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Auto Repair Shop Name Ideas

Auto Repair Shop Name Ideas

Follow our step-by-step guide to naming your auto shop repair business or use the business generator form below to see if your business name is available to register as a domain.

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When you’re starting an auto repair shop, you’ve got a lot on your plate, from getting equipment and supplies to advertising your new shop. High on your to-do list is coming up with auto repair shop name ideas. But if you’re struggling to come up with a business name or you need some guidance to create your own, you’re in good company. It can be tough! 

Thankfully, help is on the way. We’ve assembled a master list of over 330 auto repair shop name ideas to suit any niche, including: 

Use these names as-is, add your own personal touch, or get inspired to create your own — whatever works best for you. Before long, you’ll have the perfect name to build a brand identity for your new business.

One quick note before we continue: just because we’ve included a name in this list doesn’t guarantee that it’s available for use in your state. There’s always a small chance that someone in your state has claimed one of these auto repair shop names. So if you like one of these names, be sure to do your homework and check availability before finalizing a name choice.

Best Auto Repair Shop Naming Ideas

Want to dive right into simple auto repair shop name ideas? Here are some of our top recommendations right off the bat.

A Class Auto DetailingA-Plus Auto DetailingAbove Pixel
Absolute Auto DetailingAlbet QuickAlivete Axle
All-Season Auto DetailingAltas DrivenAmazing Auto Detailing
American AutosAngel Auto DetailingArtful Auto Detailing
Aspira AutosAuthentic Auto DetailingAuto Doc
Auto ManAuto Detail DemonsAuto Detailing Plus
Auto ExcelAuto FusionAuto Haven Repairs
Auto Marvels Custom Rods Speed PerformanceAuto Paint Spit n’ PolishAuto Patter
Auto PolishersAuto Reset Repair MechanicsAuto Stars Collision
Auto Stella GarageAuto Stop TiresAuto-sense Performance
AutoMed MechanicsAutos Follow Garage MechanicsAutoTime Body Shop
Autoware CustomsAwesome AutosBaizer and Grimmett Automotive Repair
Bays Service CenterBest Auto DetailingBikemind Motorcycles
Biker’s KingBlack Bear BikesBluebash Auto Repair
Bubblesqueaky Auto DetailingBubblyway CarwashBussard’s All Pro Automotive Center
Capstone Auto CafeCar Boss MechanicsCar Doctor Customs
Car Management IncCar Shapers Body ShopCar Shine Detailers
Car SurgeonsCar WorthCarboost Speed Shop
Carglow Auto DetailingCarotech AutomotiveCarrenew Auto Detailing
Chasisshine AutodetailingClassic Car Motor RepairClean Masters CleanCar
Collision Consultants Auto Body and PaintCosmixx MotorcyclesCustom Auto Detailing
Cut Rate Auto PartsDapper Auto DetailingDazzling Auto Detail
Deluxe Auto DetailersDependable Auto MechanicsDesign Cars Time
Detail DayzDetail DevilsDetail Masters
Detail TimeDevilish DetailingDiamond Shine Detailing
Darren’s Lube ExpressDrag Mamma GarageDriveco Auto Detailing
EcoGreen Vehicle ProsElegant Engine SpecialistsEntrust Auto Repair
Euro Spec MotoringEvercare DetailingEvolve Auto Detailing
Exact Auto DetailingExpress Auto ShopExtra Mile Mechanics
Exxel Auto WorldFast Auto DetailingFavorite Auto Detailing
Feel Fresh Auto DetailersFeelfresh Car DetailingFine Crew Auto Garage
Finesse Auto DetailingFocus Auto DetailingFriendly Auto Detailing
Glittering DetailGlowburst Auto ServiceGold Crown Auto Service
GoodGrip AutoHappy Autos ShopHence Auto Repair Mechanics
Highway Man GarageHitman Auto RepairHot Rod Lovers
Ideal Auto DetailingIn The Pits Auto RepairJust Patchy Body Shop
Lexitt Auto RepairsLighttouch Auto DetailingLove Autos
Lucy’s Auto CenterMarina West Auto BodyMechanicManic
Melrose Auto Repair ShopMetamorphosis Auto DetailingMint Auto Body Repair
Mintchasis Auto DetailingMobile Auto DetailingMobilemuse Auto Detailing
Motion Auto DetailingMr Cracken Body ShopNaughty Chopper Nurses
New Car Smell DetailingNookcleaners Auto DetailingOne-Stop Auto Shop
Opax Bikes RepairingOri’s Automotive Service CenterOswald’s Auto Diagnostics
Pacific Auto ServicePark’s Auto Repair and TirePerfect Auto Detailing
Perfectly PolishedPerformance ImportsPolish People Detailers
Polish ProfessionalsPrecision Auto ClinicPrecision Auto Detailing
Precision PolishingPreferred Auto DetailingPretty Cars Detailing
Professional Auto DetailingProfix Auto MechanicsProtone Auto Plus
Quality Auto DetailingQuick Start MechanixRegal Auto Detailing
Rexray CollisionRocket City Body ShopRod Knox and Denton Fenders
Rods Auto RepairRoyal Auto DetailingShine Up Detailing
Shinecraft Car ServicesShinemax Auto DetailingShining Auto
Shiny BumperShiny CarShiny Tires
Smart Auto DetailingSpecialized Auto DetailingSuperwash Auto Detailing
The Detail ExpertsThe Modern Muffler

