How to Create a Skateboard Logo

Creating a compelling skateboard logo is essential for capturing the dynamic and rebellious spirit of the skateboarding community, ensuring your brand stands out in a crowded market.

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General information

Skateboarding is the favorite pastime of both kids and adults. For some of them, an occasional hobby grows into a lifetime occupation. A skateboard stands for youth, freedom, extreme, and protest. Due to these connotations, skateboard emblems are mainly used by companies targeted at young people, e.g. manufacturers of skateboards, skateboarding centers, teenage clothing brands, amusement parks, skateboarding schools, etc.

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What brands use a skateboard logo?

Curiously enough, many well-known manufacturers deliberately refuse to use a skateboard in their branding. For example, the Girl Skateboard logo features the silhouette of a girl, while the Grizzly Skateboard logo uses a bear. There are exceptions, though. In the emblem for Skateboard Society, you can see a skateboard paired with the organization name. Another combination mark belongs to the Skateboard Safari project. It’s a great example of how you can incorporate a skateboard into the brand name.

Girl Skateboard Logo
Grizzly Skateboard Logo
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What images to choose?

There is a rather limited selection of icons that you can you for your skateboard emblem. It can an entire skateboard or its part, e.g. wheels. We recommend going for abstract graphics that stand for speed, rotation, and movement. A few examples include an arrow, spiral, and the like. A skateboard can easily replace or complement a letter in your brand name, which makes it an ideal image for combination marks. When looking for the appropriate typeface for your skateboard design, focus on fonts resembling street graffiti.

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What colors to choose?

If your brand targets children and teenagers, pick bright, catchy colors. Some of the possible options include light green, red, pink, and yellow. It might be a good idea to draw inspiration from graffiti and murals. At the same time, many companies go for the timeless combination of black and white. It’s a versatile visual solution that appeals to younger and older generation alike.

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