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Construction company business name generator

280 Construction Company Name Ideas

Follow our step-by-step guide to naming your construction business or use the business generator form below to see if your business name is available to register as a domain.

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If you’re starting a business in the construction industry, then one of the first things you’ll need to do is come up with construction company names. We’ve assembled a list of 280 construction business name ideas. Whether you decide to use one of these names as-is, just need some inspiration, or you’re hoping for guidance, this guide can help.

One last note before we proceed: just because we’ve included a construction company name idea on this list doesn’t guarantee that the name is available in your state. It’s your responsibility to do the legwork to see if your desired name is available and free of trademarks, so please make sure you double-check the availability of any name in your business’s home state. 

Construction Company Name Ideas

Want some inspiration right off the bat? Here are 16 really good construction company name ideas

  1. Oak & Stone Remodeling
  2. Base Mountain Construction
  3. Beaver Builders
  4. ProAngle Contractors
  5. CORE Commercial Construction
  6. Hearth Home Builders
  7. Green Powered Home Builders
  8. Level Up Quality Construction
  9. ProBlue Contractors
  10. Cool Structures
  11. Marksmen Construction
  12. Neighborhood Construction
  13. Builder Ability Contracting
  14. Big Dog Construction
  15. Clean Cut Builders
  16. Done Right Builders

Ideas for a Construction Company Name

Will you be focusing on constructing new homes? Retail spaces? Commercial office buildings? No matter what your construction specialty is, if you’ll be offering general contractor services as your primary focus, you’ll need a good name to stand out to your target market. 

Here are some general contractor company names to choose from.

  1. CastleStone Resources
  2. Center Circle Design Build
  3. Charter Contractors and Excavation
  4. Chugach Alaska Corp
  5. Clayan Construction
  6. Clayco
  7. Coastal Construction Team
  8. CORE Construction
  9. Crucial Dynamic Construction
  10. Destiny Home Builders
  11. Dewson Construction
  12. Diamond Quality Construction
  13. Diamond Ridge Construction
  14. Dozer Construction
  15. Your Dream House Contractors

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Best Name Ideas for Home Remodeling Company

If you’ll be focusing on full-scale remodels of homes and other commercial spaces, then you’ll want a brand name that reflects your services. Here are some of our favorite business names for home remodeling brands.

  1. General Growth Properties
  2. GeoHence General Contractors
  3. Gilbane Building Company
  4. Global Construction Company
  5. Gold Standard Luxury Homes Contractors
  6. GoodStar Construction
  7. Grace Pacific
  8. Granite Construction
  9. Green Horizons Developers
  10. Green Power Home Builders
  11. GreenCent Resources
  12. GreenFlip Contractors
  13. GreenGlory General Contractors
  14. GreenNest Construction
  15. GreenOptima Contractors
  16. Home Heart Construction
  17. HomeFront Resources
  18. Inspiration Design Build
  19. Interior Construction Group
  20. Joy Developments
  21. JS Welding and Construction
  22. Juneau Construction
  23. Karma Home builders
  24. KBE Building Corp.
  25. Keepers services
  26. Keystone Construction
  27. Kitchell Corporation
  28. Level Up Quality Construction
  29. LifeSpark Construction
  30. Lion Heart Contractors
  31. MainStay General Contractors
  32. Marksmen Paving & Construction
  33. Maryl Group
  34. Matrix Home Builders
  35. MistyMoon Construction
  36. Modern Architecture & Renovation Group
  37. Modern Green Construction
  38. Modern Structure
  39. Mountain Skys Homes
  40. NeonLeaf General Contractors
  41. Neuse Framing & Home Improvement
  42. NextGen Contractors
  43. NorthWood Resources
  44. OakHaven Resources
  45. One Fine Home Construction
  46. Onyx General Contractors
  47. Optima Construction
  48. Outdoor Building Concepts
  49. Pepper Construction Group
  50. Pomping Services Limited
  51. Prestige Luxury Condo Development
  52. ProBlue Resources
  53. Proof Contractors
  54. Proterre Contractors
  55. Quality Building Supplies
  56. Quality Material Construction
  57. RediNex Resources
  58. Regency Construction
  59. Remarkable Remodeling
  60. Rennova Construction
  61. Renovise General Contractors
  62. Revoxon General Contractors
  63. River’s Edge Construction
  64. Robins & Morton
  65. Russell Contracting
  66. Select Urban Planners
  67. Share Builders
  68. Sharp Contractors
  69. Silver Creek Construction
  70. Skyline Condos
  71. SkyVista Construction
  72. Stoneworks Masons
  73. Success Construction
  74. Summit Contracting Group
  75. Sun West Custom Homes
  76. Sundt
  77. Sunshine Home Builders
  78. Terraway Resources
  79. The Ivory Homes
  80. Timeless Properties Construction
  81. Turn Key Utility Construction
  82. Turner Construction Co.
  83. Valley Construction Services
  84. VelunRise Contractors
  85. Veteran Design and Construction
  86. Vortex Contractors
  87. West Peak Home Builders
  88. Wharton-Smith Construction
  89. Wingspan Resources
  90. WorkJoy Construction
  91. Wright Brothers
  92. Your Neighborhood Construction

