7 Reasons Businesses Should Invest in an Auto Dialer

In a world where technological advancements are seen every day, it’s important for every business to keep its policies up to date for them to remain competitive in the market. Customer engagement is a crucial part of any company, and it’s been made a lot easier than before. Many brands can comfortably compete with each other, provided they adjust their operations to fit the current changes.

One of the most effective innovations that have impacted how businesses handle their processes is an auto dialer. It’s proven to be a blessing to both startup and established businesses due to its simplicity and reliability. What exactly is an auto dialer, and why is it an important addition to your business?  Read on to find out more.

What is an Auto Dialer?

An automatic dialer is best described as one of the most advanced outbound call center solutions. It’s designed in such a way that it can dial customer phone numbers from a pre-defined list. The algorithms used by this system also allow it to detect whether it’s a live person or another automated software receiving the call. Once it’s satisfied by the results, it will route the call to the relevant agent or provide a set of self-service options for the customer to choose.

Many call centers have leveraged the services of this technology to improve overall employee productivity. Fortunately, there are many reliable companies, like Call Cowboy, that will provide you with this system and other products, such as a toll-free number and automatic text responder. So, what are the benefits of investing in auto dialing system?  These include:

  1. Gives Insight Into Real-Time Operations

One of the most significant benefits of an auto dialer is its ability to provide an insight into real-time operations. This is one thing that you’ll find quite helpful to you as a manager. An auto dialing system makes it possible by integrating a set of sophisticated features into your traditional call system. As such, you can check on the performance of each agent and see where to make changes so as to improve on the productivity.

One of the features added to your current system include a report generator through which you can get hourly or daily reviews. The data you get from this technology will include every agent’s call log, recorded conversations, and every successfully generated lead within that period. This information will come in handy as you try to integrate a few changes in your future operations. 

Also, you can assess the skills of the agents through their performance statistics, then, decide on the next step. In other words, it simplifies the work of managers and supervisors by providing them with the necessary resources to enhance their decision-making process. The ripple effect that such actions can have in the growth of your company is noteworthy. 

  1. Reduces Idle Time

By definition, idle time at a call center is any time wasted before a call is successfully connected to the desired recipient. For instance, when the agent has to go through a list of numbers, dial digits, and wait for the call to connect or drop, a lot of time is wasted. As you already know, time is money, and without the right strategies and resources in place, a company might not be able to connect with enough clients. As such, a lot of potential sales are lost due to the slow operations at the call center.

One of the KPIs for any manager running a contact center is to reduce agent idle time. The most effective way to handle this problem is by updating the call systems to feature the latest technology. If you’ve not integrated an auto dialer to your system, then, you’re missing on a lot of benefits. For one, this innovation will only transfer the answered calls to the next available agents. 

As such, your employees will not be forced to wait for calls to be answered, only to find that the numbers they’re trying to call are unavailable. Consequently, a lot of room will be created for more calls per hour. At the end of the day, the productivity of your agents will improve drastically. 

  1. Increases Agent Talk Time

At a call center, the productivity of an agent is affected by many things, one of them being the talk time they’re afforded by the systems in place. Of course, advertising through word of mouth can only bear fruits if the one talking is given enough time to pass their message to the customers. Although it’s simple to use, one of the biggest shortcomings of a manual dialer is the amount of time wasted by agents while trying to find the contacts. Also, the process of having to wait for the call to connect eats up a significant percentage of every hour. At the end of the day, an agent will have to choose between calling a few clients per hour or spending less time with each of the callers. 

An auto dialer system offers a solution to this problem by doing all the hard work. As such, the only thing the employees are left to worry about is the needs of their respective clients. With this freedom, call center representatives can also go ahead and research further on a customer before making or receiving their call. Such are the small actions that can significantly improve the overall productivity of any call center. All agents will be focused on their main responsibility rather than the technical part of it.

  1. Enhances Lead Conversion

Manual dialers are known for their low lead generation rates, given the fact that most information fed to the customers has to come from the agents. This drawback, coupled with the fact that the representatives don’t get enough talk time due to idling, makes the whole system less efficient. However, automatic dialing systems are programmed to offer self-service options to the customers. As such, clients can choose to speak with an available agent only if their questions aren’t answered in the self-service menu. Managers can also import contacts from external sources and increase the number of potential clients. 

Remember, the success of any call center is measured by the number of customers brought on board within a given period. Due to increased talk time, agents have enough time to persuade their callers to buy the company’s products and services. Also, reduced idle time means more potential clients are contacted from the imported contact lists, hence, higher chances of having more successful leads.

  1. Improves Operational Efficiency

Another reason for investing in an auto dialer for your business is to increase the productivity of your employees. Since there’ll be no more manual dialing, call center representatives will make less errors in their work. For instance, misdialing is one issue that’s evident in the older technology. Because of the pressure to meet their daily target and the slowness of the systems, agents using manual dialing are prone to committing many mistakes. These actions not only impact the particular tasks they’re handling, but also the whole call center operation due to slow movement of pending tasks.

Auto dialing systems, however, have proven to be the solution to this frustrating issue. The automated system is designed to take up all recurring tasks that agents keep repeating before making any call. Some of these tasks include searching through a list of contacts and dialing the desired numbers. In the long run, your employees will have all their energy channeled towards helping customers. As such, work will flow a lot faster than before, which is a recipe for success in any company.

  1. Distributes Calls Among Available Agents

In case a call is received from a customer, it’s imperative that a free agent is tasked to take the call. Unlike manual dialers, an auto dialer can perfectly deliver on this procedure by redirecting the call to the next available agent. As such, it will save the customer time and help the company solve the issues presented by the clients as quickly as possible. In case all agents are busy or the customer’s question is simple, the system is programmed to offer self-service procedures. In the long run, you can ease the pressure on the employees, which will help in improving the quality of their output. 

  1. Detects Unproductive Numbers

In any list of contacts, it’s rare to miss a number that’s always busy or unavailable. With manual dialing, you might end up calling unresponsive numbers several times. To avoid wasting time on such contacts, you can integrate an auto dialer system that comes with features capable of detecting and getting rid of unproductive numbers. This sophisticated software can scan through a set of names on a contact list and, then, filter out those that don’t seem useful to the business at the moment. 


An auto dialer can have a huge impact on the overall operation within any call center. For one, it will improve efficiency within the workplace due to reduced idle time. Also, with enough talk time afforded to the agents, there are high chances of having a higher rate of lead conversion. Inasmuch as manual dialing is still common in startup businesses, there’s a need for upgrading to the latest technology. An auto dialer will not only help reduce significant inconveniences, but also boost the morale of your agents. As such, they’ll be able to serve their respective clients accordingly.

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