes are common: for example, a black silhouette on a white background or vice versa. Such images can be easily recognized even at a great distance, and can be applied to the powerlifters’ sports equipment.

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