How to Create a Bowling Logo?

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General information

Bowling is not only a sport but also a popular means of entertainment among people of different generations. Going to a bowling club is one of the options for organizing leisure activities for a birthday, a family event, or a holiday. Corporate parties are also often held at a bowling club, combining a sports game with other leisure options. The club can be a separate building, but it can also be a part of the structure of a large entertainment center. When they develop a logo for bowling, brands try to recreate the atmosphere of the holiday and have a good time.

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Who uses it?

Storm Bowling, the manufacturer of equipment and accessories, has a logo that is simply a symbol of lightning, enclosed in an oval. It symbolizes the speed and energy that are the features of this sports game. The Brunswick equipment manufacturer uses a text logo. Pins and a ball in the background are on the Bowling Addicts project logo. The simple symbol of The Bowling Universe resembles the edge of the ball and part of the orbit at the same time. The Bowling 71 center also has a bright logo: Multi-colored letters are complemented with symbols of the ball (instead of “O”), and it also has stars (instead of the dot above the “i”).

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Which elements to choose?

The obvious solution is to add recognizable details to the logo: a ball with three holes or pins. This will provide direct associations. However, the problem is that there already many such logos, and some of them are protected by copyright. If uniqueness is difficult to achieve, you can try to create a combination of text and symbols, focusing on abstractions and other images. They can symbolize speed, success, the joy of victory, and other emotions and sensations associated with this form of entertainment. When choosing details, it is important to consider the age of the target audience.

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Which colors to choose?

The traditional colors of a bowling logo are white, red, and deep blue. Their combinations are still used in the symbols of manufacturers of equipment and accessories and of well-known bowling centers. However, if you want to achieve uniqueness, it is better to use a different color scheme. At the same time, it is recommended that you focus on saturated bright colors to emphasize the emotions, delight, and joy that you get from the game. The same recommendations are relevant when one is choosing a color for a text logo.

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