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333 Catchy Landscaping Business Name Ideas

Follow our step-by-step guide to naming your landscaping company or use the business generator form below to see if your business name is available to register as a domain.

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When you’re starting a landscaping business, you have a laundry list of tasks to accomplish: buying equipment, attracting potential clients, registering your business, and much more. High on that task list is coming up with landscaping business names. 

A good business name is essential for marketing and branding your landscaping company. It’s how customers will come to know you and recognize you. It’s even how they’ll recommend you to their friends and family. So it’s crucial to get your landscaping business name right. 

But if you’re struggling to find “the one,” don’t worry; naming a business can be challenging! That’s where this guide comes in. Whether you need guidance on how to create a compliant name, some inspiration, or a list of names to choose from, you’ll find it here.

How to Name a Landscape Business

Naming a business is a bit more complicated than just stringing words together, but there is a lot of freedom to be creative and express yourself. No matter what direction you’re leaning for a business name, there are some criteria for landscaping businesses to meet. 

What makes for good landscaping names

There are lots of good landscaping name options. Generally, a good business name is:

  • Memorable: A good business name “sticks” in the minds of the people who hear or see it.
  • Relevant and descriptive: A good name tells people a little bit about the services the business offers. 
  • Simple: A good name is pretty straightforward; it’s easy to say and spell. 
  • Original: A good name doesn’t infringe on any protected names (more on this in a later section). But similarly, your name shouldn’t be too cliched so it gets customers’ attention.
  • Emotional appeal: Your business name should evoke positive feelings about nature and beautiful outdoor spaces.

Lists of Landscaping Company Name Ideas

Ready to find the perfect business name for your landscaping company? Whether you want a ready-to-use name that’s classic, some inspiration for a creative name, or anything in between, you’ll find it here. 

One quick note before we go further: just because we’ve included a particular name on this list doesn’t mean that it’s available in your state. It’s your responsibility to check that your desired business name isn’t infringing on any protected names, so please do your homework. 

General Landscaping Services Business Names

If you offer classic, no-nonsense landscaping services, you’ll need a straightforward, classic name. Here are some of our favorites. 

4 Seasons LandscapersA New Life Landscaping CompanyAessis Landscape
All Grown-Up LandscapingAmazeShine LandscapesAmazin’ Grazin’ Landscaping
April Fresh LandscapeArctic Green LandscapesAtmosEye Landscapes
AtmosGlare LandscapesBackyard ServicesBlooms Forever Landscaping
Bressman LandscapesDarwin LandscapeDerrick’s Landscape Design
Duke Side LandscapeEarth Love Land DesignersEdge Landscapes
Fitz Landscaping Co.Flores LandscapingFlyte Felle Landscape
Forest Green Lawn and LandscapingForward GardensGreen Acres Lawn Service
Green EstatesGround ControlGroundworks Landscape
Grow n’ Glow LandscapersHard Rock and Rolling Garden HillsHerrington
Horticulture DesignersLandscape Design ConceptsLandscapers Unlimited
MainscapeMasterGloryMasterTown Design Concepts
MaxFlap FlowerlandMaximum Curb AppealMetro Marina
Misty Green Design ConceptsMosby Grounds ManagementNatu Float Landscape
Nature Nest LandscapeNature NukesNature Side Landscape
Nature Spa LandscapeNavlan’s LandscapeParsons Rocks
Pastures LandscapingPenta Gardo LandscapePlant the Seed Landscapers
Plantscape Inc.Rain or Shine LandscapingRed Dirt Landscaping
Rooted Landscaping CompanySacred Garden LandscapersSafari Landscapes
Simple Life LandscapingSolo Tree Service and LandscapingSunshine Landscapers
Touch of Life LandscapingTreeline and Hedge PlantingsU-Grow We Mow Landscaping
WinterSpring LandscapesZingValley Landscapes

Lawn Care Business Names

Will you focus on lawn care alone? Some landscaping companies might opt for a very specific lawn care business name to help advertise their services. Here are some of our top picks. 

A Cut AboveJohnson County MowingPush Lawn Care
All American Green LawnsLarry’s Lawn MaintenanceRiver Bend Lawns
Blade Runners Lawn CareLawn and Order MowingSharp Lawn Inc.
Blades of Glory LandscapingLawn BarberSmart Lawn Care
Blue Skies Lawn CareLawn Care GenieSunny Lawn Services
Budget Lawn MowingLawn DoctorSuper Green Lawn Care
Clean Cut Lawn ServicesLawn DogsSupergreen Lawns
Cut Above Lawn CareLawn Love Mowing MaintenanceThe Lawn Barber
Cut Masters Mowing ServiceLawn WorldThe Lawn Fairy
Cut Price MowingLeisure Time LawnsThe Lawn Guys
Freedom Lawn CareJust SprinklersTru Green Lawn Care
FreshCut MowingMayflower Lawn ServiceTurf Masters
Grass MastersMorning Dew Lawn CareTurf Pros
Grass MonkeysMow Rake Blow Weekly Lawn ServicesTurf Terminators
Grass NinjasMowgirl Lawn CareTurf Works R Us
Green Life Lawn CareMowTown GloryWeed Man
Green Garden Lizards LawnsMowTown LandscapersWeed Out Landscapers
Horizon MowingNatural American Lawn CareWeed Whacked

Creative Landscaping Business Names

Want your business to truly stand out? A creative landscaping business name might do the trick, drawing customers’ attention with a quick glance or passing word. Here are some of our favorite creative and cool landscaping business names. 