Renovation Company Names

If you’ll focus on renovating existing structures instead of full-scale remodels, you might decide you need a specific name that showcases your niche. Here are some of our favorites. 

  1. A Nail in Time Remodeling
  2. BrightMate Builds
  3. Builder Ability
  4. Joint Remodeling Company
  5. Living Well Remodeling
  6. Pure Renovation Company
  7. RefineRedo Contractors
  8. RenewSpaces Co.
  9. ModernTouch Renovations
  10. Refresh & Revive Interiors
  11. ChicUpgrade Solutions
  12. Revitalized Living Renovations
  13. Timeless Transformations
  14. Update & Elevate Designs
  15. Renewed Nest Builders
  16. SpaceRevive Creators
  17. Aesthetic Enhance Co.
  18. Ambiance Innovators
  19. Style Reimagined Renovations
  20. Contemporary Craft Remodeling
  21. New Era Spaces
  22. Revamp & Restore Interiors
  23. Elegant Enhancements Inc.
  24. Inspired Living Makeovers
  25. FreshStart Spaces
  26. Harmony Home Renewals
  27. Visionary Spaces Upgrades

Funny Construction Business Names 

Not every business name needs to be slick and professional. They can be fun-loving, too. If you’d like to make a strong impression on your potential customers, consider making them laugh with one of these funny construction company names.

  1. Hammered Homes
  2. Brick & Morty Construction
  3. The Concrete Connoisseurs
  4. Nailed It! Construction Co.
  5. The Mighty Ducts
  6. Laughing Ladder Construction
  7. Build & Chuckle Co.
  8. Wrecking Ball Wonders
  9. Jolly Joists
  10. Crack Me Up Concrete
  11. Frame Dames
  12. Sawdust & Giggles
  13. Roof Raisers Inc.
  14. Mix-Up Concrete Co.
  15. The Bumbling Builders
  16. Shingle All The Way
  17. Hilarious Hardware
  18. Chuckle Construction Crew
  19. Brick Joke Builders
  20. Plywood Puns Ltd.
  21. Funny Foundations
  22. Guffaw & Grout
  23. Joist Jokers
  24. The Keystone Comedians
  25. Mirthful Masonry
  26. Laughing Lumber Co.
  27. Grin & Build It
  28. Snicker Snack Siding
  29. Giggles & Gravel
  30. Puns & Ladders
  31. Hoots & Hard Hats
  32. Chuckles & Cranes
  33. Beam Me Up Builders
  34. Jest & Joists
  35. Whimsical Windows
  36. Drywall & Wisecracks
  37. The Hilarious Hammer
  38. Slapstick Stones
  39. B Squared
  40. Big Dog Construction
  41. Chip Off The Block Builders
  42. Clean Cut Home Builders
  43. Construction on the Rise
  44. DoRight Resources
  45. Grounded Electrical Construction
  46. Hammer of the Gods Contractors
  47. HammerTime Construction
  48. Handshake Construction
  49. Heavy Lifting Builders
  50. High Voltage builders
  51. Higher Dimensions
  52. Iron House Construction
  53. Mod Guys Construction
  54. Nice Frames Construction Services
  55. Pier Pressure Construction
  56. Power-Up Builders
  57. Rusty Nail Construction
  58. Wishbone Contracting Services
  59. You Nailed It! Construction

Catchy Construction Company Names

One hallmark of a good construction business name is that it’s memorable, making it easy for customers to recall it from memory. To make that happen, you’ll want a catchy construction company name. Here are some of our favorites. 

