How to Create a Championship Logo?

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Despite the fact that competitions in wildlife are always present, it is the man who made them an alternative to the war. The Greeks were the first to take a step towards this – even the Hellenic wars were stopped during the Olympic Games.

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What companies use?

The most recognizable world championship is the Olympic Games, and even preschoolers recognize their logo in the form of a plexus of five colorful rings. Not far behind is the FIFA World Cup. True, there is no single distinctive symbol here. Every four years the country, which is the host of the games, develops its own logo, adding its national identity to the symbolism.

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How to choose the right elements?

The emblem of the competition must be designed taking into account the sport and meets its specificity. In the light of fashion trends, artists refused to transfer nature in sports. Everything is done only schematically, forcing the human brain to finish the image itself. The athlete-champion is also drawn by several strokes. It is desirable to choose colors in accordance with either the flag of the state or the specifics of the championship.

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