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Catchy Consulting Company Names

370 Ideas for Consulting Company Names

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If you’re opening a consulting firm, one of your strongest startup tools will actually be your consulting business name. But coming up with your own consulting business names can be tricky — especially when you’re busy with dozens of other startup tasks. 

You need a strong business name. After all, a good business name will influence the first impression potential customers have of your company. It will impact how your brand is perceived, including how your satisfied customers recommend you to their friends and fellow business owners. 

If you’re struggling to come up with your own consulting business name, don’t worry. We can help. Whether you need a complete, ready-to-launch name or just want to spark inspiration, you’re sure to find it in this list of over 350 consulting business names.

One note before we proceed: just because we’ve included the names below doesn’t guarantee that they’re all available in your state. It’s your responsibility to ensure that your chosen name is available where you work. So, if you’re drawn to one of these names, please run the appropriate name searches in your area to make sure it’s good to use.

List of Catchy and Creative Consulting Business Names

A catchy business name for your consultant name can set you apart from your competitors and make your company “stick” in the minds of your customers. Here are some of our favorite catchy consultant company names. 

ABNext Business ConsultantsAcumen Business ConsultingAlbert Aex Business Consulting
All In ConsultingAllen Dwen Global ConsultingAlleyAex Consultants
Allstar ConsultingAlphaBuiltAventren Business Consulting
BeamBox ConsultingBig League ConsultingBig Time Consultants
BlackWater Business ConsultingBlueBrettBlueScape Consulting
BusiFolio ConsultingBusinessGliderBusinorra Consulting
BusinoSpire ConsultingBusyByte ConsultingC-Suite Consulting
City Slick ConsultingClaraCrest ConsultingConsultants For Hire
Consulting BrothersConsulting CompanyConsulting Innovators
Corona Business ConsultingCrewMakeCrowdStreet Business Consulting
Cubed Business Squared Up ConsultingCuriousCrewDashBuddy Business Consulting
DegreeProDetica Diversity ConsultantsEdgeRise Business Consulting
EliteEast Business ConsultingEliteMoversElliottCrew
Epic ConsultingEpicSenseEpitome Sky Business Consulting
EscottenEssenMatrixEssonex Business Consulting
Etisson Business ConsultingExpert ConsultingFirst Flynn
FirstSense Business ConsultingFlexen ConsultantsFlyTap Consulting
ForbeFest Business ConsultingFrontFirst ConsultantsFrontManage Partners
Fulcrum WorldwideFusionBuzz Business ConsultingGrade A Consulting
GreatQuest ConsultingGreenSynergy Business ConsultingGrowthSense Management
Hay Group Consultants IncHerrington PartnersHewitt Associates
HexaSparkHopestone ConsultantsIdeaFront Business Consulting
IdeaFusion Business ConsultingIdeaProvin Business ConsultingImperia Axis
Innovative ConsultingInterstellar ConsultantsIon Consulting
Krysten Business ConsultingLiberto Business ConsultingLifetime Consulting Inc
Magic ConsultingMagnoMan TeamManageSmith
MasterCrest Business ConsultingMaverick ManagementMaxMaster Business Consulting
Metro ConsultingMicroCurves ManagersMiddleGroove Business Consulting
Millennial ConsultingMind Connect Business ConsultingMotiveQuest Business Consulting
New Age ConsultingNorthEagle ConsultingPentaprime Consultancy
PerficientPositive ConnotationPro Consultants
Signix Business ConsultingSlalom ConsultingSpellWish
SuperCrew ConsultingSuperCurve Business ConsultingSupreme Consulting
Synegron Business ConsultingThe Consulting CrewThe Consulting Experts
The Consulting ProsThink Que PartnersThinkBiz Better
Trusted ConsultingUPwiseCrewUrbanDots Business Consulting
Virgon WestEliteWhite Gravity Business ConsultantsWhite Standard
WhiteCurvesWhiteScape Business ConsultingWhitney’s Consulting
Worldly ConsultantsYellow Cow ConsultingYouSmart Business Consulting

The phrase “the sky’s the limit” really does apply here; there are so many possibilities. Some of these names are clever, mixing wordplay or fun sounds. Others play on popular phrases or owner names for a personal touch. 

Still not sure what to name your consulting business? Keep reading. We’ll suggest some niche-specific names later in this guide. Or would you rather create your own name? Next, we’ll cover some brainstorming ideas that could help inspire your perfect business name.

Consultancy Name Ideas by Niche

Need an industry-specific consulting business name? Here are some of our favorites for strategy, management, finances, HR, and even IT. 

