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75 Best Law Firm Name Ideas

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A catchy law firm name and logo for your new law business practice is a good idea and can virtually ensure your company’s success by easily attracting lots of potential clients.

This list of law firm names, legal company and solo practice lawyer names are clever, non-traditional, memorable, and descriptive (funny too!) of your legal services which will make your marketing job easier, and less expensive, because of your name’s powerful customer attraction properties!

Just because you deal with serious legal issues it does not mean your firm needs to have a boring name.  Unique clever names are trends in naming legal offices, and especially ones that are a bit funny (remember everyone loves a good lawyer joke!), and really stand out in a crowded marketplace to set you apart (and above) your competitors.

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Traditional Law Firm Names with Lawyer Names  

Last Name + Last Name (LLP, INC) – try a twist on this and use your firm names which is more unique and friendlier such as Joe & Mark, or Susan & Jane – especially good for law services that would benefit from greater intimacy such as family and DUI law.

Non-Traditional Law Firm Names  

Words that convey your branding message, strength, trust and expertise.  Case in point, in 1997, a Seattle law firm named themselves, Summit Law Group, and the Washington State Bar changed its ethics rules to allow non-traditional names after threatening to file a grievance. Old habits die hard. The Summit Law Group has gotten 99% positive feedback from its clients, who say that the name is catchy and easy to remember.

The Virtual Attorney (great for online firms)

The Venerable  Law Group (or Solid, Concrete, Strong, Rock, Sound, Secure, Esteemed, Honorable, Noble, Sage, Wise, Credible, Reliable, True, Trusted, First, Premier, Boss, Choice, Paramount, Supreme, Chief, Champion 

Common LawValiant Law FirmNexus Law Firm Office
Law CaddieThe Angel Law FirmLaw Senate
Law & PracticeAlliance Law GroupAbsolute Law
Law PointLegally RootedLawspective
RightiveThe LegatoThe Lawgical Network

Law Firm Names with Office Locations  

City, State, Region + Law, Legal Services, Legal, Law Firm, Law Office of, legal, attorney, law, lawyer, proven trial lawyers, top business lawyers, law group, business & litigation:

New York Business & Litigation
Great Lakes Law Group
Seattle Proven Trial Lawyers

Funny Law Firm Names  

The GodfatherThe GodmotherStetson Hat Legal Group
White Horse LawShark Bite LegalDitcher, Quick & Hyde – Divorce Lawyers
ClientakeLaw JacksonMac Track Legal
Ify Law FirmLaw Tigers

Specialty Law Firms Names – Immigration, DUI, Cannabis, Intellectual Property

Immigration Law

American JusticeAmerica The JustLiberty Law
International Law ResourcesImmigration PathImmigration Abroad
American Dawn

Criminal Defense Law

Duke Legal Services

Cannabis Business Law

BluntlyGreen FrontierGreenspoon Law
Canna LawCultivaLawNorml Law
Ganja LawyerCannabis CounselTHC Legal Group
Glean Law

Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Law

Bitcoin LawCrypo LegalDigital Currency Attorneys
BitLaw AssociatesLaw Currency Group

DUI Law Offices

Guardian Law ServicesFreedom LawSober Way Attorney
Aggressive DUI LawyerClarity AssociatesDrive On Law
Driving Success AttorneysLaw WheelsFresh Start Law Firm

Divorce and Family Law

New Horizons Family LawUnion LegalGenerations Attorneys
Dynasty (good for estate planning, probate law)

Business and Tax Law Firms

Advantage Law FirmInterbusiness AttorneysAssessment Group
LawficEconomics Law PracticeB2B Law Associates

Intellectual Property Law Firms

Guardian Law ServicesBulwarkConservation
ShieldSentinelArts Law Company

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Five Important Reasons to Name Your Law Firm without Your Name!

1 – Creative names more likely to have the matching domain website name available than the standard boring renditions. Start your domain search here! Register your domain starting at $3.98/year

2 – Catchy law firm names are easier to remember for clients, and will be less difficult to rank higher in Google by performing SEO search engine optimization on your website.

3- Non-traditional names, which are not just a list of the partner names, are longer lasting since they do not need to be changed every time a partner leaves, joins or gets married and changes names.  This supports growth and communicates stability – an important characteristic of client trust.

4 – These names are shorter than a list of long, hard to spell and pronounce, partner names so they fit more easily on a business card.

5 – Generic, marketing-focused business names are a big advantage if you plan to build and sell your firm in the future.

Take time to brainstorm your name because your law firm name can either help or harm company success.

Best Color Palettes for Law Firm Logo Designs – From the Experts

Traditionally legal firm logos were dark colors (black, navy, grey) against white backgrounds. While those color combinations can still work, these days you are not limited to those somber tones. Recently colors accents such as green, red and orange are trending in legal company branding.

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