How to Create a Poker Logo?

Crafting a compelling poker logo is essential for establishing a memorable brand identity and capturing the excitement and thrill of the game.

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General information

In recent years, the game of poker has gotten a “second wind” thanks to the development of the online entertainment sphere. Nowadays, card tournaments can take place on the Internet, gathering players from around the world. Poker requires the utmost concentration, calculation. and thoughtful tactics. It creates the need for certain conditions for the players: They should not be distracted and everyone should feel as though their privacy is protected, while it should be possible to observe the players themselves. This has influenced the overall style, followed behind the scenes in most cases. It would be logical to take these features into account when developing a logo.

Ace Play Logo
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Ept Logo
Pokerstars Logo

Who uses it?

A large online platform, Poker Stars, has a world-famous logo. There is a symbol of the card suit of clubs between the words “Poker” and “Star”; it has an image of a star in the center. Another popular platform, Full Tilt, has a text logo, while the symbol of the Party Poker portal is also the card suit of diamonds. All four suits are used to stylize the Poker Hall of Fame logo.

Full Tilt Poker Logo
Partypoker Logo
Poker Fame Logo
Daryl Flory Memorial Poker Logo

Which elements to choose?

For a poker logo, details that evoke direct associations with a card game are used. First of all, these are images of a deck and the card suits. Distinctive elements are also allowed, for example, playing chips. You can apply details symbolizing success or the joy of winning (upward abstract lines, arrows, etc.). The combination of the brand name (for example, a game portal) and a bright, concise visual element in the logo is popular.

Esm Poker Club Logo
Foxwoods Poker Logo
Heritage Poker Club Logo
Poker Channel Logo

Which colors to choose?

The traditional range for the poker logo is not very diverse: the colors of the card suits (black and red), white as the main background color, and the varied colors of the chips. The color of the cloth is also popular, from saturated green to green with an olive shade. At the same time, some brands are developing their own color schemes, starting with the name of the club or tournament. Neon shades of traditional colors are used, imitating the signboards of gambling houses, as well as shades of noble metals (gold, silver, copper, i.e., shades of money). Let your choice be based on the associations that you would like your target audience to create.

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Excellent 4.8 out of 5 stars 15,717 reviews

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