Strategy Consulting Names

If you’re focused on running a consulting business that helps other firms revamp their business goals and strategy, your name should convey your innovative and forward-thinking approaches. Here are some ideas. 

Strategic Insights PartnersVisionary Strategy AdvisorsApex Strategy Consulting
Blueprint Strategic SolutionsCoreStrategix ConsultingPeak Performance Strategies
Strategic Growth AdvisorsNavigator Strategy ConsultantsInsightful Strategy Group
StrategySphere ConsultingQuantum Strategic AdvisorsPioneer Strategy Partners
Strategic Horizons ConsultingInfinity Strategy SolutionsStrategyWise Consulting
VisionCraft Strategy AdvisorsStrategyForge ConsultingEdge Strategy Consultants
Momentum Strategy GroupPrecision Strategy AdvisorsCatalyst Strategy Consulting
StrategyPulse ConsultingKeystone Strategy PartnersStrategic Pathways Consulting
Elite Strategy InsightsStrategic Visioneering GroupStrategySynergy Advisors
Empower Strategy ConsultingMastermind Strategy GroupStrategyNest Consulting
Strategic Innovations PartnersFutureFocus Strategy AdvisorsStrategic Dynamics Consulting
StrategyPeak PartnersGuiding Star Strategy ConsultantsStrategic Evolution Consulting
StrategyCrafters GroupInsightEdge Strategy AdvisorsStrategic Impulse Consulting
NextGen Strategy SolutionsStrategyVantage ConsultingForwardThink Strategy Advisors
StrategyMosaic ConsultingStrategic Accelerators GroupStrategyEmpire Consulting
Strategic Envision GroupStrategyHarbor AdvisorsStrategic Advantage Partners
StrategySphere InnovationsVisionPath Strategy Consulting

Management Consulting Names

Do you specialize in helping management teams level-up? An executive-sounding, direct name could be a great fit. Here are some of our favorite management consulting name ideas.

Prime Management PartnersNexus Management ConsultingApex Leadership Solutions
CoreVision Management AdvisorsPeak Performance ManagersOptima Management Consulting
Elite Operations ConsultingManagement Insights GroupOperational Excellence Advisors
Efficiency Experts ConsultingLeadership Innovations GroupManagement Mastery Consultants
Quantum Leap Management SolutionsProManage Consulting GroupVisionary Operations Advisors
Strategic Leaders ConsultingManagement Horizon AdvisorsOperational Insights Consulting
Performance Pioneers ManagementManagement Synergy SolutionsElevate Management Consultants
Blueprint for Success ManagementManagement Dynamics AdvisorsCatalyst Management Group
Optimize Management ConsultingInsight Management PartnersLeadership Pathways Consulting
Management Evolution GroupOperational Excellence PartnersManagement Strategy Innovators
Optimal Performance ConsultingLeadership & Management ExpertsEfficiency Engineering Consultants
Management Transformation GroupOperational Strategy SolutionsLeadership Advantage Consulting
Management Momentum GroupPrime Operations ConsultingElite Leadership Solutions
Operational Visionaries ConsultingManagement Empowerment AdvisorsProactive Management Solutions
Leadership Synergy ConsultingManagement Accelerators GroupOperational Mastery Consulting
Strategic Management InnovationsManagement Optimization GroupLeadership Insights Consulting
Management Excellence PartnersOperational Innovations Consulting

Financial Consulting Names

If you specialize in coaching businesses that offer financial services, you’ll need a name that exudes professionalism. Here are some of our favorite financial consulting name ideas.

Peak Financial AdvisorsFiscal Framework ConsultingWealthWise Consulting Group
Strategic Finance PartnersCapital Insight ConsultantsProsperity Planning Solutions
Visionary Finance GroupSecure Horizons Financial AdvisorsFiscal Growth Strategies
Finance First ConsultingWealth Management InnovatorsInsight Investment Advisors
MoneyMind Financial ConsultantsProsperity Pathways ConsultingCapital Strategy Partners
Financial Foundations ConsultingQuantum Wealth ManagementElite Fiscal Advisors
Finance Forward Consulting GroupWealthVision Financial ConsultantsStrategic Capital Solutions
Fiscal Fitness AdvisorsInvestment Insight ConsultantsProsperity Partners Financial Consulting
Secure Wealth StrategiesFinanceScape ConsultingWealthStream Advisors
Fiscal Dynamics ConsultingStrategic Wealth Management GroupPrecision Finance Partners
Capital Clarity ConsultantsGrowthGen Financial AdvisorsWealth Horizon Consulting
Fiscal Strategy InnovatorsFinancePulse Consulting GroupProsperity Peak Advisors
WealthWorks ConsultingStrategic Fiscal SolutionsMoneyWise Management Consultants
Secure Finance GroupVisionFinancial StrategiesCapital Growth Consultants
Financial Empowerment AdvisorsWealth Maximizers ConsultingFiscal Foresight Consulting
Investment Elevation GroupFinance Architects ConsultingWealth Engineering Solutions
Fiscal Vanguard AdvisorsProsperity Blueprint Consulting

