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Handyman Business Name Ideas

300+ Handyman Business Name Ideas

Follow our step-by-step guide to naming your profitable & catchy handyman business or use the business generator form below to see if your business name is available to register as a domain.

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Starting a successful handyman business requires a wide variety of tools: hammers, saws, protective equipment, drills, and of course, a strong business name. A good handyman business name helps you stand out in a competitive market, advertising your business as the local handyman brand to trust with home repairs and renovations.

But where can you come up with memorable handyman business name ideas? And how can you claim your name once you’ve created one? Look no further. In this guide, we’ll cover all the essentials of how to pick a name, from coming up with your own to picking one from a list of over 300 potential names.

318 Handyman Business Name Ideas

Naming any business, including a handyman company, can feel tricky. So if you’re feeling a little uninspired, don’t worry — you’re not alone. This list of 318 handyman business name ideas might just contain the perfect name for you, or better yet, you’ll find a name that you can customize to suit your business perfectly. 

From quirky to eco-friendly or catchy handyman business names and everything in between, we’ve got a wide variety of handyman company names to inspire your naming efforts. 

One last note before we proceed: we’re making handyman business name suggestions below, but we can’t guarantee that a given name will be available in your state. Before committing to a name, please do your homework and check that it’s available in your area. 

Professional Handyman Business Names

Your service is your focus, and you don’t necessarily need a flashy business name. If that’s your business, you’ll need a name that’s simple but professional. And thankfully, there’s a wide variety to choose from. 

Able HandymanAbsolute ToolsAbsolutely Handy
Accurate HandymanAffordable HandymanAll Done Handyman
All Out HandymanAll-American HandymanBest Solutions Handyman
Best Value HandymanBranded HandyCity Handyman
Conduit HandymanDependable HandymanDone Right Repair Service
Dream HandymanEastern Handyman ServicesElite Services Handyman
Excellent HandymanExpert HandymenFirst Choice Handyman
First-Class Home ServicesFive Star Repair ServicesFix it Expert
Gold Standard HandymanGood HandymanHammer and Saw Pros
Hammer Joe HandymanHandy ProsHandyman 24 Seven
Handyman BossHandyman CraftedHandyman Heroes
Handyman PlusHandyman ProsI Can Repair Service
In Action HandymanInside and Out Home HandymanInterior and Exterior Repairs
Iron and Wood HandymanMaster of the FixesMasters of the Odd Job
Mender Home ServicesMr. House RepairMr. Handyman
Mr. New York Handy – (add your town or state)Northern Handyman ServicesPerfection Handyman
Polished Home ServicesPower HandymanPrecision Handyman
Premium HandymanProblem Solved Repair ServiceProject Handyman
Project Repair HandymanReputable Handyman ServicesRight the First Time Handyman
Right Way HandymanRock Solid HandymanSawdust Handyman Services
Seasoned HandymanSkilled HandsSuperior Repair Service
Task Force HandyThe Force Repair ServiceTools Expert
Tools PreciseTools Prime Time RepairsTools Qualified Handyman
Tools Relief HandymanTools Sharp HandymanTrue Blue Handyman
Upkeep Home Repair ServiceUpright HandymanUSA Handyman
Your Trusted HandymanExpertise Handy ServicesProHandy Solutions
Integrity HandymenPrecision CraftsmenElite Handy Professionals
MasterCraft Handy ServicesVanguard Handy SolutionsPrecision Home Services
Apex Handy Experts

Catchy and Creative Handyman Business Name Ideas

The hallmark of a good business name is one that’s memorable. If you’re in need of a catchy name for your own handyman business, then look no further than these ideas.