Innovative Auto Repair Shop Names

An innovative auto shop name can be a great way to stand out and attract customers to your shop by making them feel confident that they’re taking their car to a shop with top-of-the-line, cutting-edge service. Here are some of our favorite innovative auto repair shop names.

TechTrend Auto InnovationsFutureTech Auto SolutionsNextGen Car Care
Auto Evolve SpecialistsAdvanced AutoLogicIntelliCar Repairs & Services
ModernMotive Auto CareAuto Innovate HubSmartWrench Precision
HighTech Auto HavenNextWave AutoWorksVisionary Vehicle Care
FutureFix Auto StudioTechDrive Auto ServicesAutoInnovate Systems
Precision AutoTech RepairForwardGear Auto SolutionsAutoRevolution Workshops
TechSavvy Car CareUltraTech Auto RepairsModernMech Auto Experts
InnovAuto SolutionsTechForward Auto CareAdvanceAuto Crafters
FutureFrame Auto RepairElectroMotive Auto ServicesProTech Auto Innovations
SmartShift Auto Repair

Service-Specific Mechanic Shop Names

Focusing on a specific service like brakes, alignments, or anything in between can be a great way to focus on what you love or excel at (and make good money doing it). Your name can be a simple way to advertise the unique services of your auto repair business, letting your customers know exactly what they can expect from you. Here are some of our top recommendations. 

QuickFix Brakes & ServicePrecision Engine Repair Co.ClutchMaster Transmission Specialists
RapidTire Service & SalesExpressOil Change PlusEliteExhaust Solutions
AutoAlign Suspension ExpertsTurboTune Auto DiagnosticsCoolantCrew Radiator Service
BatteryBoost Electrical ServicesFrameRight Collision RepairGearhead Transmission & Clutch
BrakeBright SolutionsSparkPlug Auto ElectricsSpeedySuspension Centers
EngineEmpire RebuildsMufflerMasters Custom ExhaustsAutoAir Conditioning Pros
PunctureProof Tire ServicesRadiantRadiator RepairsQuickShift Clutch and Transmission
PowerSteer Precision AlignmentFuelFlow Injection ServicesElectriCar Battery & Electrical
ShineOn Auto DetailingDentDefenders Bodywork SpecialistsGlassGuard Windshield & Window Repair
EcoWash Waterless Car DetailingLeatherLux Upholstery Services

Bodywork and Collision Repair Names

Life after a car accident can feel stressful, and you specialize in helping car owners calmly get their cars back to looking their best. Now you need a name that reflects that specialty. Here are our favorite bodywork and collision repair names. 