 HR Consulting Names

Specializing in human resources consulting sets you apart as a people-focused firm that can help businesses build truly rewarding, healthy, and profitable relationships with their employees. Here are some of our favorite names for HR consultants.

Human Capital CatalystsTalentWise Consulting GroupPeopleFirst HR Solutions
Workforce Empowerment AdvisorsTalent Strategy PartnersEngageHR Consulting
Optimal Workforce InnovationsCultureCraft HR SolutionsTalent Dynamics Consulting
PeoplePros HR AdvisorsHR Synergy SolutionsWorkLife Balance Consultants
TalentStream Consulting GroupEmpowerWork HR SolutionsHuman Elements Consulting
Strategic Staffing SolutionsPeoplePulse HR ConsultingTalent Horizons Group
HR Visionary SolutionsEmployee Engagement ExpertsOrganizational Optimizers
Talent Thrive ConsultingCultureShift HR AdvisorsWorkforce Wisdom Consulting
Human Capital StrategiesTalent Transformation ConsultantsEngagedWorkforce Solutions
HR Empowerment GroupPeoplePath HR ConsultingTalent Innovations Group
Workplace Wellness ConsultantsStrategic HR PartnersTalentBridge Consulting Services
HR Harmony SolutionsCultureCrafters HR ConsultingWorkforce Evolution Advisors
PeoplePrime ConsultingTalentElevate HR SolutionsHR Insight Advisors
Employee Excellence ConsultingWorkCulture CatalystsTalentTune HR Consulting
People Performance PartnersStrategic Talent ManagementHR Solutions Spectrum
Workforce Empowerment StrategiesTalentSphere HR ConsultingPeopleFirst Strategies
HR Innovation GroupCulturePlus Consulting Services

IT Consulting Names

Is offering technology solutions your specialty? You’ll need a name that’s savvy, instilling confidence in your soon-to-be customers. Here are some of our favorite name ideas for an IT consulting business. 

TechTrend Consulting GroupDigital Dynamics AdvisorsCyberSecure Solutions
Innovate IT ConsultingTechVision Strategy PartnersInfoTech Insights Consulting
NextGen Tech AdvisorsQuantum Computing ConsultantsDigitalTransformation Solutions
CyberGuard Consulting GroupSoftware Solutions ArchitectsIT Strategy Innovators
TechPulse Consulting ServicesInfinity IT SolutionsTechSavvy Consulting Group
Virtual Vision IT ConsultantsDataDrive Technology SolutionsCloudCraft IT Consulting
SecureTech StrategiesTechBridge Consulting ServicesDigital Horizon Advisors
InsightTech SolutionsTechEmpower Consulting GroupOptimal IT Solutions
CyberSolutions ConsultingSoftwareStream ConsultantsTechGrowth Strategies
FutureTech Consulting ServicesInfoGuard Cybersecurity ConsultantsTechInnovation Partners
NetworkNexus IT ConsultingTechForward Consulting GroupDigitalPath Solutions
TechMastery Consulting ServicesCloudStrategix ConsultingSecureData IT Solutions
NextWave Technology ConsultantsTechOptimize Consulting ServicesDigitalPulse IT Solutions
InfoTech Empowerment ConsultantsQuantumTech StrategiesVirtualizeIT Consulting
TechSynergy SolutionsDataDynamics Consulting GroupCloudVision IT Solutions
SoftwareSolutions InnovatorsTechRevolution ConsultingDigitalCraft Consulting Services
TechStrategist IT SolutionsCyberEdge Consulting Group

Brainstorming for Consulting Business Name Ideas

Brainstorming can be a fun exercise, especially if you let some strategies guide the process. One of our favorite techniques is simply to play around with words. Pick some keywords related to your consulting niche, and then make some word associations. What words do you immediately think of when you hear “financial” or “consultants” or your favorite niche word? Sometimes word associations can spark the perfect idea.