All Hands on Deck HandymanAny Job on DemandAround Your House Repair Services
Arrow Straight HandymanAt Home CrewAvailable Handyman
Best Houston Handyman – (add your city name)Busy Bees HandymanClever Handyman
Dads HandymanDan the HandymanDandy Handyman
DIY HandymanDrill and Bang HandymanDrill Lady
Drill Sargent HandymanDude HandymanEmpowered Handyman
Epic Tool RepairExtra Hands HandymanFaith in Tools
Fire and Ice HandymanFix it AddictsFix it and Forget it Solutions
Fix it Fast FreddieFix it Fast HandymanFix it Master
Fix-it ManFixated on ServiceFixation Station
Fixed in a Jiffy HandymanFixed That! HandymanFixer Found
Flawless Tools RepairFred Fix ItFriendly Fixers
Get Bent HandymanHave Toolbox Ready to FixHammer Man
Handy DanHandy AndyHandy Army Repairs
Handy GuyHandy HandsHandy Mobile
Handyism RepairsHandyman FansHandyman Ready for Hire
Handyman SharksHandyworks ServiceHappy Handyman
Help Around the House Repair ServiceHelping You HandymanHere to Help Services
Homeowner Aid HandymanHometown HandyHomework Guy
Honey Do List Completed HandymanHouse Calls for Your HomeHouse Husband for Hire
Jack of All TradesMan on CallMeasure Twice Handyman
Mom’s Favorite HandymanMr. Odd JobMr. Toolbox
My California HandymanMy Hands Your JobsNeighborhood Fix-it
Neighbors’ Favorite Repair ServiceNifty Fixer HandymanNot Screwing Around Handyman
One Call and It’s Done HandymanOvernight HandymanPower Tools Handyman
Pretty Girl HandymanPrice Is Right HandymanPriced Right Handyman
Punchlist Destroyer Repair ServicesQuick Fix DoctorsRandy Is Handy
Rapid HandymanReady Repairs HandymanRepair Crew House Calls
Repairs on the RunResponsive HandymanScrew It Handyman
Side Projects Are My SpecialitySnappy and Happy HandymanSpeedy Handyman
Step Ladder HandymanTasks on the RunThe Family Man Handyman
The Get it Done Gail HandymanTip Top Shape HandymanToday’s Handyman
Toolbox to Go to TravelTraveling Toolbox Home ServicesWeekend Handyman
Welcome Home HandymanWhite Van HandymanZippy Handyman
Handy HeroesFix-It PhoenixCrafty Hands Co.
Wizard of FixesThe Repair VirtuosoFixFlair Handyman
Handyman HarmonyQuirkFix ServicesFixPlix Handymen

Quirky and Memorable Handyman Business Name Ideas

A “normal” business name isn’t the right fit for every business. Some handyman business owners will want something more distinct or quirkier. If that’s you, you have a variety of options. Here are just a few ideas: 

Ann the HandywomanBroke HandymanCollegiate Handyman
Coastal HandymanFour Sisters HandymanGodsend Handyman Services
Handy Tasks HandymanHandy for HigherHandy Gals
Handy Ma’amHandy MadamHandy Miss
Handy Mr’sHandy MrsHandy Plus Will Pairs Repair
HandywomanHappy Repair ServiceHelp Is Here Handyman Services
Helpful Hands ServicesHere to Save the Day Home RepairHero Handymen
Hometown Repair HeroesHomeworkHonest Handyman
Honey, I Fixed It HandymanHoney, Is’s Done HandymanHot Handyman Services
Housecalls ServicesIn Faith HandymanJill Handy
Jill of All TradesJoe HandyLady’s Choice Handyman
Legend HandymanMan at Your ServiceMountain Handyman
Mr Bad Jokes HandymanMr. Small RepairsMrs. Handyman
Ms. Tools to GoNailed HandymanNailing it Handyman
New Metal HandymanOdd Job BobOdd Jobs I Love
One Woman Repair ServicesI Can Repair ServiceIn Action Handyman
Inside and Out Home HandymanInterior and Exterior RepairsIron and Wood Handyman
Master of the FixesMasters of the Odd JobMender Home Services
Mr. House RepairMr. HandymanMr. New York Handy – (add your town or state)
Northern Handyman ServicesRandy the HandymanSally the Handy Woman
Seaside HandymanSilver Platter HandymanSmart Choice Handyman
Solutions HandymanSOS Home ServicesSouthern Handyman Services
Stone Cold HandymanSuper Nice Guy HandymanThe Handy Be Handy
Unbreakable HandywomanUseful Fellow HandymanWe Love Small Projects Handyman
Where Is the Repair Needed?Who to Call HandymanWorker Ants Handyman
World’s Best HandymanYour Wife’s HandymanOdd Job Odyssey
QuirkCraft HandymanThe Fixit FantasiaHandy Humor Services
Eccentric EngineersWhimsyWorks HandyThe Gadget Guy
Bizarre Repair SquadWacky Wrench Co.