A Green Thumb LandscaperLoveleon LandscapeReygren Gardens
AeronnaLovely LilypadRoofPetals Landscapes
Alive Aroma GardeningLovely SwanRose Garden Experts and Hybrid Specialists
AmbiusLovin Posh LandscapeSeason Pride
Away OperaLoving RiversSeason Surprise
Bella Sensia LandscapeMadHappy GardeningSeasonSurf Flowerland
BerryDip GardensMadRock GardensSeven Petals
BlingBerryMaison GardeningShade and Sunshine Landscapes
Cloud NyneMajestic ThriveShiny Thumb
CloudHazeMaster CurlsSmartGrass Sod Services
CurveMottoMaySeason Design ConceptsSundial Organic Gardens
Daisy Daven LandscapesMinuteBEESunshine Sprint
DangyPots GardensNature GarnishThe Green Goddess
Earthy Swing GardeningNature MicThe Plant Doctor
Eden EastNature SenseThe Yardist
EliteJadeNature Spice GardeningThirsty Green
Elysian GardeningNatureFeatherTinyTong
English Scape GardeningNatureRoot Design ConceptsUproot Beats
Ensemble GardensNatuThriveUp Swing Gardening
Essen BlumeNew Way Natural LandscapesUptown Gardening
Fairy Space GardeningOle FernUrban Just Gardens
Fairy YardmotherOutside LimitedUrban Zest Gardening
FairyLand GardensPampa BayUrbanBliss Gardening
FlairWizzParadisePalaceVital Lust Gardening
FlavaScape FlowerlandPeaceful AcresWhere the Sun Shines Landscapers
Glamix LandscapePetal Master LandscapeWinWood
Greener Pastures LandscapingPinkPecanWoodEthos
Greener Pastures Lawn CarePoshy GardeningWoodString
HeavenSwingPretty Twist LandscapesWoodVibe
Hill Tol GardeningPrism Lush GardeningXotx-Tropico
Infinite FloraPurley PoshZwiggy Space

Funny Landscaping Names

One really viable way to make customers remember your business name is to make them smile or chuckle when they hear it. Here are some of our favorite funny landscaping names. 

Alligator LawnGrass Gone WildSee Weeds Landscaping
Amazin’ Grazin’ LandscapingGrass Ninjas Design ConceptsU Grow Me Mow Landscaping
Chop Chop LandscapingGreg the GroundskeeperWeed Whacked Landscapers

Gardening Business Names

Maybe you’re going to offer premier gardening services as your primary focus. If that’s the case, you might showcase gardening in your business name. Here are some of our favorite gardening-themed names. 

Abbey GardeningFarmscapeNatuPride Flowerland
Aestral GardeningFeelGood GardeningNature Chic Gardening
Angel More GardeningFinnish Tree Care ArboristsNature Custom
Arvent GardeningFlora Fae GardeningNew Replenish Gardening
Atlo Aest GardeningGarden GurusNew Town Gardening
Barbara LandscapeGarderiya GardeningPeachy Green Landscapes
Best Buds and Blossoms Garden DesignsGary’s GreeneryPentaFarm
Blooming Bee gardeningGirinch GardensPetal Acres Gardening
Blooming Landscape CoLiberella GardeningPretty Green Gardening
Blue Ocean Lawn IrrigationMayerWish GardeningRoyal Land Gardening
CasaFlip GardensMayGreen GardeningScottBrian Gardens
Charming LawnsMayScape FlowerlandTriben Gardening
CornerScape GardensMcGreen GardeningUrban Worms
Countryside GardenersMeg’s Gardening ServiceYard Art Landscapers
Ellie May GardeningMidland GardeningZazima Gardening

Eco-Friendly and Organic Landscaping Names

Will your business focus on eco-friendly landscaping practices? Highlighting that specialty can be a great way to attract customers who are passionate about the planet. Here are some great green-inspired landscaping business names. 

Creative Habitats Organic Lawn CareGreen GardenersMother Nature’s Landscapers
GreenWizardGreen Organic GardenersNatureSeason
Dirty Girl Organic LandscapingGreen GardenersNatureSharp
Eco Dude GardeningEcoSprink GardensPerfectly Natural World Landscapes
EcoDude FlowerlandEarthy Yard LandscapesSundial Organic Gardens

Seasonal and Weather-Themed Names

Nature is a great element to integrate into your landscaping business name, and some landscaping company names can have a seasonal theme. Here are some great options to choose from. 

