How to Create a Gym Logo?

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General information

Gyms are not only for bodybuilders, as we thought earlier. Today fitness is more about maintaining a healthy physical condition of the body and distracting from sedentary work at the office.

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Major tips

You should design a gym logo in accordance with its specialization. If we are talking about companies supplying sports equipment, or sports nutrition, it is also worthwhile to think about creating a hint for the specifics of the activity.This is what the well-known brands 5% Rich Piana, iSatori, Mutant did.

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Gold's Gym Logo

How to choose the right elements and colors?

Most of the gyms have a signboard of an athlete with barbells or dumbbells performing a set of exercises, like the world-famous Gold’s Gym. You should not focus on the beauty of the logo, it’s best to pay attention to the originality and informative nature of it. Most often the colors of emblems are rather monotonous and repeat either the colors of the establishment itself or the colors of the federation. But, you can try to be original and play around with color solutions.

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What companies use?

A two-color emblem of Adrenalin club is very interesting, as well as the emblem of Evolution Sport fitness club chain, with a girl exercising with dumbbells, and the logo of Sport Life, a worldwide health club chain.

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Logos created by ZenBusiness

Before you start creating, you can familiarize yourself with the works of our users.

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