  1. BuildBright Futures
  2. Skyline Spires
  3. QuickBrick Builders
  4. DreamFrame Constructions
  5. PeakStone Constructs
  6. IronPulse Builders
  7. UrbanEdge Developments
  8. EchoBuild Constructions
  9. Infinity Builds Co.
  10. Zenith Structures
  11. Blueprint Brigade
  12. Pulse Construction Co.
  13. NewHorizon Homes
  14. Elevate Structures
  15. Prism Projects
  16. DynamicBuilds
  17. Crafted Creations Construction
  18. Solid Foundation Co.
  19. TerraFirma Builders
  20. Apex Constructs
  21. Vertex Ventures
  22. Pinnacle Projects
  23. StructureStrive
  24. Horizon Homes Co.
  25. Nova Constructs
  26. BeamBalance Builders
  27. Inspired Infrastructures
  28. ConstructCraze
  29. Unity Building Co.
  30. FutureFrame Constructions
  31. BoldBuilds
  32. SilverLine Constructions
  33. Keystone Crafters
  34. Visionary Builds
  35. Foundation First
  36. Upward Urban Builders
  37. SparkBuild Constructions
  38. Crestview Creations
  39. NextGen Builders
  40. SkyHigh Scaffolds

Choosing a Construction Company Name

By now, you might have a few different names that you like. Maybe they’re ones inspired by your own naming efforts, created by a business name generator, or even one from the lists above. But how exactly do you pick the perfect name? 

The ideal business name is one that meets some key criteria. A good construction company’s name checks the following boxes.

A good name is memorable

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful forms of advertising, even in our digital age. You want your name to stick in your customers’ minds, making it easy for them to recommend you to friends. If your name is too plain or forgettable, they won’t be able to recommend you (even if they loved the service you provided).

A good name is simple to say and spell

On a similar note to being memorable, you want it to be easy for customers to talk about your business, recommend you to friends (who can be potential clients) on social media, and so on. If your name is too complex for your target market, they might not be able to do that. 

A good name is descriptive

Your company name should give your potential customers a glimpse of the products and services you offer or reflect your company’s values. For construction companies, this presents a wide variety of possibilities. You could showcase your expertise in designing a particular room like kitchens or modular construction or something similar.

A good name leaves room for future growth

Down the line, you might decide to expand your services a bit. However, if you have a super-specific name, you might find yourself needing to rebrand your business. While that’s possible, it’s much easier to start with a name that’s a little broader. 

A good name is available

The best construction company name is the one that’s actually available for you to use. Your name cannot infringe on the names of registered businesses (LLCs, corporations, etc.) in your state. You can check if your name is free by running a business name search. You should also run a trademark search on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website and on your state’s website for state trademarks. This search will help ensure you don’t infringe on any federally or state-protected trademarks. 

If your name isn’t ruled out by these searches and it meets the other criteria above, then it’s probably a great name to use. If your name matches a registered business name in your state or a federally protected trademark (or state trademark), you should make some edits until the name is unique.

If you’ve got a list of names you like and more than one of them passes the test, you can use whichever you like best.

Reserving Your Name

After you’ve done all the legwork to create a good construction company name and ensure it’s compliant, you’ll want to make sure your work doesn’t go to waste. One way you can do that is by filing a name reservation. Note: this step really only applies for businesses that plan to organize as LLCs or corporations. 

Filing a name reservation is a process that varies slightly from state to state, but the end result is pretty similar: the state will temporarily protect your name. The reservation ends either when it expires or when you register a business with that name. 

Most states protect names for about 120 days, provided you file the proper form and pay a filing fee. Please check with your state’s business website for full details. 

Getting a Domain Name

In today’s digital-driven landscape, a business website is absolutely essential to success. And to build a business website, you’ll need a web domain. Ideally, your business domain should match or closely resemble your company name. That will make it easier for customers from your target audience to find you online. 

Granted, a domain registration isn’t legally required. But it is a practical necessity. If you don’t already have a domain name, we can help you register one quickly and easily. 

Acquiring Names for Social Media Handles

Social media can be a powerful tool for a new business; even just a few profiles on a few sites gives you ample opportunities to spread the word about your company. It’s also a great way to connect with potential customers in a less formal setting. 

If possible, claim social media handles that match your company name as soon as you finalize it. Even if you don’t intend to be active on the page right away, claiming social media handles can help ensure you get one that matches your construction company name. Matching handles can help make it easier for customers to find you online.

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Disclaimer: The content on this page is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal, tax, or accounting advice. If you have specific questions about any of these topics, seek the counsel of a licensed professional.

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