4 Seasons LandscapersMayShower FlowerlandSeasonSurf Flowerland
April Fresh LandscapeMayShowers LandscapersShade and Sunshine Landscapes
Arctic Green LandscapesRain or Shine LandscapingSunshine Sprint
Morning Glory LandscapersSeason PrideWinterSpring Landscapes

Geographical and Regional Names

If you’re proud of your regional heritage, you might decide to give a nod to your city or state (or even landscape) in your landscaping company name. If you don’t see your region below, keep in mind that you can customize one of these names to fit where you live and work.

Atlanta Tree ExpertsMountainView Landscaping Co.Riverfront Landscaping Services
River Bend LawnsPacificEdge GardensGreat Lakes Lawn Care
Upstate Design ConceptsSouthern Charm LandscapesBayArea Blossoms
Valley Greens IncHighland Meadows GardeningRocky Ridge Landscaping
Western Exposures LandscapingDesert Bloom LandscapingGulf Coast Greenery

Premium and Luxury Landscaping Names

Will you focus on providing luxurious, premier experiences to your customers? You’ll need a luxe name to suit. Here are some luxury landscaping company names to choose from. 

Blissful SpaceEnvironscaping LLCGreen Sierra Gardens
Crystal BreezeElysian GardeningRoyal Land Gardening
EliteJadeGreen Queen Landscape CompanySacred Garden Landscapers

Registering Your Landscape Business

After you pick a name, you technically don’t have it claimed yet. There is some paperwork to complete: registering your business. The exact process for registering your business varies a little from state to state, but generally you’ll need to file the Articles of Organization (LLCs) or the Articles of Incorporation (corporations). You’ll also have to pay a filing fee and complete a few other start-up steps.

When you register, you are added to your state’s records as the owner of that name in your state. Other businesses in the state won’t be allowed to register under your name. Please note that these protections only exist in the state where you’ve registered. If you want more robust protections, you’ll need to register a trademark or register in additional states.

For more information, learn about the startup costs for a landscaping business in our guide.

Legal Requirements for Naming

Legal requirements are never fun, but it’s important to uphold them when naming your business. The exact requirements will vary from state to state, but no matter where you’re located you’ll need to run a name availability check and a trademark search. 

Start by running a business name search on your state’s website. As a general rule, if you type in your desired name and no exact matches pop up, then your name is probably available in your state. If a match does appear, you will need to make edits until it’s unique. No matter what state you’re starting out in, you’ll have to ensure that your name is distinct from other business names.

On a similar note, you’ll need to run a trademark search on the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s website. This search will ensure that you’re not infringing on any federally protected trademarks. Trademarks also happen at the state level. Look for the office in your state that oversees trademarks and see if they have a search engine you can check.

Name Registration Process

We’ve already briefly discussed how to register your business name as an LLC or corporation, but what if you’re going to operate as a sole proprietorship or partnership? And what other registrations should you complete to best protect your name? A little extra legwork now can help you ensure that your name works for you. 

Registering a DBA

Sole proprietorships and partnerships don’t have the option to file formation paperwork, so their options to protect their business names are a little more limited. A DBA registration, or a “doing business as” name, can be helpful. A DBA acts a lot like a permission slip to use a nickname for your business instead of your personal legal name. Essentially, it lets you operate under the name “Dallas Lawncare Gurus” instead of “John Smith” (the legal name of a sole proprietorship is the same as its owner’s name because it isn’t a separate legal entity).

Most states don’t protect DBAs for exclusive use; typically, multiple businesses can operate under the same name. But registering a DBA is still helpful. Doing so will add your name to state records, which might discourage other people from using it. 

Domain Name Registration

To be successful, you’ll need a business website — which means you’ll need a web domain name. Ideally, your domain name should match or closely mirror your business name. That means you’ll need to register your domain name as soon as possible. ZenBusiness can help you streamline this step.

Social Media Handles

Much like a business website, a presence on social media is a valuable tool for connecting with customers, booking clients, and more. From surveying what services you should add to educating customers about lawn care and sharing the custom landscapes you’ve created, social media offers a wide array of opportunities.

Ideally, you should pick the platforms your ideal customers are active on. Facebook, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and even YouTube or X are viable options. If you can, it’s best to pick handles that closely match your name. That’ll make it easier for customers to find you and share you just by recalling your business name. Brand consistency online is important!

Try ZenBusiness

Starting a business is a busy time, but you don’t have to do everything alone. Here at ZenBusiness, we specialize in tackling red tape for small business owners. Whether you need to create a new LLC or corporation, a streamlined app to manage your business’s finances, or anything in between, we have your back. Let us handle the paperwork so you can focus on what you love: creating and maintaining beautiful landscapes.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal, tax, or accounting advice. If you have specific questions about any of these topics, seek the counsel of a licensed professional.

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