RenewAuto Collision CarePrimeFinish Body ExpertsRestoreRight Auto Body
NewLife Collision ServicesAutoRevive Body & PaintPrestige Auto Rejuvenation
PristineAuto BodyworksRenewRide Collision SolutionsShineMaster Paint & Body
FrameRestore Collision SpecialistsPerfectFinish Body ShopRebornRides Bodywork
DentMenders Collision RepairPaintPerfection Auto BodyBodyRevive Collision Center
NewEra Auto RestorationImpactRecovery Body SpecialistsTrueForm Auto Body & Paint
Revitalize Auto Body ClinicCollisionCrafters Body ShopSmoothFinish Auto Body
ClassicRevival BodyworkResurrectAuto Paint & BodyPlatinumBody Works & Collision
UnityCollision Repair & PaintBrightFuture Auto BodyPhoenixRise Collision Repair
Elegance Auto Restoration

Funny Auto Shop Names

A key part of a good business name is that it’s memorable, and one feasible way to be memorable is to make people laugh. That’s where a funny auto shop name can serve you well, just “sticking” in the minds of your customers. Here are some of our favorites. 

The Brake BrothersAuto Body and SoulExhausted Auto Repairs
Crankshaft Comedy MechanicsMuffler Musings & MoreThe Dented Fender
Nut Job Auto RepairsThe Car BarHoodwinked Auto
Bumper Banter Body ShopClutch & Chuckle MechanicsGearheads & Giggles
The Merry MechanicsBrake A Leg Auto RepairsTire Tickle Auto Service
The Jolly Jumper Auto ShopWrench WreckersSqueaky Wheel Service Station
Laughing Clutch Auto CenterThe Motley Crew Repair ShopQuirkWorks Garage
Hilarious HorsepowerJestDrive Auto ServicesChuckle Clutch & Brake
Gasket Gigglers GarageShift & Guffaw Auto ShopMotor Mouth Mechanics
Whimsical Wheels WorkshopJokesters’ Auto Fix

Cool Mechanic Shop Names

A hip, cool shop name can help advertise to your customers that you offer a relaxed, modern environment paired with classic car expertise. Here are some of our favorite cool mechanic shop names. 

Velocity Vortex Auto RepairUrbanEdge Motor MechanicsApexAuto Creations
StealthMode Auto WorksDriftDynasty RepairsChromeCruisers Garage
NitroNest MechanicsZenith Auto CraftersPulseRacer Auto Tech
PhantomFlex TuningIgniteAuto InnovationsGearGliders Repair Shop
TurboTrendz GarageMotorMajesty Service CenterFusionForge Mechanics
AeroShift Auto SolutionsQuantum Quench MechanicsZenMotors Garage
Infinity Auto WorksPinnacle Performance GarageNeonNimbus Auto Care
VibeVelocity Vehicle ServicesKinetic KustomzThriveThrottle Auto Repair
SpectraSpeed WorkshopsRevRevolution MechanicsEliteEngine Experts
BlazeBound AutoSonicBoom Services

Location-Based Names

If you’re proud of where you live and work, you might decide to integrate your city name or a local landmark into your car shop name. There are a wide variety of ways to do this, from a subtle nod to local heritage or an on-the-nose direct reference. 

CapitolCar CareRockyRoad RepairsBayBridge Auto Body
SunsetStrip Service CenterBigApple MechanicsGoldenGate Garage
LoneStar AutoWorksPeachTree Auto CareSpaceCity Auto Lab
WindyCity WheelsRiverWalk RepairsHighDesert Auto Tune
TwinPeaks Auto RepairEmeraldCity EnginesBluegrass Auto Boutique
Alamo Auto AssistanceQueenCity QuikFixSurfside Auto Sanctuary
MileHigh MechanicsBourbonStreet BrakesSiliconValley Systems
Gateway GarageLibertyBell Auto CareBigSky Auto Repair
GreatLakes GearheadsEvergreen Engine ExpertsHeartland Auto Haven
PacificPeak Auto ProsBeantown Brakes & Body

Tips for Choosing the Right Auto Repair Shop Name

Choosing the right name for your auto repair shop is a crucial first step in establishing your brand and attracting customers. The perfect name should not only reflect your business’s identity and services but also be accessible and memorable for potential customers. Here’s a friendly guide to picking a name that drives customers to your door.