Eco-Friendly Handyman Business Name Ideas

As green values become more important to today’s consumers, a lot of industries are integrating eco-friendly practices into their business model. If you’d like to do that with your handyman business, here are a few names that could showcase those values: 

GreenFix HandymanEcoCraft HandymenNature’s Handyman
GreenThumb SolutionsEcoWise Handy ServicesSustainable Repairs
BioHandy ServicesEcoHandy ExpertsPlanetFix Handymen

Emergency Handyman Business Name Ideas

If you’re going to focus on after-hour services or quick call times for home emergencies, your name should showcase that. Plus, an emergency-related name will advertise your services to potential clients, too. 

After Hours ServiceAnytime Job HandymanASAP Handyman
At Home HandymanAt Home HelperBe There Right Away Handyman
Fixed on Service LineHandyman 24 SevenHandyman Ready for Hire
Here to Help ServicesHelp Is Here Handyman ServicesJust-in-Time Repairs
In a Clutch HandymanOvernight HandymanQuickly Handyman
Repairs Ace HandymanRepairs Solved HandymanSOS Home Services
911 Handy ServicesASAP Repair SquadUrgent Fixes Co.
Emergency CraftsmenRapidRepair HandymenRescueHandy Services
FlashFix HandymanQuickFix CommandInstant Repair Force

Qualities of a Good Handyman Business Name

Part of the fun of naming a business is the fact that there are (nearly) limitless possibilities to create. But with limitless possibilities comes an equally limitless potential to create a name that flops. To ensure you create a good business name, you’ll need to follow some essential steps. 

Ultimately, a good handyman business name is: 

  • Memorable: A good business name should be easy to say and easy to spell. Ideally, it should “stick” in the minds of your potential customers. At the very least, it should be easy to recall so customers can tell their friends about you when they rave about the service you provide them.
  • Descriptive: A great business name conveys what services your handyman business offers. While your name doesn’t have to explicitly say “flooring” or “fridge repair” or something super specific, it should give your customers a pretty clear idea what they can expect from your company.
  • Available: Your handyman business name can’t infringe on the names of other protected businesses. We’ll cover this in more detail later, but we should mention it here. 

Getting a Domain Name for Your Handyman Business Name

In today’s digital world, an online presence is absolutely essential, even for handyman businesses. That means you’ll need to build a business website. But ideally, your business’s web address, or domain name, should match (or at least closely resemble) your business name. This makes it easier for customers to find you online, interact with you, and enlist your services.

When you pick a name, we highly recommend running a domain name search to ensure that you can build a matching website for your company. ZenBusiness can even help you check domain availability and register a domain.

For similar reasons, it’s recommended to find matching social media handles for your business name. These aren’t required, but they’re quite helpful when you’re building an online presence.

Strategies for Brainstorming Handyman Business Names

If you’re feeling a little lost at the prospect of brainstorming your handyman business, don’t worry. Feeling stuck is totally normal. With the right tips and tricks up your sleeve, you can come up with the perfect name. 

Start by brainstorming some keywords that match your brand’s unique value proposition. For example, if you’re focusing on emergency handyman services, you might pick words like “emergency” or “24/7” or “rescue.” After that, playing around with word associations can generate a wide variety of ideas. You can also play around with different approaches, such as integrating your own name into your business name or integrating your geographic area (such as your city name or local landmarks). 

Ultimately, do your best to have fun with the process and be as creative as you can. But no matter what, keep your names relevant to your intended handyman services to help ensure that you pick a name that suits your business.

If you’re still struggling, using a business name generator can help. See the next section for details on how to make that happen. 

A Handyman Business Name Generator: How to Use for Naming Ideas

If you have not found your perfect handyman business name from the lists above, you can consider using a company name generator like this one for handyman names.

Here are our top tips on how to use a business name generator for good results – complete with examples for home repair companies.