Some business owners like using alliteration (when all the words start with the same sound) or puns to create a fun, catchy name. Another option is to use a business name generator, which we’ll cover more later. 

Strategies for Different Consultancy Niches

One of our biggest recommendations when coming up with a business name is to stick to your niche. It sounds simple, but letting your business’s service focus guide your name will be impactful. Industry-specific names can help you be found online; niche terms are much more SEO-friendly than a basic word like “consulting.” It will help you stand out from other consulting companies with other focuses, making sure you attract the right potential customers in your target audience.

For example, consulting firms that specialize in technology solutions will stand out from a PR consulting firm with words like “tech” or even “IT” in their name.

Another Word for Consulting

If you’re not drawn to the word “consulting” or “consultants” to use in your business name, don’t worry; there are still some other options. Here are some of our favorite options. 

  • Advisory 
  • Solutions
  • Strategies
  • Experts
  • Insights
  • Management
  • Innovation
  • Analysis
  • Guidance
  • Development
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Partners
  • Facilitation
  • Optimization

Pairing one of these words with a niche-specific term can help you find a catchy consulting business name that’s unique, memorable, and suited for your business.

Popular Consulting Firm Names for Inspiration

Sometimes, the industry greats are fantastic sources of inspiration. What do you think of when you hear the name McKinsey & Company? Bain & Company? Boston Consulting Company? Odds are, the names evoke images of success and being at the top of their game. You’d probably hire them for your own business in a heartbeat if you could. 

But why do their business names just work? For one, their names exude professionalism: “Bain” and “McKinsey” are strong-sounding names. They’re also very distinct and provide a professional touch. Meanwhile, “Boston Consulting” tells you two things: they’re from Boston, and they offer consulting services. While it’s not fancy, the name tells you exactly what you need to know about them and what you should expect if you hire them. 

In any niche, a good business name is memorable, descriptive of the company’s services, and easy to say and spell.

Inspired by these top businesses, how can you make your name meet those criteria?

Consulting Company Names Generator

A business name generator can be a helpful tool if you’re finding the naming inspiration is running thin. But they’re not perfect, either. They can help you create names in minutes, but sometimes the names they generate can be a bit generic or uninteresting. Thankfully, with a little bit of guidance, you can put these tools to good use. 

To get the most out of a business name generator, start by picking out some keywords that are relevant to your consulting business. Maybe that’s “communication” or “research” or “supply chain” or anything in between — a lot depends on your industry. And, of course, “consulting” will probably be a good one to use. 

Once you’ve got a good list of keywords that suit your company, play around with putting them into the name generator in different combinations. The generator will suggest a variety of different names, prompted by the combos you input. 

If you like some of the names the generator suggests, we highly recommend adding some personal touches so your name is unique. Maybe you add your name or your city or something else. But a personal touch can go a long way in making your name stand out to potential clients.

Legal Considerations in Naming Your Consulting Business

Naming a business can be fun, but don’t get carried away and neglect some of the legal requirements you have to adhere to. The most important one is making sure your name doesn’t infringe on a protected or claimed name. That’s because every state protects the names of registered businesses like LLCs and corporations. That means you have to pick a name that isn’t the same as (or too similar to) a name that’s in use in your state. You should run a business name search to check this. 

From there, you need to also check that you aren’t infringing on federal trademarks or state trademarks. Running a trademark search on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website is the quickest way to check for federal trademarks. Then you’ll need to locate your state’s trademark search engine, as well. 

Registering Your Business Name

By this point in the naming process, you’ve done a lot of work to perfect your name. You won’t want any of that work to go to waste, so it’s time to register your name. 

The easiest way to claim your name is to register your business as an LLC or corporation. The exact process varies from state to state, but typically you’ll need to file a form like the Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State. We can actually help you form your business quickly and easily, too. 

What if I don’t want to form an LLC or corporation?

Registering your business to protect and claim your name only works if you’re forming an LLC or corporation. If you’re going to operate as a sole proprietorship or general partnership, you don’t file formation paperwork — making your options more limited. 

The most viable option is to register a DBA, or “doing business as” name. A DBA registration is a lot like a “permission slip” that lets you operate under a different legal name. 

Every state has slightly different terms for DBAs. Some states protect DBAs for exclusive use, but most don’t. Some don’t even require you to register. But even if your state doesn’t protect DBAs, it’s helpful to register yours. Doing so will add your name to the state’s records, which might discourage someone else from using it.

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Disclaimer: The content on this page is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal, tax, or accounting advice. If you have specific questions about any of these topics, seek the counsel of a licensed professional.

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