Keep it simple and accessible

To make a successful business name, you’ll need something that’s easy to spell and pronounce. You want people to remember your shop’s name and, more importantly, be able to find it online or tell their friends about it without struggling.

To do that, avoid complex words, an overly long and descriptive name, auto care industry jargon that’s not widely understood, or creative spellings that might confuse more than they captivate. For example, “QuickFix Brakes” is straightforward, easy to spell, and immediately tells what you do.

Memorability is also essential. Aim for a name that sticks in people’s minds; it should be easy to remember without straining. A memorable name is usually short, catchy, and evokes imagery related to your services. Think “Brake Brothers” or “Clutch City”. It’s not just about the services; it’s about creating a brand that leaves a strong impression.

Conduct thorough legal checks

No matter whether you’re picking one of the names we’ve suggested or coming up with your own, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your name is unique. It can’t already be in use by an LLC or corporation in your state (or another registered business type), and it can’t be protected by a trademark. A quick internet search is a good preliminary search, but don’t stop there. 

Check with your state’s business registry (specifically running a business name search and a state trademark search) and run a trademark search on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s website. These searches will help ensure no one else has claimed the name or something too similar to it.

While these searches might seem like a hassle, they are essential to ensure that you don’t encounter legal issues with your name down the line.

Check domain availability

In today’s digital age, having an online presence is non-negotiable. Check if the domain name for your chosen auto shop name is available. Ideally, you want a “.com” that matches your business name. If your first choice isn’t available, consider slight variations or adding words like “auto” or “shop” to get a close match.

In a similar vein, see if you can get matching social media handles set up for your business so it’s easy for customers to find you. Social media can be a powerful tool for networking, advertising, and connecting with clients, so don’t overlook this step. 

Reflect your brand and services

Your name should showcase your specialty. If your auto repair business specializes in something specific, like being a mobile mechanic business or focusing on transmissions or electric vehicles, consider including that in your name. This not only helps make it SEO-friendly but also instantly communicates your expertise to potential customers. For example, “Evolution Auto Care” highlights a focus on electric vehicles.

Likewise, if your business is rooted in a particular area or community, weaving in a local reference can create a sense of belonging and loyalty. Names like “Rocky Mountain Repairs” or “Gulf Coast Customs” celebrate your location while drawing in a local customer base.

Using an Auto Shop Name Generator for More Ideas

If you’re hitting a creative wall or just want to explore a wide range of naming options, an auto shop name generator can be a surprisingly effective tool. Here’s how to make the most out of a business name generator while searching for the perfect name for your auto repair shop.

Start by brainstorming a list of keywords related to your business. Think about the services you offer, your unique selling points, and any industry terms that resonate with your brand. Keywords could include terms like “auto,” “repair,” “mechanic,” “transmission,” “brake,” “engine,” or any specialty services you provide. Or you could find something fun you’re sure you want to integrate, like “car guys” or “car gurus.” The more specific your keywords, the more tailored your results will be.

When using a name generator, try different combinations of your chosen keywords to see a variety of suggestions. Also, keep an open mind and jot down any names that catch your eye. Remember, the goal here is to generate ideas — you might find a ready-to-use gem, or you might be inspired to tweak a suggestion into something uniquely yours. A personal touch can go a long way.

Most importantly, don’t forget to cross-reference your favorite generated names with your previous legal checks for uniqueness and domain availability. This ensures the name you settle on is not only catchy and relevant but also legally viable and ready for online branding.

Try ZenBusiness

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Disclaimer: The content on this page is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal, tax, or accounting advice. If you have specific questions about any of these topics, seek the counsel of a licensed professional.

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