Step 1: Create a handyman keyword list

To name your home repair service, start by researching and brainstorming a list of keywords. These are the terms you will enter into the company name generator.

Remember garbage in — garbage out.

This means that the better, more focused, and creative your keywords are the better your results will be.

An easy way to brainstorm keywords to use in name generators is to use Google. Put in your business type (handyman, home repair, construction, property maintenance,) plus “keywords”.

Scroll through the search results to find pages filled with good related keywords such as this page.

I found these additional keywords =  home, improve, renovation, contractor, remodeling, painting, plumbing, window installation, power washing, moving, hauling

Another source of creative keywords to use in the name generator is a glossary of handyman terms.  I found even more good keywords to input into the name generator, including angled corner, bevel, wood grain, first cut, cornice, and plumb bob.

Step 2: Generate names

Experiment by entering various keywords — single and multiple variations — into the name generator tool to generate creative name ideas.

Check out the ones I created by using the keyword list I created using the prior steps:

List of Home Repair Name Ideas

  • Home Universe
  • Home Wind
  • Fantastic Homes
  • Agile Home Repairs
  • Your Better Home
  • Optimum Home
  • Handyopedia
  • Boss Handy

Check if these names are available instantly using this domain search tool.

Check out my list of the best free business name generators here.

Step 3: Review and edit names

Now let’s take those names you generated and customize them for your perfect business name by adding your personal name (John, Bob), nickname (Dad, Slim), or town name/region (NYC, Tri-State, Southern).

Create a shortlist of ones you like. The next step is where we’ll pick your final name.

Step 4: Select final name

The final step in naming your handyman company is to ask your customers, employees, friends, and family to give their opinions about your name ideas.

Have a list of three or more choices and ask them which they like best and why. Try not to influence them so you get their true opinion.

Ask them for any name ideas they can think of. Some of the best names have come about just this way!

Step 5 (optional): Trademark your handyman name

Congratulations on creating your new business name! Now let’s protect it from your competitors. Trademark your business name at the state or federal level, if you like.

Step 6 (optional): Reserve your home repair domain name

Check to see if your intended name is available as an internet domain name for your website.

Legal Steps to Secure Your Business Name

Once you’ve created the perfect business name, you’ll want to protect it and formally claim it as your own. But there are a few steps to follow to make that happen. Let’s walk through those.

Check name availability

No matter what type of business you plan to form, you need to check that your name is available to use. For starters, you should run a business name search on your state’s website to check that a registered business (for example, an LLC or corporation) hasn’t claimed that name already. 

Beyond that, you should also run a trademark search with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This will help you check that your name isn’t infringing on any federally protected trademarks, either. A trademark search on the state level is also a good idea.

If you run these searches and find that your name overlaps with an existing, protected name, you’ll need to make some changes. If your name is unique, then you’re all set to proceed with the next steps. 

Registered businesses: File formation paperwork

If you’re looking into forming an LLC or corporation (or another registered business), then you’ll officially be able to claim your name by filing formation paperwork with your state. This occurs because each state protects the names of its registered businesses. 

To become a registered business, you’ll usually need to file a form called the Articles of Organization (LLCs) or the Articles of Incorporation (corporations), but the exact forms vary from one state to another. A filing fee accompanies this form, too.

Once your formation documents are filed and accepted, your business will be created. You’ll also have a formal claim to your name. 

Unregistered businesses: File a DBA

If you’re considering operating as a sole proprietorship or partnership, you are allowed to do so. But your options for claiming your name will be a bit different. States don’t protect names of unregistered businesses because those names don’t go on record. 

But that doesn’t mean you’re entirely without options. You can, in most states, register your name as a DBA, or “doing business as” name. This registration is a bit like a “permission slip” to use a business name that’s different from your legal name. 

States take slightly different approaches to DBAs. Some require registration, and some let it be an optional task, or one handled at the county level. Some states protect DBAs for exclusive use, but many don’t. No matter whether your state protects DBAs or not, registration is recommended. Registering at least adds your DBA to local records, which might discourage another business from trying to use the same name. 

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Disclaimer: The content on this page is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal, tax, or accounting advice. If you have specific questions about any of these topics, seek the counsel of a licensed professional.

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